Knack Hands-on Impressions From PAX 2013 | PlayStation, I Love You

PlayStation, I Love You writes: "Judging a book by its cover, Knack looks charming, from its gameplay to its story and titular character. But actually getting a chance to play it can significantly increase the charm and likability."

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NewMonday1657d ago

People are starting to warm up to this game

3-4-51657d ago

Now that people realize this isn't some cheesy hanna montanna causal 6 year old kid game, they actually kind of want to play it.

I've heard it's more challenging than most believe it is.

JunioRS1011657d ago

As well they should.

"Idk man, it looks like a little kid's game..."

It's a platformer, people!

Haven't you ever played Crash Bandicoot or Ratchet and Clank or Jack and Dexter??

Those aren't exactly "adult games".

Personally? I think it's gonna be fun.

Gamehead361657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Im gonna DDT the next person who calls it Jack and Dexter

JunioRS1011657d ago

Daxter* my bad @ gamehead36

mattdillahunty1657d ago

eh, this game looks like it has no depth to it. something that might have some charm for an hour before it wears off. definitely not something worthy of a day one purchase from what i've seen. i'd be happy if they'd show something that would make me change my mind, though.

I_am_Batman1657d ago

If you don't want it now you probably never will. I wanted this game since I first saw it at the PS4 announcement because I absolutely love platformers and Cerny has a great track record working on some of the best of them.

AceBlazer131657d ago

I'm tellin ya this game is gonna be a surprise hit.

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WickedLester1657d ago

One of my most anticipated launch titles! This, along with Killzone and Watchdogs will be great games to play!

thereapersson1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

What I really like about all the events surrounding the PS4's impending launch is that with games like Knack, I really feel as though I've been transported back a couple gaming generations to the glory days where PlayStation was huge and games like this were plentiful.

Knack brings about a nostalgic kick that we've all pushed to the side in favor of today's modern sparkly titles; however, if you grew up with Crash Bandicoot, Jumping Flash!, Klonoa, Spyro, etc., you'd be really excited to play something like that again.

Angeljuice1657d ago

I would love a PS4 Jumping Flash, it would be insane!!

BTW I'm a big PlayStation fan but a site called "PlayStation I Love You" makes me want to vomit!

AceBlazer131657d ago

Have you ever played the Ty the Tasmanian Tiger series?Those games were awesome,knack is as close as your gonna get to those glory days right now.

DialgaMarine1657d ago

I had already preordered this for the fact that there aren't many Day 1 titles, and I want multiple games to play, but this game is actually starting to look really good.

ABeastNamedTariq1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

I'm torn between getting this and DriveClub. I'm switching my preorder from Watch Dogs to one of those. I preordered at GameStop and found out it has that horrid "GameStop Edition" banner. I'm NOT having it. And I want to get all my launch games from one place. Or should I suck it up and deal with it?

Edited for typos.

thereapersson1657d ago

Why don't you just get PS+ (which I know you probably will anyway, as will I), download Drive Club PS+ edition for free to try it out and then buy Knack with your cash. Then if you like Drive Club enough to unlock the rest of the retail version's features, you can pick that title up at a later date. There's a win-win proposition for you.

Destrania1657d ago

Looks fun. Maybe I should pre-order this too.

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