'Second screen gaming is massive!': We've only scratched the surface, says NFS Rivals dev

Second screen gaming — introduced by Nintendo with Wii U and now an important feature of both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One — allows game developers to be far more powerful and creative, according to Need for Speed: Rivals executive producer Marcus Nilsson.

In an interview with MMGN at Gamescom, Nilsson said developers are only just beginning to use the technology to its potential.

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BullyMangler1692d ago

yes, and it is time for sony and microsoft to get off nintendos joystick.

joeorc1691d ago


"yes, and it is time for sony and microsoft to get off nintendos joystick."

And its time certain Gamer's learn that Nintendo does not have the sole rights to innovation in Gaming!

Once again people just keep saying that Nintendo is the Center of the Innovative Game advancement universe. And this my friend is exactly why Many times Nintendo and its Fans get flack, its this exact Arrogance that is why many Gamer's are freaking Fed up with this crap.

First comment was a slam at the other two, what a freaking shocker.../not

innovation is not the same as freaking
Invention people learn the freaking difference.

its funny how 2nd screen gaming is attributed to Nintendo as the creative innovator, when Apple, samsung, Microsoft, sharp, panasonic hell pretty much every freaking Smartphone, and tablet maker showed off 2nd screen gaming well before Nintendo was seen to make it popular because Nintendo decided to dip their toes in it.

BullyMangler1691d ago

relax relax

we are talking gaming

Nintendo DS brought 2nd screen to gaming before the rest.

when someone copies and imitates another = they look up to them like a father

hence .. Nintendo is sony's and microsofts daddy < fact

the truth will hurt a fanboy

XboxFun1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )


I never knew Sharp, Panasonic, etc etc had a second screen gaming machine or that smartphones had it too.

Do you have any examples or links? I bet they were pretty early in development stages or probably prototypes and not brought to the market for consumers in the same way Nintendo did.

Also I never saw anyone above your comment say that Nintendo is the center of the gaming universe but they have brought it to the masses first and or moved gaming forward more so then any other company.

joeorc1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )


"we are talking gaming"

And So was I!

"Nintendo DS brought 2nd screen to gaming before the rest. "

Umm , No they did not, and i can tell you exactly why

because before Nintendo was doing something like a Lan party with a mobile handheld.

Gamer's were doing such with PDA's before Nintendo even started to do so, not just going out and say..but..but Nintendo had a direct cable connection, yeah so did PDA's. but here is the thing PDA'S were doing it wirelessly!

Before Nintendo brought it over, Developer's and Gamer's were already doing such. So no once again just because Nintendo does something , first does not mean both Microsoft and Sony are copy Nintendo's So called "innovation" when other's show off the technology and demonstration first. than Nintendo bring's out a product later, and everyone in a certain gamer group of gamer's all go "watch SONY AND MICROSOFT COPY NINTENDO'S INNOVATION" When most of the time nintendo see's another company's invention and licences the technology a dreams up a use for it, but its not like the company or person or group of people who made the [email protected] thing were not thinking the same [email protected] thing.

Licencing technology
is not the same as Inventing technology!

this was the same with Move, Nintendo see's Sony's demo of Move working on the PS2 back in 2000 at Siggraph, but then finds another company that can make something like move for cheaper. and gets it out before Sony , and yet pretty much people were calling Sony copied

it's funny before Apple created the the "innovative" smartphone, there was 10 years ago a smartphone, that also had a touch screen!

and before that pocket PC powered PDA/smartphone

there was the Handspring visor that ..also allowed you to make a PDA into a smartphone.

that was even before compaq's modual

the point is Everything is a freaking Remix

gamer421691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

You can't get true innovation in the industry if one company keeps the idea to themselves.

BullyMangler1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

sanntisima piernahhss!

Neonridr1692d ago

I'll sit back and wait for Sony or MS to implement 2nd screen gaming to the level Nintendo has, then I will watch the comments come up saying how awesome it is and that Sony or MS's is way better than the Wii U's.

These same people were the ones who said that 2nd screen gaming was stupid and just a gimmick.

MonkeyNinja1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

I respectfully disagree. I think most PS4 and Xbone gamers will see this as a gimmick, much like Move and Kinect.

Hardcore gamers are not going to want to use a tablet / phone while they're playing a game, it's just too much of a hassle. (WiiU's gamepad is exception because the screen is built in, you don't have to put down controller just to pick up second screen, although even that is seen as a gimmick!)

Just my opinion of course. Would love to hear someone defend the use of a second screen for AAA's and even indies. I think this is just another "We're going to shove this in your face face until you like it" sort of thing.

Neonridr1692d ago

I totally agree, I was more or less likening it to the whole Wiimote vs PS Move scenario. It was crap when Nintendo did it, but when Sony did it, suddenly it was ok. ;)

I still feel that it's only going to really work with the Wii U. Unfortunately developers cannot force players to own a tablet or a Vita, so shoehorning features into a game so that some people can take advantage of it is not a recipe for success. The fact that every Wii U owner has the gamepad offers them a different approach. However, very few developers have made good uses of the gamepad as most relegate the 2nd screen as a map or inventory screen.

BullyMangler1691d ago

too late . . the wiiU has already been proven to be more immersive to play games on than ps4 xbox one etc

just look at the new splinter cell, the wiiU version is superior because of the second screen, and is only the beginning. .

just because YOU cant use your imagination along with a second screen dsnt mean it would be a hassle, YOU are just thinking in a hassle way <

LOL_WUT1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

@bully LOL you up bring Splinter Cell yet it suffers from huge loading screens and frame drops but I agree it looks much better than the other versions.

@Neonridr Let Nintendo worry about the gimmicks while Sony and Microsoft work on making actual games and securing 3rd party exclusive content. ;)

Stroke6661691d ago

I'd Have to implore you to try it first hand and done right. when done correctly its not really a "have to learn to like" sort of thing. for instance Zombiu, the use of the second screen was awesome and added to the gameplay immensely. or the latest rayman, the use of the second screen is really up to the dev to use correctly. and in my opinion it is great in general. not all games need a second screen and games that can use it are not guaranteed to use it right. splintercell is another game that did a pretty good job with the use of a second screen. no offense but when you start adding tablets and phones and handhelds(for anything other than remote or local multiplayer) that's when it becomes gimmicky. I personally think the Kinect and move were much more innovative and effective ways of implementing wii's motion control theme. the smartglass thing and the vita thing(aside from vita's remote play which I think is awesome) seem like grasp at hairs. its almost like a desperation to get in on the action, its kind of why I never lost hope in the wii u, cause obviously sony and ms see the value of what Nintendo is trying to do. the possibilities are limitless though, imagine a game like killzone, gears, or cod where you have remote devices that require you hide to use them, your second screen become the remote device while you see yourself hidden on your tv set. you'd have to keep watch on both screens at once. it just adds a great deal of immersion when done correctly.

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rainslacker1691d ago

I think 2nd screen gaming is great on a handheld. I find some uses for it OK on the Wii U gamepad. However, most of what I've seen so far with it's implementation on other consoles through smartglass just isn't practical.

It's one of those things that will take time to develop. What it comes down to is that having a 2nd screen on a handheld is much less a distraction than having it on a home console. Most of the good implementations I've seen outside menus has all been augmented reality situations where it doesn't interfere with the game, or require you take your eyes off the screen, but actually supplements what you see on the TV screen itself.

Neonridr1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

I can't see this working at all with MS, at least Sony has a chance with the Vita.

KUV19771691d ago

Unless I am growing at least one additional Eye, able to look at a different direction, I think the only thing massive about Second Screen will be the amount of overratednes. Companion-Apps and asynchronous multiplayer is a whole different thing, though.

FullMetalTech1691d ago

Agreed. Second screens work if you can pause the game and look down but for a MP experince you cant take your eyes away in the event that your involved in some intense situations.

Stroke6661691d ago

that's just the point though bro, to get you more involved in the game having to keep track of action on two screens. in the right games done right its a beautiful thing. its up to devs however not to throw it in kust for the sake of it being there, like could you imagine a good use for it in any fighting game? I can't. there is a lot of room for gameplay innovation in second screen play e just have to hope devs don't get lazy and start doing the same old thing with it

rainslacker1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

Augmented reality could work as well. Using the camera of the second screen to show something different when held up to the TV offers up some interesting possibilities. However, if it requires you put down the controller to use, it's just a distraction, and likely impractical from a game play standpoint.

The Wii U gamepad and the Vita have a definite advantage on smartglass in this area.

Roper3161691d ago

I can't see being in a big gun fight and finding time to pick up my phone/tablet/vita or any other thing to try to call in a airstrike or any other thing. Does the action stop while you try to do this or do you get turned into swiss cheese by the enemies around you. Or maybe for slow paced games it might not be to bad. The only other thing I see it being good for is you have a friend over and it's your turn with the controller he can use the secondary screen as support for you. Am I missing something here?

Stroke6661691d ago

you get turned into swiss cheese unless you do it right lol. you don't see the greatness in this? you'd have to acquire a whole new skill set to use it efficiently.

Neonridr1689d ago

I'm sorry, I thought that in an actual war, people would have to do exactly the same thing. Sure you may not enjoy it, but it's more realistic than things magically happening for you. You think if a real soldier has to call in an airstrike an opposing soldier would take pity on the guy because he's looking down at some screen?

Roper3161689d ago

ya but you would have support covering you while you did it. If the game offers you cover support than that is cool.

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