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Submitted by cyguration 890d ago | opinion piece

Will The Wii U Ever Be Taken Seriously?

An Electronic Boredom "So as many tech and games sites are quick to point out (see IGN and Kotaku) the Wii U hasn’t been selling well, like at all. Actually Nintendo is taking a hit on every Wii U they even sell. So why is this, why in a time when the video game industry is thriving and constantly breaking it’s own records, is one of the three big platforms losing credibility?" (Wii U)

NYC_Gamer  +   890d ago
I'm sure more people will take the console serious once tons of quality software pops up
Deadpoolio  +   890d ago
I doubt even that will help....What then need to do is start using some of the creativity they used to have, not just recycling the same 2 or 3 franchises on each console...They used to have so many different IPs and then the GC and the Wii came along and it was just recycle the same couple....Whatever it is they got lazy they got comfortable, they need to find that spark that they used to have and haven't had for years
Concertoine  +   890d ago
i agree with this, now they put all the creativity into the hardware and the software stagnates. i cant imagine a game like mario sunshine coming out nowadays because they have such a boner for mario staying in his own world of goombas and ? blocks. but games like mario sunshine, prime and pikmin were refreshing back in the day. and while the wii u is a refreshing system, the software needs to be too.
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kreate  +   890d ago
Gamers take wii-u seriously.
Nintendo doesn't take gamers seriously.
chente0025  +   890d ago
i think it will be taken more seriously after ps4/Xone launch and games comparison (especially 3rd party games) show that there really isn't a big difference in power.
Shnazzyone  +   890d ago
That's a very big likelyhood. you won't really notice a huge difference because it's basically gonna be same texture level but higher polygon count. The differences will be more in how much can be on screen otherwise it will look the same on screen. That is, unless 4k tvs really take off like crazy in the next 3 years.

The other possibility. Devs will come to wii u after realizing how expensive making games that use all that hardware can get to produce. Or most of next gen 3rd parties might be made for wii U specs and ported up to x86.
Dunban67  +   889d ago
We (wii U owners) will have fewer and fewer games to compare w the PS4 and XB1 versions as time passes- We have this partial group of multiplats now that are also on X 360 and PS3 as well but after this round of 3rd party games for the wii u (thru 2013+/-) We will be getting less and less 3rd party games on the wii u- (not that we have many now) It really sux to miss on so many great multi plat games - all for yet another Mario and/or Donky Kong platformer-

So I doubt we will have much opportunity to compare the games made specifically for the PS4 and XB 1 coming in the future
7uff1  +   889d ago
@Shnazzyone I agree with you in one point but highly disagree with the other, don't get me wrong here but Wii U's hardware requires more techniques to be used correctly, otherwise it can't have maximum performane, also, there are 2 consoles x86 against the Wii U, it's not very smart to make games based on Wii U's specs and port it to other consoles.

Also, even if 4K tvs take off like crazy, which is VERY unlikely, the consoles can't play the GAMES above 1080p.
M-M  +   890d ago
The Wii U has one key problem, the name itself. If I wasn't following gaming news much, I would think that it's just another add on to the Wii. Same with the 3DS as well, I thought it was just a Nintendo DS with a 3D display.
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falcon97  +   890d ago
Well Activision said the other day they will help Nintendo suceed as they think Nintendo have the best devs in the world and say don't count Nintendo out never basically Activision said in not so many words they will make/help Nintendo suceed....the only devs that throw negativity around about wiiu are EA and EA partners, can't forget bethesda....every other dev has praised the console.
Yep  +   890d ago
I can't take this article seriously. (Setting myself up)

I mean, there are so many flaws in thinking... I'm not too sure how many real fans of gaming want what the author wants.

My wallet is already starved with the new games coming to Wii U and PC. I'm already starting to build a backlog. I remember this being the case around the time the 3DS was starting to turn around.
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cyguration  +   890d ago
Yep  +   890d ago
Maybe mine and a lot of other people's perceptions won't be so surprising when the results of the Holiday season come out. Maybe.

Also in case you really are uninformed:
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cyguration  +   890d ago
Oh, you edited your comment... now it makes my comment look silly. Thanks for that. :P
Yep  +   890d ago
Yeah, sorry about that. I gave a poor comment before and decided you didn't deserve that so I added an explanation (of sorts).
Shnazzyone  +   890d ago
Wii U's release schedule seems modeled after 3ds. Zelda remake in the tail end of year 1, followed by an mario game using the 3d land formula and first thing next year, mario kart. I think as much as the nintendo haters say they dislike nintendo. Even they will admit, an HD mario kart is something everyone has wanted since wii was released.

That's someone noone seems to be acknowledging. for the last 7 years the 360/ps3 gamers have been saying that they want nintendo franchises in HD. Never underestimate what nintendo can do. They did mario galaxy 1 & 2 in standard def. Imagine what they can do without the wii hardware limits and know that nintendo doesn't make bad games. You can whine about reuse of franchises all you like. The use of those franchises has never been in question and now they are in HD.

The reality is, people naysaying the wii u and refusing to get one are gonna be missing out just like anyone refusing a 3ds right now in a mere 2 years. Eventually, they are gonna want one whether they like it or not.
Dunban67  +   889d ago
I think Sept is the first month the Wii U has had enough games out/coming out to offer both choice and volume for the console owners- It seems this trend will continue thru Spring 2014- I think the longer term future of the Wii U and its library will be much more evident looking beyond spring 2014- either the Wii U has picked up enough sales and Nintendo is aggressive enough to pick up more 3rd party support or the opposite will transpire and we will be relying almost exclusively on Nintendo for most of our non E shop games- like we have for most of 2013

Even though we are starting to get games it is ashamed we have to miss out so so many great 3rd party games
Vip3r  +   890d ago
Nope. Nintendo has created a image for itself that it's primarily for children and old people. In my opinion, no self respecting person would buy one. Male anyway.

Unless you have more money than sense and are part of the "I own all the consoles so my opinion is better than yours" bandwagon.

I do deplore those people.
Concertoine  +   890d ago | Funny
show us on the doll where nintendo touched you
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Vip3r  +   890d ago
Funny, yet cliched joke.

But seriously, what sort of mature games have Nintendo released over the past few years that hasn't been Mario, Pokemon or some other form of child based adventure game? Wii U and even the wii hasn't got the likes of BF3/4, Skyrim, GTA5, RDR etc.

Why not?
Concertoine  +   890d ago
@ Vip3r
some in-house mature ip's would be a nice change of pace. but the fact that they still focus on gameplay rather than story is what really makes nintendo different. the fact that a game is "child-based" (lol what) if it delivers an entertaining experience.
to be honest anyone who buys the wii u to play bad ports of ps4 stuff is completely missing the point. i think nintendo will leave mature ip's to 3rd and 2nd parties, like bayonetta 2, x, shin megami tensei x fire emblem, etc.
yeah but the wii did get madowrld, house of the dead overkill, a silent hill game, dead space extraction, as well as no more heroes 1 and 2. some of those are amongst the goriest and profanity ridden games ever made and are or were wii exclusives at some point.
N4g_null  +   890d ago
Omg viper where have you been? The suda51 games on the wii, sin and punishment, last story, Pandora tower, xenoblade, also you have to stop and smell the game play. Everyone falls for the ooooooh look adult gaming then the game sucks... so I ended up playing those fun looking games only to reveal blood thirsty opponents. Plus if you can beat metroid prime then you are in for a few treats.

I think the Internet is influencing you... tell me what is so grown up on the other systems that is not on pc?
ThePsychoGamer  +   890d ago

You mean aside from the Yakuza series, Heavy Rain or The Last of Us?
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ChickeyCantor  +   890d ago
"no self respecting person would buy one. Male anyway. "

Internet tough guy.

"But seriously, what sort of mature games have Nintendo released over the past few years that hasn't been Mario, Pokemon or some other form of child based adventure game? "

Pandoras Tower. As cliche as it may seem. What is happening to the girl is actually very depressing. And there are 4 bad endings that go along with it.
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falcon97  +   890d ago
Where was you as a kid ???? must be a new age gamer....
Nevers0ft  +   890d ago
It's pretty damning that you're so insecure that you think your choice of game somehow reflects on you as a person... Aren't people (myself included) allowed to enjoy Nintendo games simply because they're simple fun? Please feel free to experience all the gritty realism your stomach can handle, but you don't speak for everybody.
Vip3r  +   890d ago
I'm not insecure. One of my relative has a wii and the only ok'ish game worth playing is Mad World.

I'm a PC gamer and so I get all the gaming and choice I could ever wish for.

Just don't see the need to spend £200 for a console with games aimed for a juvenile audience.
Nevers0ft  +   889d ago
Don't think I'm trolling you, I'm genuinely curious but "I'm not insecure. One of my relative has a wii and the only ok'ish game worth playing is Mad World."

I think that post kind of proved my point Vip3r. You singled out a so-so game simply because it has lots of "adult" things like blood and gore. I can assure you that there's plenty of Wii games that are worth 10 Madworld if only you could get past your prejudices and learn to enjoy them. Take Pikmin for example... Would you play that if the game mechanics were virtually identical but the graphics more realistic and "war" themed?
YNWA96  +   890d ago
No. Not for me..... Just prettier looking Wii games.... Got that already...
DejectedJeff  +   890d ago
ps4 is just prettier looking ps3 games
monoliftsoft's x, the wonderful 101, miyamotos new ip, bayonetta 2 which was previously on 360 and ps3...
mcstorm  +   890d ago
I agree that's all new consoles are really but for me im more excited about sonic, Mario 3rd, the new dk games and Zelda hd over the games on the ps4 and Xbox one. IM getting a Xbox one day one but for forza 5 and ki but for me the back end of this year im more excited about the Nintendo games than the other two as im getting bored of playing shooter and action games every year. So for me the Wiiu with the gamea above added with pikmin 3, wonderful101, and Lego city which I already have puts the Wiiu as my main gaming console the end of this year plus im excited for Pokemon x on the 3ds.

It really is all about the type of games you are into. As I said games like kz, bf4 cod ghosts, ect look good but I want something different to what I've been playing for the last 7 years on my 360 and ps3 and the best console for this is the Wiiu.
MizTv  +   890d ago
I hope so
RiPPn  +   890d ago
I'll get one when I can nab a deluxe for $199, but even then it will always be my "second" console. I'd never consider it a primary console, so in my eyes it is seriously a companion console.
Angeljuice  +   890d ago
Will the WiiU ever be taken seriously?
Ummm.....Errrrr.....Ummm..... ....NO
JsonHenry  +   890d ago
They are too little too late with the AAA software. The bigger powerhouses are about to launch and the options/fidelity/secondary uses make the WiiU look like a cheap happy meal toy.

I don't know why Nintendo didn't push for a better software lineup than they have by this point. In two months the spotlight and media attention will be almost solely aimed at MS and Sony.
awesomeabe1998  +   890d ago
I am a proud Wii U owner, and the Wii U will be my PRIMARY console. I do not really play many kinds of FPS's. Only COD and since Activision is most likely delivering all the upcoming COD's and maybe Destiny that is all I need from the multiplat standpoint. I have a PS3 so ill just play sports games there.

Now there are a couple of ways the Wii U could be taken seriously.

1) Start selling more units! Wii U has been in a tough situation which will be soon made softer. Wii U has great exclusives and multiplats for all ages. I am just stating it here and now: Mario is not a childrens game! I love how when people talk about Ryman and then bash on Mario. They are both platformers yet pretty different. I see Rayman to be more similar to DK rather than Mario.

2) Cause the PS4 or XB1 to not do so well. Nintendo can easily do that with their upcoming lineup. Wii U's holiday 2013 lineup is much better or has better quality games than the PS4 and XB1. Wii U's early 2014 lineup is even better with SSB4 and Mario Kart 8, even though XB1 and PS4 has some key franchises like Killzone and TitanFall. Nintendo just need to pump out some games.

3) Release an FPS!!! I want a FPS but i do not need it since i play COD but a Nintendo quality FPS would shut all XB PS drones up! They keep wining that Nintendo games are for kids because no FPS's. Well if we had a FPS they would have nearly no arguments left. I hope this is what Miyamoto's new IP is since he wanted to make a FPS.

4) Last but not least: Metroid, StarFox, F-Zero, and Zelda U! If these games are coming out in 2014 then this will move consoles causing sales to go up and outsell at least the XB1! Simple. So many Nintendo fans want these games!

Nintendo should just fulfill two of these ways and there you go: A serious platform worth buying!

PSN: awesomeabe1998
NNID: awesomeabe1998
YouTube: WUPSgames
neogeo  +   890d ago
The damage control is strong with this one.
rinslowe  +   890d ago
A metroid based FPS, with multiplayer as it's core focus.
I think that would satisfy and keep the franchise fresh n ripe for a full campaign title somewhere down the line...
awesomeabe1998  +   889d ago
Nintendo should keep making Metroids or should give it to a second party developer. Nintendo need to release an FPS similar to the style of Halo/ Titanfall/ Destiny, and COD/ Battlefield combined. That would be amazing. Imagine a mix between Halo/ Titanfall mechanics with the vehicles in Battlefield and a campaign and run and gun multiplayer of COD. All hell will break loose in the gaming world without a doubt. This will happen:

PS XB Fanboy: Nintendo is to kiddy and Metroid is an old IP and is not so good of an FPS.

Me: Well we have a new IP with Halo mechanics and great action similar to COD and Battlefield.

PS XB Fanboy: Pfft, Nintendo cant make a game like that!

Me: (Points at trailer)

PS XB Fanboy: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn !
boybato  +   890d ago
The problem with the wiiu just like the Wii before it is that it does not push a lot of SW sales from third party devs therefor most third party devas/pubs would rather not release their game for the console.

P.s before you guys list Wii third-party chart toppers, please look at the xoncensus of third party releases first.
Moncole  +   890d ago
If you take gaming seriously than their is something wrong with you. A gamer doesn't take any console seriously because they buy what they like.
Koyes  +   890d ago
luffyman   890d ago | Spam
ApolloTheBoss  +   890d ago
Is it wrong that I laughed at the article the moment I read the title?
BOWZER35  +   890d ago
Seems only people who have one take it serious, other than that, not many do.
Stroke666  +   890d ago
You know what, you might just be on to something. I think honestly its a matte of really getting to sit down with the system a play it. Not for nothing but a lot of people up here just go by hearsay and have never even played the kiosk demos, but hey whatever. I don't think anyone can actually experience the wii u then have anything other than "more games please" to say afterward.
josephayal  +   890d ago
Nintendo has ever been taken seriously since the SNES Era, I think a lot of people lost faith in Nintendo with the Wii u
falcon97  +   890d ago
Nintendo have nothing to worry about they have 4 million consoles sold worldwide which is 4 million more than sony or microsoft and by far the best holiday line-up and with bundles at £249.99 in the uk and games like Donkeykong/COD Ghosts/Windwaker and Watchdogs means a more versatile lineup than xbox1 or ps4.

Activision have more a less confirmed Destiny for wiiu by saying they will help Nintendo how ever they can to suceed,means its Nintendo why Destiny hasn't been announced yet...if Destiny comes to wiiu which I'm pretty sure it will it's on ps3 and 360 ? then ps4 and xbox1 will loose even more sales FACT wiiu multiplat games have been outselling the HD TWINS....and Activision are not playing favourites like EA ?? then you have them collaborations with CAPCOM and NAMCO with that pokemon fighting game,Mayamoto's new ip,nothing to worry about here...
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LOL_WUT  +   890d ago
Not until they change their image of being a family oriented company to a more mature one. Which won't happen with Iwata and Reggie still around. ;)
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SegaGamer  +   890d ago
I do take it seriously, as soon as i start work again i will be saving up for one.
Jagsrock  +   890d ago
The wii U is going to be a gamecube. I have a feeling it's going to be home to some of the best nintendo titles to date while getting the occasional must have 3rd party title. It may not break sales records this time around but in terms of delivering quality content the wii u has more potential that the wii ever had.
PygmelionHunter  +   890d ago
Like, by what, fanboys? Nah, that's just hopeful thinking. Why bother, though, if you enjoy whatever system you play on. Why should you ever have to worry about what other people (tools) think about it?
Thepcz  +   890d ago
wiius problem
i cant afford it (too expensive), and even if i could i would think twice about buying it because there is nothing on it worthwhile to justify its purchase.

thats the wiiu in a nutshell
#21 (Edited 890d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
fatstarr  +   890d ago
nope, the wiiu can sell 4x the ps4 and nextbox and it wont get any acknowledgment, Nintendo is on its own pillar. hopefully game devs stop shafting it and they dont band wagon hop on to it when the big numbers start rolling in, because I wont buy their games out of boycott, "they wasnt shootin with us in the gym".
Studio-YaMi  +   890d ago
So you rather want them to take out of their time and resources to make their games available for the Wii U while knowing that Nintendo Fans mostly support Nintendo Ips or Nintendo Exclusives only,would you make that risk ?

Not to forget the install base for the Wii U as well which isn't hot either ? OF COURSE they will pass it up for the bigger install base of PSN & XBL.


They WILL hope on with Nintendo when they see the numbers rising,that's logic for you !

I own a Wii U,Still waiting for some appealing software from Nintendo to come.

When they do and the numbers go up,you can bet that 3rd party devs will want to make games for the Wii U.
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Yep  +   890d ago

It'll get acknowledgement, but fanboys will find a way to explain how the Wii U is doing better and say something irrational like "only kids are buying Wii U". Nintendo can't and shouldn't try to win these guys over.
C-Thunder  +   890d ago
I love my WiiU.
AKR  +   890d ago
I take it seriously.

I don't care that people have an incredibly pathetic butt-kissing Sony bias right now. Hell, if Sony released a cinder block with a PS4 logo on it - 80% of the gaming community would scream praises of joy.

I've been blasted for speaking good of Wii U - yet if I spent most of my time chanting "PS4 is awesome!" - people would scream, shout and cheer. I am a very happy Wii U owner. I got this thing much quicker than I thought I would have, and even though I've spent a while without games - I finally have some, and I'm loving it.

I love Miiverse and the Internet browser. Say what you want about the Gamepad - but after playing Rayman Legends, Need for Speed: Most Wanted U, LEGO City: Undercover, Nintendo Land and the Wonderful 101 ~ I'm sold on the concept.

And lastly - I could care less about it's specs. With games like Pikmin 3, Trine 2, Need for Speed: Most Wanted U, X, Wind Waker HD, Mario Kart 8 and Bayonetta 2 running on the system - I am quite content with what it can dish out.
nzbleach  +   890d ago
Lets see when the two console go head to head and see which is left behind even though i have a wii u considering on selling it.
azshorty2003  +   890d ago
Even with all its commercial success, I don't feel the Wii was ever really taken seriously either. And the Wii cane it off the gate strong, unlike the WiiU
thomasmiller  +   889d ago
Step 1. Negative stupid biased story bashing nintendo.
step 2. Biased BRAIN DEAD trolls a laugh and agree.
step 3. Nintendo makes an ass at of all of them, with AAA games, like Mario 3d, zelda wind waker, donkey knog, tropical breeze, smash bros. mario kart and so on, that will help bring the wii u back to good sales.
step 5. trolls repeat steps one and two. and then 3 happens again and then step 4. wash rinse repeat.
and there you have it folks, how this website actually works!!!
Africa-Garvey  +   889d ago
Wiiiiiii Uuuuuu !!! !!! !!!

Go for GLORY

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