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Marking one of the first big PlayStation Vita releases since the price drop, and arguably the biggest release of the year for Vita, Killzone: Mercenary offers up a solid first-person shooter experience, just don’t expect to be blown away. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1805d ago

I guess this means Tearaway will be the highest rated Vita retail exclusive this year?

LOGICWINS1805d ago

That or Persona 4: The Golden which came out this year in Europe.

UltimateMaster1805d ago

Need this game.
Come on, update the PS Store already!

miyamoto1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

This means PSLS needs more hits and clicks.
They finally gave in to the pressure.

This is the thing with PlayStation exclusives. Its hot material.

Everyone knows that I am a Canadian PlayStation gamer but I dont like PSLS their logic is screwed up most of the times. I dont agree with them most of the time.

Trendy you should make your own Canadian gamer website

LOGICWINS1805d ago

Its nice to see a PS site that provides an honest review as opposed to assigning an 8.5 minimum to every Sony exclusive. It seems everyones divided on this one. Some say the campaign is disappointing, while others say its better than Killzone 3's.

cpayne931805d ago

I'm buying it just based on the beta and the gameplay videos I've seen. You can use more playstyles than killzone 2 or 3, you can use stealth or go in guns blazing. Being able to buy weapons and gadgets as you go along seems really cool too. Seems more varied than a lot of shooters.

LOGICWINS1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Im buying it based on the single player missions Ive seen on Youtube. It looks really fun in my eyes. My only fear is the longevity of the online MP. People may bypass Mercenary for ShadowFall. In fact, people could skip Mercenary and play the bigger and better Shadowfall via remote play.

Not sure how many people will be on Mercenary's online suite past 2013 with GTA online and all the other online games that are coming out within the next few months.

Pixel_Enemy1805d ago

Ever heard of Christmas? Many people will get a vita or Mercenary for Christmas. Some of those people might not even have a PS4 for Shadowfall! Shocking I know.

Me on the other hand, I will have both.

LOGICWINS1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

@PixelEnemy- Why are you being so rude and defensive? Im just thinking out loud. I never stated that EVERYONE will bypass Mercenary for Shadowfall, I just said that some people might.

Snookies121805d ago

@Pixel_Enemy - Yeah, and those same people could very well opt for a PS4 and/or Shadowfall for Christmas you know...

Not that I have anything against the Vita, I absolutely adore mine. Just saying... That's not really a good argument.

Thomaticus1805d ago

I'm going to pick it up as well. I'm looking forward to the multiplayer. I would love for this to link to shadow fall some way or another.

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MultiConsoleGamer1805d ago

This is why PSLS is my trusted playatation site.

As for the campaign, at least it doesn't have the snooze fest cut scenes of KZ3.

SweetDangos1805d ago

Agreed. It's like every Sony game has to get an 8.5 or higher or else.....

Thomaticus1805d ago

Lair didn't get an 8.5. (I hope)

mario191805d ago

Haze didn't either. Generally hyped Sony games do not dissapoint.

objdadon1805d ago

From the beta on a fun as hell scale it's a 10 in my opinion! I couldn't stop playing!

GreenRanger1805d ago

Here's a little tip for anyone playing this game: DON'T TRY TO WIPE SMUDGES OFF THE FRIGGIN' SCREEN DURING THE LAST FRIGGIN' CUTSCENE!! You'll skip it, just like I did!

Clover9041805d ago

Aww man, that sucks, lol.

It's hard for me to feel too sorry for you, seeing as I hate you because I'm incredibly jealous that you already have the game :)

Thanks for the tip, and good luck with your next pro MMA fight Green Ranger.

kayoss1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

It seems that a lot ov reviewers are forgetting that they're not playing console game. I read through many game reviews for the vita and I don't understand why they feel the need to reference the console. This is. Hand held game and should be treated as. Kill zone mercenary is a hand held game and so far it's the best fps for a hand held. For it to have graphics like this for a hand held, I automatically give it a 5. Add on to the the fact that it have a great online experience, I'll give it an additional 3 points. All other feature are bonuses. This game should not receive anything less than an 8.
Sorry typed this using my phone so my spelling and grammar may be off.

Clover9041805d ago

It's all opinion. For one, when has anyone played a fps campaign for the story? Anyways, I understand your complaints, but it's absolutely clear from the N4G community that if you participated in the online beta you were sold on the game. It's a console online shooter experience in your hands, and there is no other game that even comes close.

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