Submitted by LukeTVNow 596d ago | opinion piece

The Future of Horror Games Belong to the Indies

Capcom may have popularized the survival horror genre with Resident Evil, but developers of games like Outlast, Slender, and Amnesia are taking it out of older developer's hands, and in a whole new direction. (Amnesia: Dark Descent, Culture, Industry, Outlast, Slender: The Arrival)

NYC_Gamer  +   596d ago
Its because mainstream publishers are too busy running after the wrong crowd
LukeTVNow  +   596d ago
Agreed, and exactly what I was saying about RE 6. It tried to appeal to way too many people, and ended up disappointing the core audience.
AceofStaves  +   596d ago
This is one of the reasons I'm excited by the coming gen's emphasis on indie titles.

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