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More games need to rip off these interactive load screens

Loading… loading…

The age of CD-ROMs allowed for better music and polygons sharp enough to cut glass, but the storage medium also introduced gamers to the horrors of loading. Virtually every game of the era (that wasn’t on N64) continually paused the action to prepare the next bit of gameplay. The problem has lessened over time as technology improved, but as long as discs are part of the equation, you’ll likely have to wait at least once per game for a load screen to pass. (Bayonetta, PC, PS Vita, PS3, Rayman Legends, Retro, Wii U, Xbox 360)

ATi_Elite  +   604d ago
Interactive Load screens are AWESOME........but NO LOAD screens are even better.

Good Devs know how to eliminate load screens.
GamerToons  +   604d ago
Like Rockstar? ;)
iNcRiMiNaTi  +   603d ago
I hope the loading screens in Gta5 aren't like how Max Payne 3 are though. The loading screens were cutscenes I could'nt skip after seeing the same scene over and over and got annoying after a while
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GamerToons  +   603d ago
Why the hell would you disagree? R* is notorious for taking loading out of the game.
slimeybrainboy  +   603d ago
EA do it best with FIFA. Whilst its loading a match you get to play FIFA mini games like kick the ball in a bin, kick free kicks at cardboard boxs, dribble challenges etc. Easily the most entertaining load screen for me.

They used to have it so you would have a keeper, a goal and a player, and you could take shots practise freekicks which was also so much better than any other load screen.
HeyImBen11  +   604d ago
Like Naughty Dog? Their games load once in the beginning and never again :).
Ripsta7th  +   603d ago
Nauthgy dog does it best :), GOW3 was ableto het rid off loading screens also
AnotherProGamer  +   603d ago
I think I saw somewhere that Namco had a patent on interactive load screens thats why the DBZ fighting games had them
Gamesgbkiller  +   604d ago
I loved the DBZ loading screens.

Old memories :')
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   603d ago
Spawning crazy amounts of saibamen :)
ColeMacGrath  +   603d ago
Eating as many ramen as possible
Denatsu  +   603d ago
Square Enix did amazing with Tomb Raider. Eliminating loading screens. Blending the cutsceens with the gameplay perfectly.
MartinB105  +   603d ago
"The age of CD-ROMs allowed for better music and polygons sharp enough to cut glass, but the storage medium also introduced gamers to the horrors of loading."

I'm pretty sure the C64 games on cassette tapes introduced gamers to the horrors of loading many years before CD-ROM. Those were loading times that were measured in minutes rather than seconds, and were occasionally alleviated via the use of images, music and interactivity (mini-games such as the famous "Invade-A-Load", which pre-dates Namco's Galaxian loader by at least seven years).
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Angeljuice  +   603d ago
Absolutely correct. I had certain games on C64 that were written in basic, they could take over 45 minutes to load, and on top of that there was no guarantee that the load would be successful (you may get to the end of the load time then have to start over again with the tape deck placed on its side).
Sometimes it took me over 2hrs to load a single game. Honestly, gamers today have it so easy (yet complain far more than the truly dedicated ever did).

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