I'd Forgotten This All-Girl Fighting Game Was A Thing

Kotaku - Man, what was that game again? The one where the women are all kidnapped and forced to fight, with the Nobel Peace Prize winner in the fishnet top and cut-offs with electrical tape over her chest? Man, good thing Kung Fu Factory decided to get rid of... oh wait, they're still making Girl Fight? And it's due out this month?

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adventureghost1241540d ago

I can literally feel the comments of how this game is sexist flowing in

clearelite1540d ago

Have you ever noticed how the people/websites making a big deal about these things are often sleazier than what they are complaining about?

Eonjay1540d ago

Naw if the offended females wanted to really get their point across, they would make a overtly sexualized fighting game where all the characters where male models fighting in speedos and tighty-whities with whips, chains and whipped cream. Until then they are going to have to calm down and grab a controller.

TenBensons1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )


And rightfully so.

Studio-YaMi1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

No it's not,males usually prefer a sexual woman over an ordinary one,men like boobs(the bigger the better for most men at least) and they like their women to be sassy,what's wrong with that ?

So now let's go on and on how adult films and any adult theme(even in major block buster movies) should be banned for it's distasteful view of women oh booohooo !

I for one have no problem with women being sexy,be that in videogames or in reality.

TenBensons1540d ago

@Studio you have missed the point entirely.

Most PEOPLE prefer fair representation of gender,race and sexuality. Games in general are poor in their representation of all of these things and it's only fair that they get called out on it and praised when they get it right. The Last of Us is a great example of great representation .

Also 'sexy' is subjective. To me wearing next to no clothing or/and being 'sassy' are overused clichés. This kind of crap is saturating all forms of media and people should be allowed to express their dissatisfaction that all to often developers/producers default to it to gain male interest.

There is nothing wrong with adult themes but for the most part the execution of these themes leaves a lot to be desired and calling the over sexualisation of female characters adult themes is a cop out.

DasTier1540d ago

@TenBensons "Most PEOPLE prefer......"

It would seem that you have, most unfortunately, mistaken the meaning of the word most.

TenBensons1539d ago

@Das Tier


Have a bubble for humour alone.

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ColdFeet1540d ago

Just watched some gameplay and it was tame as hell. Dead or Alive is like 5x worse.

Blacklash931540d ago

Can people stop saying "literally" when they actually mean the exact opposite?

Blacklash931540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

I just find it annoying. People mean figuratively, which is essentially the opposite of "literally" yet they use that term anyway. You cannot literally feel comments being posted on the internet.

adventureghost1241539d ago

well apparently some people cannot understand "SARCASM" -_-

JustPlay41540d ago

I'll just use this guy comment: "Oh hey it's like Skullgirls only awful" that what I think

adventureghost1241539d ago

not exactly liberals, feminists, and damn can they be ignorant

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sypher1540d ago

Guess no one has ever heard of Arcana Heart? It has been there done that :)

Studio-YaMi1540d ago

The girls in this Dead or Alive wannabe aren't even really sexy to begin with.

And yes Arcana Heart is AWESOME ! :D

Lord_Sloth1540d ago

This music is terrible, designs are meh, and the animations are very stiff...Not a euphemism either.

WheatBread1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Not bad, but it could be a lot better. I hope next gen devs focus on the thigh and butt physics as much as the boobs. The more jiggly the better.

thejigisup1540d ago

I just wanna know if this game will 1. Be any good mechanically speaking. 2. If it will make any sense. IF the game is a sound fighter then it doesn't need to make any sense. But why all girls? I can understand the arguement, why not? But really? didnt we already have something like this and it didnt do too well?

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