What should PSP 2 have?

TVGB: "The PSP took some of the focus away from what should have been its primary priority with things like its tagged on UMD movie format, large size, relatively heavy weight (before the PSP Slim), heftier price tag, and lack of software support. Its primary priority should have been concentrating on the reason most people buy handhelds; that is, conveniently playing fun games on the go. PSP2 can get these things right by focusing on features that will make gaming more enjoyable and surpass the experience available on other handhelds."

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thePatriot3896d ago

but I wish it has a touch screen, for easy messaging and screen navigation. sixaxis motion motion control and a HDD, all games should be downloadable from the psn or psp2 store of some sort.

Fishy Fingers3896d ago

You pretty much described the iphone. Apart from the PSN obviously.

gonzopia3896d ago

Wouldn't SIXAXIS be a little futile on the PSP if you have to tilt the whole thing? You wouldn't be able to see the screen while tilting!

sonarus3896d ago

sixaxis is probably a bad idea. Dancing around with your hand held in public is not cool. Maybe rumble and it should look like that fantastic design

Time_Is_On_My_Side3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

Tilt functionality was in a Game Boy Colour game called "Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble"

Game Spot Review HTML:

Douche3896d ago

The next psp should sport off Sony's new hdtv screen tech, OLED. And with that, be 1080p capable of course. It would be smart to drop umd, or at least draw more attention to a Bluray version of the format to allow the higher resolutions as well as to promote the same format with both their systems (PS3 and PSP...not PS2 of course). A touch screen for easy navigation (not for gameplaying please God...we don't need another ds) and some sort of motion sensing would be fun. And a big mandatory hard-drive for all PSP2's. A browser and possibly linux (due to the helo of a big hard-drive) would be cool. It almost sounds like a miniature PS3 with some other beefy features. But what's wrong with that?

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PS360WII3896d ago

I'm sure what Sony would like to have on the PSP2 is a small mechanism that would burn the electronics inside of it if one attempts to hack it ;)

love that pic though that one would be awesome to have

Honeal2g3896d ago

Wouldnt it be called PS2P.....playstation2 portable ....i thinks thats wat it will be called followed by PS3P etc etc.....

bigman73873896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

-Dual analog sticks
-Screen that doesn't hold onto fingerprints like my grandma does to trinkets.
-Not UMD (mini-blu-ray maybe?)

If they can do this and keep it around the same price the PSP is now, it will sell like hotcakes. (also, what exactly is a hotcake? is it just warm cake?)

poopsack3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

Hey you just described the concept I put up on N4g 2 months ago and got flamed the heck out of. (about the cakes) I dont know, but have you ever heated a doughnut? mmm

bigman73873896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

Ever gotten the free Krispy Kreme for actually walking in the building? Most delicious donut ever!

-Also I want to add a built in memory.

bigman73873896d ago

Is that it? Pancakes? Damn I thought it was like some old time food thats not made anymore.

Fishy Fingers3896d ago

I believe "hot cakes" = cakes straight from the oven. Its Ye Old England, when fresh was goooood.

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flambeau3896d ago

It should have touch screen and two analog sticks.

damnwrx3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

Bigger memory stick 16gb, That comes with it...(not sold seperately)
a Navi (built in)
video cam

The picture shows Two analog stick....

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