Kid Breaks Vacuum to Play Xbox Instead of Doing Chores; Mom Sells Xbox, Pranks His MySpace

A 13-year-old kid in Virginia has backtalked to his mom for the last time. When he was told to do his chores instead of play Xbox 360, he went and intentionally broke the vacuum cleaner to get out of it.

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Stubacca3527d ago

Y is this news?

Put the kid in a mental institute!

yesah3526d ago

cause he broke the vacume, pretty retarded kid if you ask me. The punishment must be torture though. No GTAIV for this kid.

Ben10543526d ago

i bet hundreds of stuff like this happens weekly

sonarus3528d ago

Congratulations dude. You just won longest title ever award

wow4u3527d ago

It wold be nice if that mom was pulling a fast one.

Why would she cut off her nose to spite her face like this? She had to buy the games and machine in the first place.

The kid could learn the same lesson if you grounded him from his Xbox instead. But selling it? Thats just a little dumb.

yesah3526d ago

actually its not. vacumes can get pretty expensive. Shes using this money for a new vacume, all just if you ask me. But still very very harsh. But hey single mom, money might be tight?

alcaponedya3528d ago

would make any mom miserable.

Qbanboi3528d ago

lol i was thinking about themart while reading this. Maybe it was him. WHO KNOWS?

TheMART at Xbotkings3527d ago

That's bullsh!t! I want my Xbox 360 back!

I hate you mommy! Stupid b!tch...

sonarus3527d ago

Hahaha for a sec i thought the mart had developed a sense of humor. Realistically though, that guy is a LEGEND. I mean there are probably like 6 or 7 accounts made in his honor. I wish i had such fame:(

TheMART at Xbotkings3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

I am a legend, I'm the Xboxking.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to surf porn and get my daily bottom spanking for being an accident.

chitown3527d ago

u r a fukin loser dude. what kind of fa*got goes on a freakin video game site to impersonate someone else. u sir need alife

RealTimeWeaponChange3527d ago

lmfao. Xbotkings? best spoof yet.

wow4u3527d ago


oh, dont worry, you're plenty infamous.

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ruibing3527d ago

What a spoiled brat, his mother is trying the best she can and all he cares about is himself. Unless someone really gives him a good beating, he's going to grow up to become an introverted, close-closet pervert.

Fallen_Angel3527d ago

Nah not with a mom like that, 13 or not I think she just might beat on his ass. Thats one tough mom. Hell I had a mom kind of like that but luckily I was smart enough to almost never get catch doing anything

yesah3526d ago

ahahahaha, can you imagine? "hey dude, stop peeping on my 360 when its getting cleaned."

cmrbe3527d ago

stay away from it. Its bad for you hehe. Just kidding.