Columbia Toy Box is the most disturbing DLC ever made

Disney adding a DLC from a Mature game just feels very wrong!

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Concertoine991d ago

big deal, none of the themes from that game are present, only the fantastical element of a city in the sky.

Zanzibar106991d ago

Is there anything to do in these Toy Boxes except walk around and occasionally do crudely-developed minigames? I played the Trench Run and it was incredibly rough, I did Disneyland and it was completely non-interactive, I did Columbia and got seasick grinding on the rails.

I really cannot figure out who their audience is. Kids are too young to navigate the menus and create content, teens and adults are too old for toys.

Lord_Sloth991d ago

There's nothing wrong about it since the city itself is just a neat little place to explore. They didn't add the guns and blood from the game so it's fine.

cerpintaxt44991d ago

is Infinite even on WIIU? seems strange but most distubing DLC ever is just a pretty dumb statement

turgore991d ago

Bioshock Infinite. Not Disney infinity.

cerpintaxt44989d ago

sorry i have to clarifly bioshock infinte is what i said some people just cant seem to read

cerpintaxt44991d ago

Snake was in smash bros did you have a problem with that?

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