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Oliver at El33tonline writes:

"Of all the games I saw at E3 this year the one I wanted to play the most was Titanfall. It was a tantalising experience watching other people get to enjoy the rapid-fire action of sprinting along walls in a wartorn city and clearing buildings with quick hops while scooting to the next skirmish. It was a near torturous ordeal seeing someone other than myself call in one of the giant mechanical titans and romp about the battlefield raining down explosions on the tiny soldiers below."

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allformats1687d ago

First level-headed preview of read of the game. Keep up the great work, dudes.

3-4-51687d ago

These dev's got everyone hooked on Modern Warfare.

These same people will show people what they've been missing.

hoping it comes to PS4, it truly looks like an awesome game.

No_Limit1687d ago

Day One in March! Marked my word, this will be the next big shooter since the original Modern Warfare. Heck, they are same developer so this show with freedom and a chance to make the games they want to make rather than sequel after sequel, great things will happen.

allformats1687d ago

You can't be so sure now. Not saying it won't be good, but we've only seen ONE level that seems to be tightly scripted.

Let's give it a chance. More levels, more weapons, more things to do - and then we'll determine if we have a true mighty title on our hands.

Since when we define a game by playing one level?

The industry, journalists and all, have gone bunkers...

thrust1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

This is a system seller for the Xbox One.

warewolfSS1687d ago

When fanboys see titanfall reviews or articles , I'd imagine its like when a vampire sees garlic.

Funantic11687d ago

more like a vampire seeing sunshine

Supermax1687d ago

Yea it's gonna be crap,just like all the other e3 and gamescon winners.last of us uncharted 3 halo portal tomb raider little big planet skyrim fall out Vegas all these turned out to be crap.