PlayStation 4 Controller Hands-on From PAX 2013 | PlayStation, I Love You

PlayStation, I Love You writes: "As I mentioned in my Killzone: Shadow Fall post, I really enjoyed the overall feel of the game thanks to the controls. But what I didn’t talk about was how the controller itself facilitated those feelings. It’s funny that I got so caught up in the games themselves that mention of the Dualshock 4 has slipped my mind up to this point!"

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GarrusVakarian1724d ago

Mmmmmm DS4, i can't wait to grab your new and improved love handles.

GiantEnemyCrab1724d ago

I got to use it a lot at PAX and talk about a revelation. They really got it perfect with the DS4. I had some problems with my fingers slipping off the triggers but it's probably just me because I've not heard any wide spread complaints of that.

stage881724d ago

Controller was probably all greased up from the hundreds of other people.

WeAreLegion1724d ago

Don't fap before handling the DS4.

darthv721724d ago

It certainly looks to improve the comfort of holding it with the longer hand grips and concave thumb sticks.

Before there was the now famous dual shock, there was the short lived dual analog controller. the SCPH-1180 and this new DS4 looks to be taking a few design tips from that great controller.

badboy7761724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

Pick: Raven's or Bronco's Tonight Game 1?

Agree- Bronco's

Disagree- Raven's

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Scatpants1724d ago

I just hope the triggers feel like triggers. I know they made them more concave this time but they still dont look as much like triggers as the xbox. That, the grip shape and the staggered sticks is why I always preffered the xbox controller

Brix901724d ago

Looking at the X1 controller the triggers look bigger to compared to 360. I haven't heard any complaints but I kinda perfered that 360 trigger look. I can't wait to see how these triggers compare from both ps4 and x1.

WorldGamer1724d ago

Other than the odd complaint here and there, overall it has been all praises for the DS4. November cannot arrive quick enough.

Pascalini1724d ago

The ps4 controller looks cheap and a the touchpad is too gimmicky

AbortMission1724d ago

"Xbox one seems to be winning the console war at the minute "

"This article will drive the Sony fanboys nuts"

"Holy crap look how good it looks

Click disagree if your a Sony fanboy and are jealous of the xb1 strong launch line up"

What a pathetic Xbox tard Lmao

sincitysir11724d ago

It's obvious ur not getting a ps4. Get out of here mr troll king