Interview with Housemarque: "Resogun Is Going To Blow Your Mind"

PlayStation, I Love You writes: "I’m always about the shooters and getting high scores to be on top of the leaderboards. So, obviously I was excited to hear about Housemarque’s new game, Resogun. It looked exactly like my type of game from the video I saw, thus I knew I had to interview them to gather more details about the game."

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Enemy1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Remember when they released Super Stardust HD as a PS3 launch title? 1080p + 60fps, even with those mind-blowing graphics all over the screen. The fact that they pulled that off on the PS3 still amazes me as it's still, after all these years, at the very top of PSN's best looking games list.

Now we see that they're doing it all over again with Resogun. 1080p native + 60fps + tons of effects that weren't even present in Super Stardust HD.

Anyone denying this claim clearly knows absolutely nothing about Housemarque. They are hardware wizards.

iamnsuperman1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

It is coming to PSN Plus, day one, as well which is a massive bonus

Knushwood Butt1690d ago

It's cool that one of the first PS4 games is going to be a shooter.

negative1690d ago

Well sure of course the developer is going to speak positive about their game.

See how that works???

360ICE1690d ago

That's not the point. I don't wanna be negative or anything, but you're not very good at being negative.

Enemy1690d ago

That's a negative for the 1 bubble troll. Sad. It's like you know you're never going to recover, so say, "hey, might as well give up on worthwhile posting too!"

SniperControl1690d ago

Oh look, a xboy troll in a PS4 article.

I thought you lot didnt do that.

SniperControl1690d ago

I absolutely adored Stardust on PS3, still play it to this day.

This will be my number 1 download on day 1 (yes, even before Drive Club, Warframe) lol

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