The Elder Scrolls Online “Was Never Planned to Come to Consoles”, Sony Convinced Bethesda to do it

Gamescom award winning The Elder Scrolls Online is set to come out next year on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac, but if it wasn’t for the efforts of Sony’s third party relations team, it would have been a PC/Mac exclusive. - PSLS

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showtimefolks1441d ago

sony got this on consoles

sony forced MS to take back their bad policies

sony stands for gamers and what gamers want

xHeavYx1441d ago

Would be great if Sony works a deal where, if you have PS+, you don't have to pay a monthly fee

Enemy1441d ago

You're welcome, Xbox gamers.

MWong1441d ago

It's funny people are actually getting disagrees for saying kudos Sony. Bethesda admits that Sony convinced them to bring their MMO to consoles.

Way to go Sony, shocked Bethesda actually listened to them. I just wish it was a F2P MMO like DCUO. Let me buy the expansions and additional content, but like the article said at least I have an option now.

D-riders1441d ago

are people that big of fanboys that they disagree when sony helps them???? grow up

twinspectre1441d ago

and the stupid part is that a lot of people keep supporting MS , they should thanks Sony and buy PS4 instead of Xcrap

TXIDarkAvenger1441d ago

Do console gamers really want Elder scrolls? I mean considering all the issues on consoles with Skyrim, I don't know why they would bother.

Masterman2801441d ago

I agree with everything except ''Sony forced MS to take back their bad policies'', i'm pretty sure it was angry fans.

YNWA961441d ago

Twinspectre, very mature, I will have both play all the great games, you limit yourself....

Heisenburger1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

They all want our money.

However I personally feel that Sony is utilizing the "You catch more flies with honey" strategy.

Which I feel is more respectful *to the people who pay the bills, I.e. us.

*typographical error

Mystogan1441d ago

This is kind of like Microsoft did with dead rising. If it wasn't for Microsoft there wouldn't have been a dead rising 3.

Mr Tretton1441d ago

"sony stands for gamers and what gamers want"

And gamers don't want Elder Scrolls '14.99 a month' Online

awi59511441d ago

Except with the ps3 where they nerfed the console for DRM reasons what ever happened to the OS install for ps3 yeah they took it away.

DragonKnight1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

Calm down everyone, there is a rumour going around that Bethesda is having problems with Microsoft AND Sony about double subscriptions for this game. Sony may have convinced Bethesda to bring the game to consoles, but they may also be trying to get it behind the PS+ paywall.

Mind you, it's just a rumour at this point, at least where Sony is concerned. Pete Hines confirmed that it's a problem they're facing with Microsoft in an OXM article, but only a spokesperson for Bethesda (not Pete Hines, who is VP of PR and Marketing) said they were facing a similar situation with Sony.

**EDIT** "Except with the ps3 where they nerfed the console for DRM reasons what ever happened to the OS install for ps3 yeah they took it away."

Yes, because removing a security risk is the same thing as nerfing a console for DRM reasons. It had nothing to do with a hacker admitting to cracking Sony's security and willing to release the information on how to do so to the entire internet. No, it was for DRM. GTFOH with that FUD.

LOL_WUT1441d ago

This is how you get third party support and ultimately games on your platform by reaching out to developers and working out some sort of deal. ;)

Withdreday1440d ago

The only issue I can see is it could hurt their working relationship if the console version fails to make a profit, but other than that, great news.

Enemy1440d ago

Now every time Xbox gamers are playing Elder Scrolls Online, they'll have Sony in mind.

FanOfRootBeer1440d ago

Alright, that's a bit of an overstatement, mate. Just a bit; a smidgen; a dash, even.

ooquis1440d ago

Well said. Just got my sony pulse sony always amaze me!

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MizTv1441d ago

Now about the monthly fee

KwietStorm1441d ago

lol really though, that's the one [big] thing that could make it all null and void. Most console-only gamers just aren't into that type of game model.

Summons751441d ago

Yeah how dare they wanna give gamers the full game and ensure regular server repairs. Sub > p2w (f2p) anyday of the week.

JsonHenry1441d ago

@Summons75- Guild Wars 2 says hello.

They do all of that and more without charging monthly.

But lets not kid ourselves. TESO will end up free to play eventually as well.

maddskull1441d ago

i think that you dont need the ps+ subscription to play it because of the monthly fee but xbox are not going back with XBLG you must have xblg to play it and yu must play a monthly fee on the xbox their is a monthly fee on the ps4 but you dont need ps+ unike xbox

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reef10171441d ago

It's the POWA of persuasion

kupomogli1440d ago

Which is more powerful than the imaginary power of the cloud.

nukeitall1440d ago

Yup, the powa of persuasion has been strong with the Sony fangirls!

nosferatuzodd1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

you know these xbox fanboys should bow down and thank Sony this generation cuz if its wasn't for Sony they would have a 50" dildo up there @ss from microsoft DRM no used games always online if sony didnt stood up they all would be Microsoft little B$tches

BippityBoppityB001441d ago

50" dildo?

Don't knock it 'till you've tried it.

(limps slowly away in the opposite direction)

dmeador1441d ago


Its comments like yours that make me feel sad for everyone who buys a ps4, bc they will mistake the people that can form real logical thoughts with people like you

nosferatuzodd1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )


Its comments like yours that make me feel sad for everyone who buys a ps4, bc they will mistake the people that can form real logical thoughts with people like you

do you I'm not stopping you from doing you i was in japan and i saw a lot of American people acting while i don't hear anyone stereo typing them but here you come, on you're high horse trying to be elegant get a grip man

Mystogan1441d ago

And now we don't want this game. You have to pay a subscription fee and there is a cash shop.

_FantasmA_1441d ago

This isn't the same as the Dead Rising situation. Dead Rising sucks. How did they manage to f&&k up a zombie game? Zombies are impossible to get wrong. Everybody loves zombies. Dead Rising has the worst shooting mechanics, story, and mission structure I've ever played. Not to mention it lacks originality.