Is GTA V The Most Anticipated Game Ever?

WC - It’s nearly here. We are now in the same month that will see the triumphant release of Grand Theft Auto: V. After five years in development, the next installment of the critically acclaimed action series will hit shelves world wide on September 17th. As excitement and anticipation peak, we are going to take a look at some other games that have had us itching to finally play.

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xHeavYx1750d ago

Yes, but until next gen GTA is announced

inmusicutrust1750d ago

I can't even imagine what they will try to do next gen.

Lighter91750d ago

Have it to where you can visit Liberty City, Vice City, and ALL of San Andreas in one game? One can dream anyways.

Lighter91750d ago

For now... but not until *Next Gen Red Dead is announced! ha!

steve30x1750d ago

Its my most anticipated game in years. What would top it all off would be Ocolus Rift support.

SchwoererBear1750d ago

I think skyrim was pretty anticipated, I think gta appeals to more people though

SKULLFACE1749d ago

I wouldn't say that it is the most anricpated game ever I would say that it is one of the most anticipated games ever