Grand Theft Auto IV Arrested, Convicted of Murder

Justin Gifford reflects on the terrible reporting of last week's tragedy.

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GarrusVakarian1692d ago

Yeah, because remember mainstream public, people don't kill people.....

Videogames do!


negative1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

They don't kill people, but they don't help either.

Author is right. How did the kid get a copy of GTA? and WHY DID HE HAVE DIRECT ACCESS TO A LOADED GUN!?!?!?


@Lukas below
Let me clarify: games like GTA in the hands of a child does not help his social and emotional development. Especially living in a household with people who leave loaded weapons laying around.

GarrusVakarian1692d ago

They don't help?

Tell that to the thousands of people that have used games to cope with a number of personal problems in life.

thisismyaccount1692d ago

American standards/mentality... ? :(

GarrusVakarian1692d ago

Which the videogame has zero responsibility for. Its 100% the fault of the parents, the videogame has an age rating, and even so parents should be aware of what kind of games their kids are playing.

Stsonic1692d ago

I saw it in a documentary on BBC 2

HammadTheBeast1692d ago

Apparently, according to the headline, the same was arrested and convicted of murder wtf?

On topic, obviously the kid was with his grandma cause his parents have serious issues = bad childhood.

Why there was a loaded handgun with safety off in the house, available freely to the child, I don't know.

3-4-51692d ago

This year 500 million gamers did NOT kill somebody.

10 gamers did.

The problem is NOT the games, but the individual people.

Games are that fun that even stupid messed up people play them, they just also happen to be stupid messed up people who ALREADY had/have problems.

Was he on any meds ?

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nick3091692d ago

Why do gangsters shoot each other? Seriously the media should get banned or sued for false advertising.

BattleReach1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Hey, lets make weapons legal and blame videogames when somebody gets killed! :D

NovusTerminus1692d ago

Bad Parenting + Batsh*t crazy kid = gamings fault...

Makes NO sense to me.

Nexus381692d ago

i love how the media intentionally tries to blame video games but dont even focus on the facts. firstly how on earth did an 8 year old have access to a weapon! You know why CNN Wont talk about any of that, because they are all for legal weapon carrying, finding out a kid easily got his hands on one isnt good for that campaign, and tbh the truth is it doesnt matter what he was playing if an 8 year old intentionally shot his own grandmother, there are obviously going to be some sort of psychological issues i have played gta since i was a young child now im an adult and personally fine and couldn't even bare the thought of intentionally killing a person let alone a family member, i like how there may be console wars going crazy at one another but when it comes to media blaming video games we all come together because we know from personal experience that they are not to blame

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