Top MMO Games You Should Play

GameGuru writes: "MMO's, does it sound geeky to you? Well read on to make yourself acquainted with the term. Massively Multiplayer Online Games (commonly called MMO) is a genre of video game which connects millions of players simultaneously. Played and enjoyed from kids to even their mothers. MMO games aren't made to be age specific, developers actually have to flock their minds to create a game which could shake minds of both adults as well as kids.

The key to MMOs is how interesting and user interactive games they create, bigger the user base more the game is played. Gamers get addicted to such games just because they see millions of other players competing for the same goal. The charm of the MMOs lies in the secrecy of the virtual world they play in. Now keeping the charm factor aside MMOs sure do need to be worked out well. Players create and develop their created characters with unusual powers to clear the obstacles coming around. So they must be made exactly as per the specifications needed."

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SSJSubgeta3897d ago

Obviously those are note worthy and popular games.
A bit of a let down that Guild Wars was not a worthy mention.

Lionsguard3897d ago

Guild Wars is not a bona-fide MMO. Everything is instanced which sucks.

jadenkorri3897d ago

Guild was may be instanced but its still an MMO and free..guild wars has sold over 3 million copies and i don;t know the actual number of people who still play Guild wars, but its definitely more players on guild wars than everquest 2 and even FF11...

ECM0NEY3897d ago

When i have time to kill i play Flyff its totaly free. You can download it at

Cyrus3653897d ago

This list seems to be more about the more "popular" mmo's, rather than the best ones...

GametimeUK3897d ago

World of Warcraft pwns imho... I was a bit reluctant to try this game because of the "geek" image this game has... Its my only MMO and I have tried FF11... I actually love FF games but 11 sucked waaaay to much... Im suprised WoW has kept me entertained the past year