More on Metal Gear Solid V coming this Friday, first photos of the KP LA event

Right now, Hideo Kojima is visiting Los Angeles to be a part of the opening of the new America based Kojima Productions studio, Kojima Productions LA. During the opening, a gameplay demonstration of Metal Gear Solid V will be shown.

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THamm993d ago

Can't wait, hope we see a new trailer!

Nyxus993d ago

Apparently it's a gameplay demo, but maybe there will be a trailer as well, who knows.

Batzi993d ago

I love you Nyxus! 30 mins gameplay coming!!!!

nick309993d ago

There will be no filming of it /:

crxss993d ago

we'll definitely see a new trailer soon. TGS 2013!

MizTv993d ago

More mgs5 please

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