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The New Call Of Duty Game Is "Not Some Lazy Type Of Port"

Kotaku - It's easy to understand how someone can look at a brand new mobile game carrying the name of one of the world's most popular video game franchises arriving completely unannounced and think "cheap cash-in". Members of Activision's Blast Furnace mobile studio say that's not the case with Call of Duty: Strike Team. (Call of Duty: Strike Team, iPad, iPhone)

DirtyPimp  +   349d ago
The New Call Of Duty Game Is "Not Some Lazy Type Of Port"

i agree, i mean look how they added fishes and dogs! oh my god next gen alien technology.
Regis  +   349d ago
That is maybe the best next-gen joke I've seen yet.
s8anicslayer  +   349d ago
Being more of an online multi player person what interests me more about ghosts is that it will support dedicated servers on X1,so the hell with latency and having someone quit in the middle of a game and having the whole match end.
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tristanwerbe  +   349d ago
all the people hating over graphics are retarded f#$% graphics I could care less
Studio-YaMi  +   349d ago
I agree with you,sure COD doesn't have the Graphics or Physics of some major shooters on the market,but what COD has is joyful gameplay,and that's all I'm looking for in a COD game.

Yes,better visuals and physics are always welcome,but with COD you shouldn't expect much on that.
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spicelicka  +   349d ago
Then you have absolutely no reason to buy the new COD, because gameplay has been the exact same since MW2.
negative  +   349d ago
Who said anything about next gen. They're talking about the mobile version.

FFS read the damn article.
GraveLord  +   348d ago
He's talking about the mobile game. You could have at least read the description. It literally takes 5 seconds.
BattleReach  +   349d ago
No they're right they didn't copy paste Black Ops 2's M8A1, Type 25 and AN94. Oh wait they fucking did! :D
GraveLord  +   348d ago
Yeah! They should completely dump the guns from the previous games and create entirely news ones from scratch! Fuck modern warfare lets go full-on HALO!
Soldierone  +   349d ago
Lol people don't even read the little paragraph at the top? This isn't about Ghosts.....

Its about Modern Combat 15 :P haha
ufo8mycat  +   348d ago
But is it some lazy type of gameplay?
We going to see the same old average COD gameplay but just with better graphics?
RickHiggity  +   346d ago
Are you sure? Because it looks a lot like a lazy port.

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