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Submitted by cyguration 887d ago | article

Strategy games have entered a new golden age thanks to eSports, Let’s Play videos, boring AAA games

Penny Arcade "The past decade hasn’t always been great for fans of strategy games. Twenty five years ago they were in their first golden age, but by midway into the 2000’s things weren’t quite as great.

The fervor over the RTS genre was stagnating, as StarCraft hibernated and Warcraft became World of Warcraft. Compounding that, for a time the focus of the games business shifted to the consoles where RTS games and most other strategy sub-genres rarely worked well.

But for a long list of reasons, strategy has come back to the fore in the gaming industry." (Culture, PC)

PlayStation_4  +   887d ago
Strategy games will always be niche, would be nice to see a few on PS4 using the touchpad to its full potential though.
Wni0  +   887d ago
LoL is growing at a stupendous rate among casual gamers, however the low skill ceiling and confusing graphics will not convert any non gamers like SC2 has done.

It's an insult to competitive e-sports when a game where (anyone,) can become pro, within a few months of training, vs years of practice for games like SC2, Quake, and Counterstrike.

People want to watch Pro's play e-sports or regular sports because of the incredible talent and practice that they themselves can marvel at whether its Lebron, Tiger, or Phelps...

Instead of watching just any amateur pick-up basketball game on national T.V. Which is what LoL or DoTA or HoN is. There is a charm I guess in that anyone can play, but if thats the case lets call MOBA games something like Checkers Online or something.

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