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Submitted by doctorstrange 816d ago | review

Killzone: Mercenary Review - PSLS

Marking one of the first big PlayStation Vita releases since the price drop, and arguably the biggest release of the year for Vita, Killzone: Mercenary offers up a solid first-person shooter experience, just don’t expect to be blown away. - PSLS (Killzone Mercenary, PS Vita) 7.0/10

TrendyGamers  +   816d ago
I guess this means Tearaway will be the highest rated Vita retail exclusive this year?
LOGICWINS  +   816d ago
That or Persona 4: The Golden which came out this year in Europe.
UltimateMaster  +   816d ago
Need this game.
Come on, update the PS Store already!
miyamoto  +   815d ago
This means PSLS needs more hits and clicks.
They finally gave in to the pressure.

This is the thing with PlayStation exclusives. Its hot material.

Everyone knows that I am a Canadian PlayStation gamer but I dont like PSLS their logic is screwed up most of the times. I dont agree with them most of the time.

Trendy you should make your own Canadian gamer website
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LOGICWINS  +   816d ago
Its nice to see a PS site that provides an honest review as opposed to assigning an 8.5 minimum to every Sony exclusive. It seems everyones divided on this one. Some say the campaign is disappointing, while others say its better than Killzone 3's.
cpayne93  +   816d ago
I'm buying it just based on the beta and the gameplay videos I've seen. You can use more playstyles than killzone 2 or 3, you can use stealth or go in guns blazing. Being able to buy weapons and gadgets as you go along seems really cool too. Seems more varied than a lot of shooters.
LOGICWINS  +   816d ago
Im buying it based on the single player missions Ive seen on Youtube. It looks really fun in my eyes. My only fear is the longevity of the online MP. People may bypass Mercenary for ShadowFall. In fact, people could skip Mercenary and play the bigger and better Shadowfall via remote play.

Not sure how many people will be on Mercenary's online suite past 2013 with GTA online and all the other online games that are coming out within the next few months.
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Pixel_Enemy  +   816d ago
Ever heard of Christmas? Many people will get a vita or Mercenary for Christmas. Some of those people might not even have a PS4 for Shadowfall! Shocking I know.

Me on the other hand, I will have both.
LOGICWINS  +   816d ago
@PixelEnemy- Why are you being so rude and defensive? Im just thinking out loud. I never stated that EVERYONE will bypass Mercenary for Shadowfall, I just said that some people might.
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Snookies12  +   816d ago
@Pixel_Enemy - Yeah, and those same people could very well opt for a PS4 and/or Shadowfall for Christmas you know...

Not that I have anything against the Vita, I absolutely adore mine. Just saying... That's not really a good argument.
Thomaticus  +   816d ago
I'm going to pick it up as well. I'm looking forward to the multiplayer. I would love for this to link to shadow fall some way or another.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   816d ago
This is why PSLS is my trusted playatation site.

As for the campaign, at least it doesn't have the snooze fest cut scenes of KZ3.
SweetDangos  +   816d ago
Agreed. It's like every Sony game has to get an 8.5 or higher or else.....
Thomaticus  +   816d ago
Lair didn't get an 8.5. (I hope)
mario19  +   816d ago
Haze didn't either. Generally hyped Sony games do not dissapoint.
objdadon  +   816d ago
From the beta on a fun as hell scale it's a 10 in my opinion! I couldn't stop playing!
GreenRanger  +   816d ago
Here's a little tip for anyone playing this game: DON'T TRY TO WIPE SMUDGES OFF THE FRIGGIN' SCREEN DURING THE LAST FRIGGIN' CUTSCENE!! You'll skip it, just like I did!
Clover904  +   816d ago
Aww man, that sucks, lol.

It's hard for me to feel too sorry for you, seeing as I hate you because I'm incredibly jealous that you already have the game :)

Thanks for the tip, and good luck with your next pro MMA fight Green Ranger.
kayoss  +   816d ago
It seems that a lot ov reviewers are forgetting that they're not playing console game. I read through many game reviews for the vita and I don't understand why they feel the need to reference the console. This is. Hand held game and should be treated as. Kill zone mercenary is a hand held game and so far it's the best fps for a hand held. For it to have graphics like this for a hand held, I automatically give it a 5. Add on to the the fact that it have a great online experience, I'll give it an additional 3 points. All other feature are bonuses. This game should not receive anything less than an 8.
Sorry typed this using my phone so my spelling and grammar may be off.
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Clover904  +   816d ago
It's all opinion. For one, when has anyone played a fps campaign for the story? Anyways, I understand your complaints, but it's absolutely clear from the N4G community that if you participated in the online beta you were sold on the game. It's a console online shooter experience in your hands, and there is no other game that even comes close.
PrimeGrime  +   816d ago | Well said
I am fed up with these poor review scores all comparing it to a console game.

I will try and make you understand exactly what I mean. I want you to go to this link which is the reviews page of this site.


Now what do you see that doesn't add up at all? Games like Spelunky, Kickbeat and Divekick were all rated higher and given much more lenient reviews than Killzone: Mercenary and oddly none of those were compared to console games either.

It is just so stupid to even call this review honest when you see the other reviews on the site and especially see them higher than this with games that definitely don't deserve higher. Knowing games like Divekick do not offer nearly as much as this game does or has that much replay value but somehow its enough and still better. When it is all jam packed into this game, things we have never seen on a handheld FPS period somehow in that instance it is never enough to satisfy anyone.

I mean seriously when you rate Divekick higher than this.. I really have to even question does you opinion even matter at all because that is one messed up opinion.

Its so sad that the Vita's best games are always rated poorly because they aren't exactly like console games. Its a god damn handheld for the last time that offers console "like" experiences on the go. Sony never said you can literally play your PS3 games or actual console games on it in that sense. What would even be the point of the device if all it did was emulate every console game exactly? There would be none really other than portability.

Then to complain that the multiplayer is too intense for a handheld game and that it isn't doing anything new.. Obviously the first statement is once again comparing it to console and the second is just ludicrous.

Killzone Mercenary was not trying to do anything new, it was trying to provide the closest thing to the Killzone experience on a handheld which was done perfectly. Barely anyone can review it in that light though, instead it isn't doing more than consoles, it isn't enough game play for me but no I can play Divekick for hours on end while rating that better.

Yea sure honest review makes complete sense when you look at in the context it was actually presented.

The only people saying these scores are honest are people who want the game to get low scores cause they don't want it to turn out great. I am not saying this game deserves all 10's either or something but a 7 is far too low especially when compared to other games that are doing far less and get higher review scores on this site.

Not including many of the other sites that have given it such low scores have given better scores to way crappier games. So wrong.

Only on Vita games do you see such mixed reviews like this. Stop being assholes and look at it like it is, a handheld game.

Also the campaign is going to be longer than 3 hours, probably max 10 hours to complete everything obviously with new difficulties and missions. With what the multiplayer offers that is exceptional and just a fine length for a SP portion.

I really hate that the reviewer was too lazy to go back and do everything also but then deducts points from the score but at the same time says other people will enjoy it no doubt.. I don't get that. You think when you are reviewing a game you would actually complete everything first before actually reviewing it but whatever...

That is nothing new these days either I guess. People just rushing out reviews without actually even fully playing the entire game.
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LOGICWINS  +   816d ago
I agree with most of what you said, but you have to remember that games like Divekick are $10-15...not 40 bucks like Mercenary. That plays a HUGE factor in terms of reviews. Divekick getting a higher score than Mercenary doesnt mean its the better game or the better experience. What it means is for $10, Divekick offers a better value than Mercenary at $40. If Mercenary retailed at $10, it would have been a 9 MINIMUM from every respected publication.

Games like Divekick arent expected to offer anywhere close to the same replay value as a $40 game. This is where the leniency comes in. And thats the way it should be. The cheaper the game, the more forgivable the flaws.

Also, a 7 out of 10 is a GOOD score in the eyes of most humans. If a 7 stops anyone from buying a game that they had prior interest in...then problem rest with THAT person who missed out on a fun gaming experience, not the reviewer.
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Hicken  +   816d ago
Value actually rarely comes into play in reviews. Not the way you're saying it.
kayoss  +   816d ago
Actually 7 can actually ruin a game if you look at It differently. For a game like kill zone mercenary, which in my opinion is a AAA game and its a $40 game and its for a Hand held. With video games being an expensive hobby it could deter potential buyer. Especially when you have kill zone shadow falls on the horizon coming out for $20 more. People will wait to get the better value. Don't get me wrong kill zone beta was excellent and I can't wait to buy it, but there are many who actually think that way. If you had only one choice to buy uncharted 3 for the ps3 or uncharted for the ps vita which would you choose? I love my vita and I use it daily.
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Kingthrash360  +   816d ago
but divekick though.....we are talking a 2button game.
im not disagreeing though...its just i feel like if they didnt compare it to a console version it would score higher....look at skyrim....very glitchy...very flawed, especially the ps3 version...high scoreing costs more too. the games they compared kzm to costs more...yeah kzm costs more than divekick but its far better than games in its price range. it jus rubs me the wrong way.

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