Why Call of Duty: Ghost’s Might Have Trouble Outselling Battlefield 4

There has been a fanboy fueled debate that has started a controversy over which game will sell the most, Call of Duty: Ghost’s, or Battlefield 4. Most of these debaters are ignorant fans of either series, and only give opinions, when there is many fact you can utilize. These facts might not be so friendly to either side, but life isn’t fair, right?

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ATi_Elite1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

cause people might be tired of COD with it's copy and paste attitude. ( I doubt it though cause COD as it has it's own fans that just LOVE IT.)

But BF4 will do very well cause DICE has done a tremendous job making it!

Each will sell well so it doesn't matter.

jimbobwahey1686d ago

I was surprised to see Killzone Shadow Fall outselling the Xbox One version of COD Ghosts every time I look on the Amazon bestsellers chart. It's something that I never thought I'd see happening, but it will be nice to see IPs such as Killzone/Battlefield/TitanFall /Destiny knock COD off the top spot and introduce some variety and diversity to the online FPS genre.

My only current concern is that EA runs the Battlefield franchise into the ground like Activision have with COD. When you stop to look at how often EA has been pushing out shooters like Battlefield/Medal of Honor with the same regularity that Activision has been pushing COD games, it raises concerns that Battlefield will be just as tired and worn-out in a few years. Hopefully that's not the case though, I'd much rather see interesting IPs given breathing room rather than being crammed down consumers throats with annoying regularity.

Agent-861686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

I don't think it'll be the case since Battlefield will be on a 3 year rotation with Battlefront and Titanfall. The Battlefield game series should continue to stay fresh since they can also alternate different versions of it in as well: 2142 and Bad Company need sequels sometime (even WWII could be revisited).

KiLLeRCLaM1686d ago

I would love a WWII version of this series! Remake Battlefield 1942..

NarooN1686d ago


Well, they did release Battlefield 1943 a few years ago. They also did Battlefield: Vietnam after BF1942, and they did an homage to that game with the release of Battlefield Vietnam expansion for Bad Company 2 a few years back.

What we really need is a Battlefield 2143!

alexmac1686d ago

@agent-86 Battlefield is in a 2 year rotation, not 3 year.

FoodleFumper1686d ago

Battlefield 2143 will be Starwars Battlefront.

Lisica1686d ago

True. I believe they are going to run it into the ground.

Their main goal was to beat COD. You have to slowly become a COD to beat it.

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hqgamez1686d ago

True, it was all about the money tho. Why fix something that was working. That is how COD saw it.
Battlefield was more like that underground working around the clock to be better then the king. When it was time to shine, boom ads everywhere like the COD method. I only fear knowing that BF is under EA it's also about the money. When BF takes over COD fanbase. I fear the worst is if BF becomes the new COD because of the money. This is what I fear. Something rockstar can do, but they decided to keep it fresh. not about the $

GuyThatPlaysGames1686d ago

Not trying to start anything but Battlefield will never outsell a CoD game. They haven't yet and won't. I still love the Cod formula and it plays perfectly. The only people that really complain about it are the ones that suck at it.

Dancinsolo1686d ago

That sounds like you are trying to start something.

T21686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

My opinion is that the cod formula is boring. And no im not bad at it ... Red tiger m14 and g3 in mw1 ...was fun but battlefield nailed it with epic scale

Funantic11686d ago

I agree Ovoxo. I bought 2 copies of Battlefield 3 for my brother and I and we both came back to COD. I tried it but it seem like the action wasn't as fast paced or exciting as COD. The maps were so large that people don't seem to stick together, wandering their own way. I'm debating on BF4. I'll have to see more to be sure.

Surt1685d ago

What the hell you smoking? the reason that my 7 yr old niece can come number 3 on the board right below me IS A CON NOT A PRO. LOL Will it outsell BF4? How the hell would I know, I know this tho.. just like that justin barber kids music, COD IS GARBAGE. Play more FPS games.

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play17boy1686d ago

Maybe because Battlefield 4 is actually next gen game and COD ghost is just a current gen port.

alexmac1686d ago

Yeah COD looks pretty disappointing this year.

princejb1341686d ago

looks disappointing every year
they just added a fancy new way to drop shot and the ability to lean over walls and they call that revolutionary

GuyThatPlaysGames1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

@princejb134 )does jb stand for Justin Bieber? lol) Well to even the arguement here, what has Battlefield 4 done to "revolutionize" the series? Have 1 big pre-scripted skyscraper fall the exact same way every single time? Please enlighten me sir.

T21686d ago

@oxo - bf is always adding vehicles , weapons, destruction ... A lot more going on

GuyThatPlaysGames1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

How is it a next-gen game when it's also ported to the PS3 and 360? What a fail! Go try somewhere else troll

mrmackey0071685d ago

the ps3 and 360 editions are going to be very watered down versions of the game, as it was with battlefield 3. COD is so shitty both next and current-gen will run it fine.

JunioRS1011686d ago

I would love if bf4 outsold ghosts but it just won't happen. bf4 is the better game, but there are way less people attached to the bf franchise than to the cod franchise.

even if bf4 was perfect, i think advertisement and momentum would compensate more than enough for cod's corner.

alexmac1686d ago

But people are increasingly becoming tired of Infinity Ward/Treyarc's shit...

GuyThatPlaysGames1686d ago

@alexmac Says who? The only ones complaining are the cod haters that wish Battlfield will outsell Cod and it just won't happen. Cod is a perfect pickup and play game with quick matchmaking instead of the stupid player-created lobbies which are a joke btw. Also everyone says Cod is such an easy game to play but yet you get mad when a 10 yr old whips your ass tho. If it's so simple then you should be the #1 player every single match. You're just another butt-hurt BF fan. The BF series hasn't done anything new from BF3 to BF4.

T21686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

You just knocked the best feature of bf. Player created servers have great variety and bf is a quick drop in play too just drop in on a team deathmatch ... They have that too , except after playing objectives tdm seems boring
...cod is easy , unless you actually try to get gold snipers, semi auto , etc ... Most people use the same 3 guns

alexmac1686d ago

@OVOXO_Mike You sound like a butt-hurt fanboy for a game that hasn't changed since 2007.

Feralkitsune1686d ago

Maybe among the type of gamer who goes to site that focus around gamers. But, we aren't the majority.

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M-M1686d ago

Thank you for for stating the obvious Belking.

yeahokchief1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

GTA will outsell both. This article is pointless.

BF4 also won't do as well because BF3 wasn't anywhere near the level of quality BFBC2 was on PS3. Alot of my friends who were hardcore BFBC2 players barely logged any hours in BF3 myself included. They really let us down.

CoD will always do well because it's not about the game so much as the social environment those players are accustomed to. Although if it were ever going to be challenged then I'd say releasing next gen against a ton of superior competitors would be the time to dwarf its sales.

Anyways i dont really care who sells what because i know what i'm playing.

T21686d ago

Bfbc was awesome but I also love bf3 ... Nothing wrong with it , just a bigger game

Caleb_H1686d ago

CoD is dying. You can scream sales at me all you want and say, "but those iw guys make millions so it's not dying", but the truth is that CoD is all but gone. Especially with next-gen on its way in, gamers are going to be looking for something that really takes advantage of next-gen capabilities. As strange as it would be, I can see Tom Clancy being the CoD killer, how's that for irony?

Brix901686d ago

I love the Tom Clancy games can't wait for The Division but I think diversity is great. I think COD sales will drop this gen to good numbers but not record breaking because this gen seems to have a big selection.

Mini05101686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

I think you are just dreaming. You already stated sales means nothing to you. LOL
A game dies even though it sells millions. I want to see that. Also interested on how it happened. HAHA

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