Is the female character design in MGS5 overly sexist?

There is a character design doing the rounds from the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 5 which has got a lot of tongues wagging with the industry veterans.

Has Kojima pushed it too far with this design for Quiet?

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lnvisibleMan1688d ago

Hate this double standard the media have. If it was a shirtless man nobody would care. Personally I think giving a certain sex a certain status over another is sexist.

slimeybrainboy1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Exactly. There's topless men about too that all have the most muscular bodies.

So what if when you create a video game character they have a great body and show it. Loads of movie stars are either Brad Pit or Lindsay Lohan, so what?

Why is it sexist to have a character that is hot, has a great body when she's actually modeled after a real human as well. Quiet looks like you don't want to mess with her, she's not helpless, and so what if she was.

Did no-one play MGS 4? I had Snake tight arse in my face for about 20 hours. So what? Is it sexist that Snake runs around in tight spandex all day showing off his perfect abs?

SirBradders1688d ago

How can it be sexist when the media give attention to people like jordan (aka katie price) etc...

Totally illogical when woman themselves pose nude in magazines you only have to be 16 to purchase from a corner shop.

cvflyboy1688d ago

Thank you, that's what I was saying. My only problem is that you would think with all the backlash Miley Cyrus is getting for not having enough booty to twerk, Kojima would at least throw in a little jelly to show off the new fox engine.

JustPlay41688d ago

So if shes ugly its ok right?

Kaze881688d ago

topless man is not the same, lets put snake in borat strings and lets see if anyone has a problem with it :DDDD

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sherimae24131688d ago

oh no not again,

after the sorceress from dragons crown...

now its MGS V!? 0_o

Brucis1688d ago

I think they were implying the whole 'Is this sexist/misogynist/objectifying ' thing that happened to Dragon's Crown is happening to MGSV now, not that sexuality is happening to the MGS franchise.

thereapersson1688d ago

Blame the white-knights in the media for thinking they are jumping on to some sort of brand new altruistic motive when in reality it's all double-standard and hypocrisy.

Studio-YaMi1688d ago

I really REALLY hate it when people bring up this sh*tty subject about sexuality and sexism against women.

Who says this is sexist in any means !? so sexism is implied because of the way she dresses or how her body is shaped ??

WTH seriously you disrupted idiots in journalism ! :|

sherimae24131688d ago

yeah, and it never ends.... sigh
every game with a female dressed like that or sexy proportions will always gets the attention of this kind of journalists and write more useless articles like this that contributes nothing to gaming

fsfsxii1688d ago

Kojima, please don't listen to these morons over twitter and the internet. Just do your thing.

Meh, more whining from idiots over the internet. Won't affect my trust in Kojima.

gaelic_laoch1688d ago

He comes across to me as a bit of a pervert with weird fetishes!

ziggurcat1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

it was inevitable for an idiotic white knight article to show up, i guess...

story quality? WTF? like this website? no.

edit: please stop approving this garbage.

Fishy Fingers1688d ago

White knight.....

"Is the content of ziggurcat's comment in MGS5 thread overly racist?"


ziggurcat1687d ago

I see what you did there... :)

GarrusVakarian1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Her clothing is.....impractical,but i wouldn't say sexist,lol

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