Metal Gear Solid V - Quiet 3D character model released

As promised earlier by Hideo Kojima, today Kojima Productions released a 3D render of Quiet, the main heroine in Metal Gear Solid V.

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lnvisibleMan1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Can't see this in 3D character model but Quiet has black paint around her eyes. Snipers usually blacken their eyes because black doesn't reflect light into their eyes. Giving the sniper a better view.

cvflyboy1443d ago

Idk?..... needs more booty. nothing like machine gun twerks to show off the new fox engine. :-)

Army_of_Darkness1443d ago

The actual actress/ mo cap model looks much cuter than her digital counterpart...
and I agree, she needs more ass.

Tainted Gene1443d ago


lol, I agree... the actress is quite attractive.

Regarding the 'cuteness' however... I think it was intentional on the game creator's part. Likely to give her a more rugged look befitting a warrior of the battlefield.

(Awaiting comments about how the bikini blows that theory out of the water)

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1443d ago

So we're really having this discussion huh?

badz1491443d ago

seriously...who the hell goes to battlefield dressed like that? what other purposes are there aside from trying to make male gamers drool all over her? this...kinda disappointing

1443d ago
Eonjay1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Yesterday N4G was all crazed fanboys talking about CPUs. Today its all ass and boobs.... Isn't this all so much better! :)

Evilsnuggle1443d ago

Hey Hideo Kojima great 3D mo capture but just one more thing quiet need a some more junk in the trunk.



Why does every beast have a super model in a full body collant inside on MGS4?

Why does Kojima always put magazines, posters in lockers and what not filled with nothing but gorgeous women in Metal Gear games?

And of course it is and always was there simply so part of the public would drool over (inluding some devs themselves). It's nothing new with the franchise and I hardly think it's a matter of selling more games with sexism, it's just the perv side of Kojima speaking, nothing to be dissapointed over if you're already into Metal Gear games.

ChrisW1443d ago

As I said before... Typical Japanese marketing!

badz1491442d ago


"Why does every beast have a super model in a full body collant inside on MGS4?"

they wear suits that cover their whole body and nothing come close to compare with Quite here. and you can just kill them straight away without going into the 'photoshoot' studio as those are totally optional!

"Why does Kojima always put magazines, posters in lockers and what not filled with nothing but gorgeous women in Metal Gear games?"

soldiers can't have playboys in their possessions? is it not natural to think that they need to jerk off too every once in awhile because being in a camps or warzones are not as fun? you don't have friends with pornstar/artist hanged in their locker/room out there? those are totally natural and totally optional in every MGS game to date!

Quite is NOT optional. she's going to flash you with her things whether you want it or not.



You know what else is optional? Buying the game.

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Galletto31443d ago

They also wear more than a bikini and fishnets :p

I think this will def make for some interesting cosplay costumes though

Jaqen_Hghar1443d ago

A man likes this in games. A man would buy MGS5 regardless and they should never try to sell their game based on it...but a little sensuality in the characters never hurt anything. A man is fine if they feel like putting some hunk in the game for the women gamers out there. A man supports equality.

1Victor1443d ago

@Jaqen_Hghar I lol with your comment it sound like elfban from fairy tale wrote it.
B.T.S I think the 3D model look looks more real once the game is out those pictures and video wasn't the final product

Eonjay1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Only classy girls wear stocking!

Edit: The cosplay is coming, the cosplay is coming.

Inception1443d ago


If you watch the E3 trailer, she had those black paint around her eyes.

Anon19741443d ago

Ok, come on now. Let's be honest here. This couldn't be more ridiculous if she had shark repellent on her belt. Oh that shark repellent?

Eonjay1443d ago

Baby Girl, don't listen to all those haters calling you slut and whatever. You are a strong independent woman. They are mad because don't nobody want to see them with your outfit (not withstanding the fact that what your wearing probably doesn't qualify as an outfit but whatever). Do you baby! Turn around for me again...No No No! No talking.... more spinning.

the_espresso_kid1443d ago

The black around her eyes in the trailer is some kind of nano-camouflage because it fades away after she kills her target.

mistertwoturbo1443d ago

She looks awesome in the game, but wow is that really unnecessary and completely un-tactical to be wearing something like that

3-4-51443d ago

They made her face less attractive than the model to make it more believable.

Is this model capable of taking out all the bad guys ?

Nope, but a tougher looking women maybe.

hazelamy1442d ago

if that's what she's wearing in combat, believability clearly isn't something they're concerned with.

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fsfsxii1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Awesome. Kotaku's alarm is ringing.

Is it me or the website isn't working??

ziggurcat1443d ago

it won't load for me, either.

Nyxus1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Should be working now.

OhMyGandhi1443d ago

Eden, don't play coy with me.

HeyImBen111443d ago

Is she a sniper or a slut with a gun?. Can't see.

Hicken1443d ago

Sluts are determined by what they wear now?

That actually IS sexist.