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Submitted by FlameHawk 889d ago | news

MS surprised by 'how negative' reaction was to Xbox One DRM

Microsoft's director of product planning Albert Penello says the firm expected controversy over its original always-online Xbox One pitch, but was surprised by "how negative" the reaction was. (Xbox One)

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Irishguy95  +   889d ago | Well said
They should've paid attention to the last 10 years then. Maybe they just saw it as other companies get away with it why wouldn't they?
zeal0us  +   889d ago | Well said
All they had to do was pay attention to the incident Adam Orth caused before the May Conference and E3.
JokesOnYou  +   889d ago
Yeah micro really f-d that up. I still think the bigger problem was mixed message rather than drm itself, lol you could tell they hadn't done a "hotbrief"/ consumer focus panel which is ask themselves the worst questions or purposely try pick holes in the plan, you had different spokesmen contradicting each other....if you come out with that type of idea you need a solid plan AND reward users with incentives. Ive talked to at least 20 folks here at work and ALL of them would rather be able to share all their paid for games with as little as just 2 close friends online as oppose to being able to sell it back to gamestop.

vvvv I wouldn't say out of touch..just plain wrong, a mistake, misjudgement, bad call, yo know it happens same as Sony or any other company who makes a poor decision, if they wete perfect then customers would always be happy if they were "out of touch" then they wouls STILL have the same policies.
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Anthotis  +   889d ago | Well said
That just shows how out of touch Microsoft is.
MestreRothN4G  +   889d ago
Yup, I'm surprised by how surprised they are.

Well, actually I'm surprised by how surprised they CLAIM TO BE. I don't believe this recent "oh, but I didn't know you didn't like DRM BS".
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tehpees3  +   889d ago
They perceived the Adam Orth reaction to a bunch of internet users making noise.
abzdine  +   889d ago
they still have DRM in their mind? i believe they will bring it back at some point but i dont hope so for the X1 owners at that moment.
blackbeld  +   889d ago
Ohh mann.

I not gonna be surprised when they put back that DRM crap. Once the instal base is big enough about 30 million they will force DRM through your throat.

I hope for the best.
DragonKnight  +   889d ago
The only way they could have been surprised by this is by admitting that they don't listen to the consumers. If they had, like many above have said, then they'd never attempt to do so. It's either that, or they looked at Apple getting away with it and thought people wouldn't care. But different audiences have different ideas on things like this and, as the provider of a product, it's your job to research what people want/like and what they don't want/like.
P0werVR  +   889d ago

Very true, and why you are not expeting of them not thinking of DRM is beyond me.

But given the situation in what they provide at the end of it should benefit most gamers depending on the inevitable transition to digitalization.

DRM will restrict gamers (something frowned on) to a sustainable digital ecosystem and why true gamers hate this. Even if it becomes successful it's perceived by most gamers that it won't last long and some gamers actually believe in this, FACT!

So you are very right in what you claim along with most console gamers even if they don't know better, boy is gaming going to be sweet for PS4 owners long enough to see the rise of cloud computing. Oh YEAH, Outlast day one!
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Omegasyde  +   889d ago

I completely agree. Once they hit their sales goal after say a year what prevents MS from reverting policies?

By that time, the Xbox one install base has two options buy a ps4 or "deal with it".

I know "some" users were upset that Sony removed otherOS due to piracy/exploits. Who is to say MS won't just "flip the switch for DRM" to ON and state the same thing? All they have to do is update terms of service.

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Darrius Cole  +   889d ago
No, the problem wasn't the messaging, it was the message itself. There is no way in hell they are going to get my money and then own the game at the same time.

I don't care who they are... Microsoft, Sony, Valve, Nintendo, etc.
user5575708  +   889d ago
Honestly the reason i think they were so shocked is because they were so honed in on what they were creating they forgot what the average consumer actually likes, and who those consumers actually are.

This is how I believe they think

Microsoft: buy our console. you dont own it. its ours. but you can rent it until we discontinue the service...or when your internet goes down

Microsoft: hmmm preorders are terrible and internet is angry. lets retract all the negatives for now and release a day one update. then when our install base is high enough and people have invested enough money...we'll slowly bring back DRM and restricted use of used games in a new update...and we'll give everyone free stuff at that time so they don't notice
badz149  +   889d ago

out of touch? what an understatement. I personally think that they were too deep up their own arses!
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dantesparda  +   889d ago
"MS surprised by 'how negative' reaction was to Xbox One DRM"

Then they are f-ing idiots
indysurfn  +   889d ago
Are you listening Google and Apple? They are signaling what you need to exploit! Apple and Google are both wanting to enter the console market. Guess what? If Google is Sony's only competition with a retail disc, then Microsoft would be pushed OUT of the games market.

So Microsoft is only think the online requirement was the problem? What about never really owning a game? Paying a fee to sell your game.

Needing a sever to play would also mean once xboxtwo comes and they turned off the 300,000 severs the xboxone would not longer function(conveniently way of forcing your customers to upgrade).

What about only being allowed to sell it to a store they approve. Only being able to buy used games from a store they approve.
All this is BS, they tested our reactions several times, and even talked about polls over a year before the February reveal. So I call bs. They just thought they could wait until preorder sales came in, and they would be in business from loyal fanboys like me, and get away with it. WRONG I now hate microsoft can't wait on my PS4. Even if it had been 1/2 the power of the xboxone I will not sale myself out, not even for you mastercheif!
nosferatuzodd  +   889d ago
they surprised at that then they don't anything
N2NOther  +   888d ago
Or the uproar people were in for months ahead of the reveal surrounding the rumor that the new console was going to restrict used games. It blows my mind that they were either deaf to it, or straight up ignored it and then were "Surprised."
mewhy32  +   888d ago
Surprised? How in the heck were they surprised? You tell people that they can't do what they want with the game that they paid for and then tell them that you have to have an internet connection at all times to even play or your xbone becomes a blu ray player only? How did they think that wouldn't piss people off? They just thought that they could do what ever they wanted and people would just go along with it. Then came Sony and pulled the rug right out from underneath them LOL. Sony did listen to gamers and now they're reaping the benefits.
kostchtchie_  +   888d ago

is there reason you have so many stars on site where you are heavily disagreed with on daily basis, i think i will get mod to look at your account
MazzingerZ  +   888d ago
He says some people "understand" today and want that back, always online, in other words he just said MSFT will reintroduce DRM in the future once gamers are ready for it according to MSFT of course, they will say gamers demanded it
nirwanda  +   888d ago
The problem with MS vision of sharing your games was that it was limited to an hours play only so I would rather own the disk and lend them the full game instead.
Regis  +   889d ago
I believed people are mad at the 24/7 DRM and pay to play on another xbox DRM
zeal0us  +   889d ago
The DRM was way too strict. The primary function of a game console is to play games. No one want their $500 console to become utterly useless after 24hrs of not connecting.
kneon  +   889d ago | Well said
I think the real problem wasn't that is was too strict, it was that you had no choice.

They should have provided two options

- Play games from disk and continue on as you always have
- Install the games from disk or download and be able to share your game, but then you have to deal with the always on and DRM

Forcing it on people was the root of the problem.
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vigilante_man  +   889d ago
You hit the nail on the head. They should of gave those two choices. Well said!
StoutBEER  +   889d ago
Agree with you kneon. I don't think anyone could have said it better.
Darrius Cole  +   889d ago

Nobody would have bought into the DRM if they had been given the option. Well, not nobody but almost nobody.

Nobody is going to pay for a game that they can't sell back, when they can pay the same money for a game that they can resell. People do that math in their head instantly. No one would buy the DRM system if they had the choice to buy a system with no DRM.

Microsoft was hoping to use its brand loyalty to coddle / force its fans into the DRM system. But it wasn't going to work. When the pre-order numbers came in low they changed out of fear. Pure and simple. Fear is the best motivator.
kneon  +   889d ago
@Darrius Cole

I've only ever bought one used game, have never sold a game and only very occasionally lend out games, and I'm not the only such person.

For people like me there are some advantages to what Microsoft was proposing, though it would need some tweaking before it would be acceptable to most people. For example they should have allowed you to play even when you can't check in every 24 hours just by inserting the disk to prove ownership.

Had they given people a choice and found the right balance between restrictions and convenience then this all could have turned out very differently.
Darrius Cole  +   888d ago

I buy used but very rarely, probably 1 out of 10 games, I buy used. Even then it is mostly stuff that is more than 6 months old. I almost never sell back. I still have Soul Calibur 2 for the Xbox 1(the real "1"), and KOTOR.

But the point here is not really the behavior of the consumer, it is the value in having the option. Options to buy or sell when and if you want to, have value, that's why they trade them on Wall Street.

Checking in over the internet is the only way to police any DRM. There has to be a way to know that they person actually has a copy of the game and is not simply using a copy that he made from someone else's disc.

The change you listed is how the XBO is now. It doesn't have to check-in after the 1st day patch (which is still going to upset some people who don't know that), but the game disc has to be in the tray.
Anon1974  +   889d ago | Well said
Right here this tells me there's a problem. The fact that they didn't anticipate this level of negativity to their DRM scheme says to me they couldn't be more out of touch with gamers, and it worries me for the console going forward. If they had even pitched these policies to a room of even 20 gamers they would have quickly understood how this would be perceived. Hell, even the rumors of the possibility of this type of DRM was setting gamers aflame months in advance of when they actually made the announcement.

They just weren't paying attention, or were simply too arrogant and dismissed what gamers were saying. Saying, "We knew we'd piss people off but not the majority" reminds me of the early days of the 360 when they knew they had problems with 360's coming off the line but choose to ignore the problem, publicly denying there was even a problem for over a year because, really, it was only affecting a minority of gamers anyway.

What does this say about the company when they were again willing to thumb their nose at gamers until the mob rose up and took them to task, forcing them to back off? People have in the past criticized Sony for arrogant comments related to the PS3's launch (and not without merit in some cases), but what does this comment illustrate, showing Microsoft was willing to piss off gamers from the get go, just not realizing how many gamers it would actually turn off?
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princejb134  +   889d ago
lol honestly i dont see how they didnt anticipate it
like common are they really that stupid to shove weird policies down peoples throat
24 hours checks up for the game you play? like really MS, sometimes my internet provider acts funny and i cant get online
trying to eliminate used games? this will benefit the developers no doubt, but how about us poor students that cant afford brand new games, so we use gaming to get away from our studies for a while
the list goes on and on

but to me MS is lying they knew people will react to it but they just didnt think their loyal fans would care enough and still purchase the console
Baka-akaB  +   889d ago
They anticipated it of course . They just chalked it up to us being a minority of angry nerds and the world being supportive .
XabiDaChosenOne  +   889d ago
This comment was so on point that it's balancing on the head of a pin with it's eyes closed.
"We knew we'd piss people off but not the majority"
This comment right here tells me they knew that thier policies were going to piss of the hardcore fanbase but they thought the causals were going to roll over and take it anyways. How wrong they were, lol these guys are unbelievable.
Narutone66  +   889d ago
If they are surprised by the negativity of the DRM, they are more clueless than I thought. The sad thing is, they are implementing it right now under a different name/guise, and hired reputation managers are spreading lies here in N4G.
schlanz  +   888d ago
Totally agree. It's crystal clear they don't give a flying **** about core gamers beyond their loyalty to Halo, Gears, and Forza. They are more focused on their own schemes on how to get mass market appeal while circumventing core gamer concerns. Well that's come back to bite them in their smarmy asses, and their reversal of fortune and backtracking just makes them look more pathetic than ever at this point. They clearly over-estimated the ability of their core franchises to appease what would be the early adopters of the system to the point of forgiving all their bizarre rules and restrictions.

It doesn't matter how much they believe in their product's original vision, without early adopters, or rather, with most early adopters rushing to the PS4 that would spell out a disaster for MS.

Now they say they listened. Now they care. Get real, MS. You never did care, and you still don't.
BuLLDoG909  +   889d ago
Surprised ?, i guess MS ran out of super lube, their just surprised that gamers wont bend over and take it so easily anymore. MS got biatch slapped back to reality.
donman1  +   889d ago
Typical Microsoft... just simply have a disconnect with consumers. Its all and only about making that dollar at all cost. Plus winning the American market this current generation clearly gave them false hope in implementing that failed DRM policy.
stuna1  +   889d ago
All this adds up to is Microsoft saying they didn't know! No difference from a judge telling a criminal that ingnorance is not an excuse for breaking the law!

Bullsh#t is obvious and Microsoft is playing on the gullibility of their consumers! Just think a software giant that doesn't realise the negative as well as the positive consequential effects of DRM!? That statement alone should pry open some eyes, for the simple fact people should already know that PC's gave birth to DRM! and who has developed software for PC's since when? Microsoft!

So to me all this is saying is Microsoft is trying once again trying to deflect and minimize their own mistakes.
Deadpoolio  +   889d ago
They literally just wanted to see how far people would let them put it in....They did the same thing with the XBLG, people said they were crazy and nobody would pay to play online or have everything locked behind a pay wall, and because they were right that time and people were willing they just assumed that they could push this and everything would go their way again...

They would have had better luck saying if you buy digital it will be like they wanted it OR you could continue to buy retail discs and it be the same way it was on the 360...

Even though literally none of those restrictions or anti consumer crap were at all necessary for a digital "future", Sony has been offering 99% of the games digitally day 1 for like 3 years and NONE of those restrictions were necessary.
rainslacker  +   889d ago
In their software division(outside gaming) restrictive DRM is absolute. It is registered to a single computer in most cases.

However, they aren't ignorant of the views of DRM, and since people have been complaining about DRM since it started being used in the internet age, MS knew full well what they were getting into. They just believed that their product was more desirable, and that people would overlook it because they wanted to play the games so badly. They learned the hard way that you can only push people so far and so fast. They tried to hard, and failed because the benefits didn't outweigh the restrictions, which was the complete opposite of other successful DD models...such as Steam.
MysticStrummer  +   889d ago
"They should've paid attention to the last 10 years then."

Even if they ignored all that, they could have just paid attention to the months leading up to the reveal, when all the DRM rumors were going around and people were vocally opposing the idea.

Actually, some weren't opposing the idea as much as just saying "PS4 will have DRM too!". Even they knew it was bad, but it was ok as long as Sony fans got the slap too.
rainslacker  +   889d ago
There were a lot of the "It's just the way it is people", but I was still really amazed at how few supporters there were for the whole idea. Not just on here, but across the whole net and gaming media itself. Things have gone back to normal troll/counter-troll discussions since the reversals, but for a few weeks there was some uniformity among the community.
-Superman-  +   889d ago
Microsoft does not read people comments, or feedback? Did they really not see that from EA thing? Really?
adorie  +   889d ago
If MS are surprised, then that can only mean they don't know their fanbase well, or are out of touch.
dasbeer88  +   889d ago
Whoever were surprised by this negative reaction should immediately be fired. As far as I'm concerned, about 80% of the workers at MGS (Microsoft Game Studios) should be laid off and replace them with people who has true experience with video games.
StoutBEER  +   889d ago
We'll if you look at it as trying to please consumers most every one is online with everything they do. Music, movies, TV, shit even games. The miscalculation on their part is that it's most. Not all.
YNWA96  +   889d ago
I do believe MS messed up, but they would have gone to publishers and asked this before announcing. As much as MS screwed it all up, I would like to know who else was behind them but stayed quiet because of the backlash. There is no doubt some of the big guys want this, but time is not right. Future consoles from all will be DRM, just hope its not like IOS.
iceman06  +   889d ago
That is indeed true, but also part of the problem. Instead of getting in touch with the consumers, they just talked big money with bid money people. So, OF COURSE they would be on board. DRM, itself, is not the real problem. The problem is the restrictions of the DRM and what options the consumer truly has inside the ecosystem that is set up by the company. Stream has managed to figure out a great way to have some restrictions and also provide an incentive for the consumer. THIS should be what any company must do to be successful with DRM. However, the fear is that the console makers and publishers collude to get what they want and leave consumers with no choice but to buy in or play somewhere else.
-Foxtrot  +   889d ago
After how bad the SimCity DRM was.....REALLY Microsoft
Deadpoolio  +   889d ago
Or Diablo III. Or Final Fantasy 14...The list goes on and on
bigfish  +   889d ago
There we go, its what weve all been waiting for- confirmation that MS are not a video games company but a money interested corporation. They were oblivious where as sony would never had made the same decision as they are a proper video gaming company at heart and passionate rather than profit orientated.
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   889d ago
They saw that pc gamers would take it up the a$$ without a real fight, so they thought console gamers would follow suit.

disagree all you want tis plan turth.
GT67  +   889d ago
"MS surprised by how NAGATIVE WAS TO XBOX 1 DRM"

really??? oh' shut up with that lie.
if MS will make a PR comment make it true for heaven sake.good lord these companies just lie for the hell of it and expect consumers be blind sheeps.
DeltaCanuckian  +   889d ago
Or the reaction to months of rumours beforehand.
TheXgamerLive  +   889d ago
DRM was/is a good thing, it's the future of video gaming and its best for developers that spend hundreds of millions to make your fav games while comp like ganestop profit hundreds of millions.
9year olds and the uneducated were the voice of change sadly.

Sorry, im a bit angry about the whole thing.
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nypifisel  +   888d ago
That's not how consumer behaviour works with any other product so why do they think they can force it? It's quite frankly not even how the law works (not in EU anyway)
MS is retarded
nypifisel  +   888d ago
See MS isn't as innovative and forward thinking at they would like you to believe, quite the opposite. Launching a console which main focus is Live TV is a perfect point seeing how Live TV is on it's way out. GO PROGRESSIVE THINKING!

And being surprised at backlash when you're trying to screw your customers just shows how disconnected MS truly are.
Irishguy95  +   888d ago
The Xbox division sure...MS as a whole?
nypifisel  +   888d ago
Maybe not every part of MS but just look at Windows 8, Windows RT and all that crap. It's just terrible.
Jazz4108  +   888d ago
Ms cant contract it without being sued. Ms will never revert back to the original plan but I do see them adding the family share plan which people enjoyed. If you think ms would revert you must be a sony fan wanting them to be sued all over. Its over they messsed up and corrected there ways and the consoles still not even released so there is no damage to anyone legaly.
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JetsFool3500  +   888d ago
& they still didnt learn there lesson smh
TheDarpaChief  +   889d ago
Bill gates is probably a heroin addict by now with all of the shit going down in this console race
Irishguy95  +   889d ago
I doubt he gives a **** to be honest.
ginsunuva  +   889d ago
Bill Gates doesn't care; he's not really involved with MS anymore, especially the console division.
TheDarpaChief  +   889d ago
Really? Thats news to me
Eldyraen  +   889d ago
I doubt he really cares too much about it.

The whole Xbox division could fail and be would still have more money than the console brings in.
Deadpoolio  +   889d ago
Bill gates retired years ago he literally has NOTHING to do with Microsoft anymore, he just sits and home and collects his checks for his company
ABeastNamedTariq  +   889d ago
I hated it. It was wayyy to draconian.
wynams  +   889d ago
I hated it too.
Also, anyone buying in to the 180 definitely needs to be aware that MS likely will return to those draconian DRMs once the install base is saturated.

If you trust MS I can give you my paypal email for some quick "loans"
yellowgerbil  +   889d ago
that right there is why no one should buy an X1. They are completely out of touch.
cell989  +   889d ago
its funny cause now theyre blaming their loyal fan base for not "keeping up with the times"
theWB27  +   889d ago
Give it a rest with "no one should buy an X1" crap. Completely out touch? They expected controversy, but not to the extent it became. How is that out of touch?

They have fixed everything and then some with the every X1 is a dev kit, if you're accepted into the program then it's free, free self publishing. Kinect not needed for the system to function.

Free games in Europe....there are people out there who would genuinely rather game on Xbox than PS or Wii.

We'd have the exact same system as when they first announced it if they were truly out of touch.
#4.2 (Edited 889d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(24) | Report | Reply
Xsilver  +   889d ago
so ur saying we should turn our backs on Sony who did everything right and jump to microsoft who was doing everything wrong and now changed how about .............................. ..............NO.
#4.2.1 (Edited 889d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(0) | Report
XabiDaChosenOne  +   889d ago
" They expected controversy, but not to the extent it became." So your telling me that they predicted that taking away basic consumer rights were going to upset "some" people? MY GAAAAWWWD!! What black magic is being performed at Redmond HQ to forsee these revelations? For the love of Christ! Can you be anymore of a tool?!
yellowgerbil  +   889d ago
You good sir are a sheep. Baa to your xbox overlords.
They were not trying to expand gaming, they were trying to CONTROL gaming. For that they do not deserve anyone's business. A year down the line once they've actually been punished for their misdeed then I say go and buy to hearts content. Right now the only disciplining they've recieved is a stern talking to. They need a spanking to set them straight, just like sony needed back in 06. That spanking reared them into the Sony they are today.
fsfsxii  +   889d ago
Daaaaaaamn. O_o
What an MS sheep you're.
Darrius Cole  +   889d ago
Which girl should I choose...

The one who was always loyal and honest.


The one who cheated on me with my best friend but has since stopped, when she saw that I was going to leave her over it.

You don't get points for fixing things that are a blatant violation of basic policy and trust. Microsoft came into this generation with the intent to abuse their loyal fans.
rainslacker  +   889d ago
If they expected controversy, perhaps they should have prepared for it better than, "Have you seen the games", and "We have the 360 for those without internet", and "Have you seen the games"(yes I meant to say it twice, because it was their go to thing).

You say(elsewhere) that they had a grand vision for the future of gaming where convenience and integration were king...I say, why couldn't they actually tell us what that vision was?

I still, to this day, don't know what their true vision for the system is. Well I can figure it out for the system, just don't know what their vision is for the future of the gaming industry, and I care more about that than I do about them having totalitarian control over my media content purchases or usage habits.

As far as I'm concerned, MS can do whatever it wants with all it's media features, Kinect, etc, but until they can prove to me that they actually care about the game industry, they have lost my respect.
Sitdown  +   889d ago
So you knew exactly how negative people were going to react? Let me use an example for you.....if I tell you I am going to hit you in the head with a anticipate it will hurt, but until it happens, you do not fully understand the level of pain. That does not make you completely out of touch with the source of pain....just somethings you can't fully prepare for, and only increase understanding through experience.
Del_B  +   888d ago
This is a brilliant yet flawed analogy to describe MS's situation. My counter to that analogy would be that over the years, gamers have been hit on the head with many things (ranging from newspapers to even other hammers) and each time they have gone ape-shit. Just because you have been hit with a hammer multiple times doesn't mean it won't hurt if you are hit again. Gamers have always been quick to hugely overreact (though I don't think this situation was a massive overreaction). Therefore the reaction should have been somewhat expected.
coolasj  +   889d ago
This video is going to be quoted for the rest of the week. Do yourself a favor and just watch it now.
#5 (Edited 889d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Skynetone  +   889d ago
thanks for the link

I actually think hes a good spokesman for xbox, hes not following some scripted pr bs and not avoiding the questions
rela82me  +   889d ago
That was a great interview... I think any quotes taken will be twisted to make people arguments better. However I heard nothing I'm upset over in that interview.
stage88  +   889d ago
It shows how out of touch they are with gamers.
negative  +   889d ago
You mean the minority of whining internet crybabies??? Then yes they are out of touch.

Arrogance?? or the balls to take the next step forward and change how everyone plays and shares games. while $ony simply improves graphics.

Talk about being stuck in the past...
#6.1 (Edited 889d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(28) | Report | Reply
cell989  +   889d ago
no the million preorders they missed out for their arrogance
MysticStrummer  +   889d ago
"Arrogance?? or the balls to take the next step forward and change how everyone plays and shares games."

Enough people didn't want what MS was proposing that they had to change their stated plans multiple times during the next few months.

Telling people what they should want is arrogance.
Deadpoolio  +   889d ago
You mean a step that Sony took a few years back right? Cause they have been offering day 1 digital on about 99% of every game released for about 3 years now, and NO it didn't not require trying to control their customers...

None of that was ever necessary for a digital "future" cause the digital future has been here for a while now and it didn't require anyone to tray and fist their customers rectums
sAVAge_bEaST  +   889d ago
Letting a friend take over for you, in game, over the internet- but like your playing in the same room, That's a step forword,[=[
Making it more of a social network,and sharing 1 of a kind ,in game moments, That's a step forward, [=[
Letting game devs, make CrosSxPlatforMxGaming between PC, and Ps4, that is a step forward, [=[
-xbox does not allow cross platform gaming, now that's a step back.
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ape007  +   889d ago
out of touch??

xbox one is the most complete nextgen system out there, nextgen gfx, nextgen online gameplay using cloud dedicated servers for almost every game

conclusion: xbox one is more complete than ps4

good luck countering that
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Imalwaysright  +   889d ago
Without a strong 1st party? Couldn't disagree more.
stage88  +   889d ago
I'll counter all of that with just one word and number.

PlayStation 4.
Drakesfortune  +   889d ago
There suprised that the majority of consumers dont like being f*cked in the ass?
jessupj  +   889d ago
Apparently 5 people like being f*cked in the ass.
davez82  +   889d ago
Why is microsoft still talking, do they never learn
SegaSaturn669  +   889d ago
They're microsoft, much like the titanic, they thought they were invincible. Such arrogance. I wish they ended up at the bottom of the ocean. Windows 9: under the sea.
Imalwaysright  +   889d ago
Are they surprised that we aren't idiots? Is that what MS thinks of us? That we are idiots?
GryestOfBluSkies  +   889d ago
yes they do think that. drm was "ahead of the consumer" according to an earlier quote
Imalwaysright  +   889d ago
I saw it. Downright insulting.
JokesOnYou  +   889d ago
"Us" well first you'd have to be a Xbox 360/X1 fan for these policies to affect YOU. Your history unless you've suddenly had an emphiphany certainly does not suggest you were ever a fan of either. Yet you cry foul and clearly you only like the console that was in fact sticking with traditional policies. I think xbox fans like me are the one who had a dog in the fight here and thus what could have been good for me is gone because people who were never buying a X1 or at least don't talk as if they are interested in buying one complained, as for the xbox fans who did hate the proposed drm, I understand their point and the merits are debatable and Im sure we could have a reasonable conversation about it because at least they have a dog in the fight. I just think its funny how those who should care the least are the most vocal.
#10.1.2 (Edited 889d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report
Imalwaysright  +   889d ago
I'm A GAMER and these type of comments are directed at me and at all the gamers in this world. Step down from your Xbox fanboy pedestal. You're not more special than any other gamer in this world. Not even MS thinks that you MS fanboys that defend them at every turn are that special after all, they made all those 180s for people that would NEVER buy a X1 and are not X1 fans, despite you corporate apologists, NOT Xbox FANS, saying that you were ok with them taking your rights as consumers.

Oh and if they think that we GAMERS wouldn't fight tooth and nails for OUR RIGHTS and that we'd be ok with our hobby becoming more restricted then they surely believe that we are stupid.
#10.1.3 (Edited 889d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   889d ago

Xbox fanbase know..
Bundi  +   889d ago
On second thoughts, you aren't worth the bubble.
#10.2.1 (Edited 889d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(15) | Report
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   889d ago
"On second thoughts, you aren't worth the bubble."
And yet, you wasted one.

Just proven my point lol.
MysticStrummer  +   889d ago
@Bundi - Your comment is perfect evidence of what DayZ said...
fsfsxii  +   889d ago
They were targeting the misinformed public, and guys like ape007, theWB, jokesonyou and the rest of the xbox clowns.
OrangePowerz  +   889d ago
I wonder why people didn`t like that they couldn`t trade in their disc based games or that they had to connect every 24 hours.
Regis  +   889d ago
You need to see that I have a life and that I am not always on an xbox if I could take it too my job everyday then I could but my job requires me to leave all electronics in a locker in the break room.
OrangePowerz  +   889d ago
Angeljuice  +   889d ago
You got me there Regis, what on earth are you talking about? I did lol for the randomness, so thanks for that. I've got to give you a bub + for funny (even if I don't understand).
ToffeeNoseNelson  +   888d ago
I got it Regis, all of it and I LAUGHED OUT LOUD
#11.1.3 (Edited 888d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
cell989  +   889d ago
the arrogance keeps reaching new levels, they really havent learn their lesson yet, they still dont think theyve made any mistakes, those DRM features will come back once they have a big enough install base, when xbots are in so deep they wont be able to abandon their xbone, thats when MS will bring the original policies back into full force

clearly its the gamers fault- Microsoft logic
Gamesgbkiller  +   889d ago
"So was I surprised that people had a reaction to it? No. I mean, we knew it was going to be a controversial decision. Was I surprised how negative the reaction was going to be? Yes,"

jXales  +   889d ago
i still dont see why it cant be an option? 24/7 checking gives X perks. of keep offline without perks?

thats the bullshit that they claim X then reverse. and cant see the consumer friendly option standing infront of them.

online checkin was most likely advertising oriented imho.

GryestOfBluSkies  +   889d ago
why are they even still talking about it... they are completely clueless.
GarrusVakarian  +   889d ago
I'm surprised that they thought the reaction would be positive. MS act like they can do no wrong and then always seem to have reasons why it isn't their fault when people disagree with them.

You would get alot of respect if you just admitted you made mistakes every now and again instead of insulting your fan base.
#16 (Edited 889d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
rainslacker  +   889d ago
A little humility does go a long way at times.
solidjun5  +   889d ago
"MS surprised by 'how negative' reaction was to Xbox One DRM"

Well, when you have an employee -well former employee- named Adam Orth saying "Deal with it," do you really expect gamers and the media to accept the DRM policies with open arms?

Also i think the family share plan -this still wasn't explained well cause i thought publishers would want this as this would cut in sales- was a good idea from what I gathered. I think it was the 24/7 DRM implementation that was causing angst.
#17 (Edited 889d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
staticdash22  +   889d ago
I'm not holding against them anymore. I moved on, but it did hurt my perception of the xbox brand and I probably won't buy another one of their consoles. Was microsoft paying attention to the build up before the may 21st console reveal? The adam orth situation? The always online rumors? Were they looking at the forums? Where was their research that they did for the past 8 years of the 360's lifespan? I think MS was trying to be too ambitious, we're only living in 2013 not 2030 and not the 22nd century.

I think MS has alot of cool things they want to do, but they feel like they're being held down by the consumers who "aren't on their level". it sounds pretentious, but I think that's why the american market gets so much attention from the brand besides it being american native. One of the most developed places, with certain internet speeds being great. But they are not realizing that the average consumer isn't living a 100% digital lifestyle. It's just not happening.
#18 (Edited 889d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
hankmoody  +   889d ago
I didn't have a problem with any of what they were trying to do but they bungled it with the presentation. I'd have to be a true fanboy not to be able to admit that.
Chapter11  +   889d ago
Goes to show how out of touch MS is. Buying Nokia, the Zune, Windows 8, X1 DRM. Has MS done anything right in the last five years?
Regis  +   889d ago
Buying Nokia is a good move for them they could then expand there marketplace on to Nokia phones without any extra charge as well as make the Nokia phone able to interact with the xbox on so many levels.
Angeljuice  +   889d ago
Yes Nokia were going in an odd direction with their own app store where everything was overpriced compared to apple and android (that's probably what excited Microsoft most about them). I think it was probably a wise decision (on both sides).

Oh man, did I just praise Microsoft *washes mouth out with soap*
Patrick  +   889d ago
lol, Yeah, they figured if they could get away with selling so many defective products, they could get away with anything. Shame on people for disagreeing with them, their
Bundi  +   889d ago
I know right? I mean what gamer doesn't want to have their rights infringed on like that? I mean why were people complaining just because you guys wanted to control what we do with our games that we paid hard cash for?

I hope the sarcasm isn't lost on you guys.

MS really should get their heads out of their rears when it comes to this issue! They dodged a bullet when we forgave them, they should just shut up now!
Angeljuice  +   889d ago
" I mean why were people complaining just because you guys wanted to control what we do with our games that we paid hard cash for?"

Correction: with "their" games that we were allowed to license off of them at full retail value.
Lionalliance  +   889d ago
Well no shit!
Activemessiah  +   889d ago
They had plenty of heads up from the rumours regarding the PS4 having DRM, Sony did come out and say there wasn't but the backlash was there... that was enough of a warning not to go through with nazi sh*t like that.
torchic  +   889d ago
by "how negative" they mean how bad the pre-orders were.
Ashlen  +   889d ago
We knew people weren't going to like it, but we did it anyways.
joeorc  +   889d ago

"We knew people weren't going to like it, but we did it anyways."


[break a few eggs to make an omelette]

but for Microsoft those few Egg's, were Grade A and were not going to just sit there and not let Microsoft break them without telling there would be Bacon and toast to go along with the Eggs unless someone does something now to stop them.

WeAreLegion  +   889d ago
So, nobody who works at Microsoft uses the internet? That would actually make sense, if they're only allowed to use Internet Explorer.
Angeljuice  +   889d ago
They all use BING so the internet just kept telling them how great Microsoft are.
WeAreLegion  +   889d ago
Haha. Have you tried the Bing It On challenge? I chose Google every time.
nooneknows  +   889d ago
Huh? What kind of statement is this?

You didn't see the negative out bust to the rumors? C'mon man. This is kind of a weird statement. People were already on their tale because of rumors and you don't expect a negative out bust when its confirmed.
chrissx  +   889d ago
Microsoft is the real life umbrella corps
quenomamen  +   889d ago
So you admit you guys are clueless about what gamers want then ? Another reason I pre ordered a PS4.
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