Resogun - Dead Nation 2 Teased, A New Look at PS4's Resogun

Developer Housemarque releases a new video walkthough and then leaves us wanting brains.

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MWong1657d ago

This game has amazing particle effects. Can't wait for a new Dead Nation.

Enemy1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

We can assume it'll be 1080p native + 60fps this time as well. My most played PSN game is about to get even better. Sony needs to buy Housemarque as soon as possible. Every time they announce a new IP, you'd best bet it's going to be legendary.

There's so much going on in Resogun that eyes will melt. I don't think people realize how good this is going to look on our HDTV's. Go back to Super Stardust HD, which is already doing 1080p + 60fps, and realize that Resogun is going to look far beyond that come November. These blurry, compressed videos aren't even doing 60fps.

I'm constantly amazed at how these guys take a classic genre and completely redefine it.

GrandTheftZamboni1657d ago


Sony should buy them and Sanzaru games.

Army_of_Darkness1657d ago

Omg! I would go nuts if they show dead nation 2!! Loved the first one!

FlunkinMonkey1657d ago

In my opinion Dead Nation was a MUCH better 'Zomby' game for me than Dead Rising.. Encapsulated the apocalyptic dark feeling so much better.. excited for a new one, these guys should be bought by Sony and utilized more.

FamilyGuy1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )




*Heavy breathing and the sound of running footsteps*

Dead Nation was amazing,
the ambiance was perfect and intense,
the waves of zombies rushing towards you reminded me of 7 Days Later/7 Weeks Later.
Strategically placing the landmines
Cutting down waves of the zombies with that buzzsaw shooting weapon.
The sound of the Shotgun blowing enemies away. The laser sight piercing through the darkness.
Searching the map for hidden goodies.
The yell of the Screamers
Freakin out when a Cutter gets in close range

Argg, I freakin LOVED Dead Nation!
The way they did this trailer was cool, Resogun already looks great too but the Visuals on Super Stardust HD are eye bleedingly beautiful, I can't really imagine a twin-stick shooter surpassing it.

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Godoftheweek1657d ago

Those are not particles, they are cubes. Look closely.

majiebeast1657d ago

Actually they are voxels. Like they use in Minecraft and the new Everquest Next.

HowarthsNJ1657d ago

Minecraft is not voxel though.

reef10171657d ago

As someone put well over 100 hours into the first game I am beyond excited for Dead Nation 2. Best $15 I ever spent.

christrules00411657d ago

I have a funny feeling that Helldivers is going to take up a lot of game time as well. I think these smaller titles are way under rated. A lot of people are into the bigger titles and I am too but these smaller titles are a great change of pace.

younglj011657d ago

Lol why did I just see an XB1 ad on an PS4 promotion video?

But Dead Nation 2 on PS4 hell yeah...

THEDON82z11657d ago Show
Xsilver1657d ago

so they teased a game in another games trailer that's innovation at its finest cant wait for both.

majiebeast1657d ago

One question for Sony why arent these guys first party yet!

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