MS surprised by 'how negative' reaction was to Xbox One DRM

Microsoft's director of product planning Albert Penello says the firm expected controversy over its original always-online Xbox One pitch, but was surprised by "how negative" the reaction was.

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Irishguy951443d ago

They should've paid attention to the last 10 years then. Maybe they just saw it as other companies get away with it why wouldn't they?

zeal0us1443d ago

All they had to do was pay attention to the incident Adam Orth caused before the May Conference and E3.

JokesOnYou1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Yeah micro really f-d that up. I still think the bigger problem was mixed message rather than drm itself, lol you could tell they hadn't done a "hotbrief"/ consumer focus panel which is ask themselves the worst questions or purposely try pick holes in the plan, you had different spokesmen contradicting each other....if you come out with that type of idea you need a solid plan AND reward users with incentives. Ive talked to at least 20 folks here at work and ALL of them would rather be able to share all their paid for games with as little as just 2 close friends online as oppose to being able to sell it back to gamestop.

vvvv I wouldn't say out of touch..just plain wrong, a mistake, misjudgement, bad call, yo know it happens same as Sony or any other company who makes a poor decision, if they wete perfect then customers would always be happy if they were "out of touch" then they wouls STILL have the same policies.

Anthotis1443d ago

That just shows how out of touch Microsoft is.

MestreRothN4G1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Yup, I'm surprised by how surprised they are.

Well, actually I'm surprised by how surprised they CLAIM TO BE. I don't believe this recent "oh, but I didn't know you didn't like DRM BS".

tehpees31443d ago

They perceived the Adam Orth reaction to a bunch of internet users making noise.

abzdine1443d ago

they still have DRM in their mind? i believe they will bring it back at some point but i dont hope so for the X1 owners at that moment.

blackbeld1443d ago

Ohh mann.

I not gonna be surprised when they put back that DRM crap. Once the instal base is big enough about 30 million they will force DRM through your throat.

I hope for the best.

DragonKnight1443d ago

The only way they could have been surprised by this is by admitting that they don't listen to the consumers. If they had, like many above have said, then they'd never attempt to do so. It's either that, or they looked at Apple getting away with it and thought people wouldn't care. But different audiences have different ideas on things like this and, as the provider of a product, it's your job to research what people want/like and what they don't want/like.

P0werVR1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )


Very true, and why you are not expeting of them not thinking of DRM is beyond me.

But given the situation in what they provide at the end of it should benefit most gamers depending on the inevitable transition to digitalization.

DRM will restrict gamers (something frowned on) to a sustainable digital ecosystem and why true gamers hate this. Even if it becomes successful it's perceived by most gamers that it won't last long and some gamers actually believe in this, FACT!

So you are very right in what you claim along with most console gamers even if they don't know better, boy is gaming going to be sweet for PS4 owners long enough to see the rise of cloud computing. Oh YEAH, Outlast day one!

Omegasyde1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )


I completely agree. Once they hit their sales goal after say a year what prevents MS from reverting policies?

By that time, the Xbox one install base has two options buy a ps4 or "deal with it".

I know "some" users were upset that Sony removed otherOS due to piracy/exploits. Who is to say MS won't just "flip the switch for DRM" to ON and state the same thing? All they have to do is update terms of service.


Darrius Cole1443d ago

No, the problem wasn't the messaging, it was the message itself. There is no way in hell they are going to get my money and then own the game at the same time.

I don't care who they are... Microsoft, Sony, Valve, Nintendo, etc.

user55757081443d ago

Honestly the reason i think they were so shocked is because they were so honed in on what they were creating they forgot what the average consumer actually likes, and who those consumers actually are.

This is how I believe they think

Microsoft: buy our console. you dont own it. its ours. but you can rent it until we discontinue the service...or when your internet goes down

Microsoft: hmmm preorders are terrible and internet is angry. lets retract all the negatives for now and release a day one update. then when our install base is high enough and people have invested enough money...we'll slowly bring back DRM and restricted use of used games in a new update...and we'll give everyone free stuff at that time so they don't notice

badz1491442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )


out of touch? what an understatement. I personally think that they were too deep up their own arses!

dantesparda1442d ago

"MS surprised by 'how negative' reaction was to Xbox One DRM"

Then they are f-ing idiots

indysurfn1442d ago

Are you listening Google and Apple? They are signaling what you need to exploit! Apple and Google are both wanting to enter the console market. Guess what? If Google is Sony's only competition with a retail disc, then Microsoft would be pushed OUT of the games market.

So Microsoft is only think the online requirement was the problem? What about never really owning a game? Paying a fee to sell your game.

Needing a sever to play would also mean once xboxtwo comes and they turned off the 300,000 severs the xboxone would not longer function(conveniently way of forcing your customers to upgrade).

What about only being allowed to sell it to a store they approve. Only being able to buy used games from a store they approve.
All this is BS, they tested our reactions several times, and even talked about polls over a year before the February reveal. So I call bs. They just thought they could wait until preorder sales came in, and they would be in business from loyal fanboys like me, and get away with it. WRONG I now hate microsoft can't wait on my PS4. Even if it had been 1/2 the power of the xboxone I will not sale myself out, not even for you mastercheif!

nosferatuzodd1442d ago

they surprised at that then they don't anything

N2NOther1442d ago

Or the uproar people were in for months ahead of the reveal surrounding the rumor that the new console was going to restrict used games. It blows my mind that they were either deaf to it, or straight up ignored it and then were "Surprised."

mewhy321442d ago

Surprised? How in the heck were they surprised? You tell people that they can't do what they want with the game that they paid for and then tell them that you have to have an internet connection at all times to even play or your xbone becomes a blu ray player only? How did they think that wouldn't piss people off? They just thought that they could do what ever they wanted and people would just go along with it. Then came Sony and pulled the rug right out from underneath them LOL. Sony did listen to gamers and now they're reaping the benefits.

kostchtchie_1442d ago


is there reason you have so many stars on site where you are heavily disagreed with on daily basis, i think i will get mod to look at your account

MazzingerZ1442d ago

He says some people "understand" today and want that back, always online, in other words he just said MSFT will reintroduce DRM in the future once gamers are ready for it according to MSFT of course, they will say gamers demanded it

nirwanda1442d ago

The problem with MS vision of sharing your games was that it was limited to an hours play only so I would rather own the disk and lend them the full game instead.

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Regis1443d ago

I believed people are mad at the 24/7 DRM and pay to play on another xbox DRM

zeal0us1443d ago

The DRM was way too strict. The primary function of a game console is to play games. No one want their $500 console to become utterly useless after 24hrs of not connecting.

kneon1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

I think the real problem wasn't that is was too strict, it was that you had no choice.

They should have provided two options

- Play games from disk and continue on as you always have
- Install the games from disk or download and be able to share your game, but then you have to deal with the always on and DRM

Forcing it on people was the root of the problem.

vigilante_man1443d ago

You hit the nail on the head. They should of gave those two choices. Well said!

StoutBEER1443d ago

Agree with you kneon. I don't think anyone could have said it better.

Darrius Cole1443d ago


Nobody would have bought into the DRM if they had been given the option. Well, not nobody but almost nobody.

Nobody is going to pay for a game that they can't sell back, when they can pay the same money for a game that they can resell. People do that math in their head instantly. No one would buy the DRM system if they had the choice to buy a system with no DRM.

Microsoft was hoping to use its brand loyalty to coddle / force its fans into the DRM system. But it wasn't going to work. When the pre-order numbers came in low they changed out of fear. Pure and simple. Fear is the best motivator.

kneon1442d ago

@Darrius Cole

I've only ever bought one used game, have never sold a game and only very occasionally lend out games, and I'm not the only such person.

For people like me there are some advantages to what Microsoft was proposing, though it would need some tweaking before it would be acceptable to most people. For example they should have allowed you to play even when you can't check in every 24 hours just by inserting the disk to prove ownership.

Had they given people a choice and found the right balance between restrictions and convenience then this all could have turned out very differently.

Darrius Cole1442d ago


I buy used but very rarely, probably 1 out of 10 games, I buy used. Even then it is mostly stuff that is more than 6 months old. I almost never sell back. I still have Soul Calibur 2 for the Xbox 1(the real "1"), and KOTOR.

But the point here is not really the behavior of the consumer, it is the value in having the option. Options to buy or sell when and if you want to, have value, that's why they trade them on Wall Street.

Checking in over the internet is the only way to police any DRM. There has to be a way to know that they person actually has a copy of the game and is not simply using a copy that he made from someone else's disc.

The change you listed is how the XBO is now. It doesn't have to check-in after the 1st day patch (which is still going to upset some people who don't know that), but the game disc has to be in the tray.

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Anon19741443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Right here this tells me there's a problem. The fact that they didn't anticipate this level of negativity to their DRM scheme says to me they couldn't be more out of touch with gamers, and it worries me for the console going forward. If they had even pitched these policies to a room of even 20 gamers they would have quickly understood how this would be perceived. Hell, even the rumors of the possibility of this type of DRM was setting gamers aflame months in advance of when they actually made the announcement.

They just weren't paying attention, or were simply too arrogant and dismissed what gamers were saying. Saying, "We knew we'd piss people off but not the majority" reminds me of the early days of the 360 when they knew they had problems with 360's coming off the line but choose to ignore the problem, publicly denying there was even a problem for over a year because, really, it was only affecting a minority of gamers anyway.

What does this say about the company when they were again willing to thumb their nose at gamers until the mob rose up and took them to task, forcing them to back off? People have in the past criticized Sony for arrogant comments related to the PS3's launch (and not without merit in some cases), but what does this comment illustrate, showing Microsoft was willing to piss off gamers from the get go, just not realizing how many gamers it would actually turn off?

princejb1341443d ago

lol honestly i dont see how they didnt anticipate it
like common are they really that stupid to shove weird policies down peoples throat
24 hours checks up for the game you play? like really MS, sometimes my internet provider acts funny and i cant get online
trying to eliminate used games? this will benefit the developers no doubt, but how about us poor students that cant afford brand new games, so we use gaming to get away from our studies for a while
the list goes on and on

but to me MS is lying they knew people will react to it but they just didnt think their loyal fans would care enough and still purchase the console

Baka-akaB1443d ago

They anticipated it of course . They just chalked it up to us being a minority of angry nerds and the world being supportive .

XabiDaChosenOne1443d ago

This comment was so on point that it's balancing on the head of a pin with it's eyes closed.
"We knew we'd piss people off but not the majority"
This comment right here tells me they knew that thier policies were going to piss of the hardcore fanbase but they thought the causals were going to roll over and take it anyways. How wrong they were, lol these guys are unbelievable.