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Submitted by NonShinyGoose 886d ago | opinion piece

The world according to Microsoft and Sony

GamesAsylum: "With Microsoft’s announcement yesterday, we finally know when and where Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will launch this November. So let’s have a look at the world according to Microsoft and Sony" (Microsoft, PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

friedricr  +   886d ago
so the white is the wiiu?
UltimateMaster  +   886d ago
No, if it were, it'd be white all over since the other 2 consoles aren't launched.
They are untouched countries.
This map just shows the distribution of consoles at launch.
The Green being Xbox One and The Blue And Green Being PS4.
It's the 13 countries VS 32 Countries coverage.
negative  +   886d ago
Yea if you release essentially the same console but this time with upgraded graphics then sure you can release all across the world in 32 countries.

Change things up a bit and add killer camera/voice commands/new features and things will take time.

I for one am getting both but the excitement lies purely with the X1.
Wintersun616  +   886d ago
"the same console but this time with upgraded graphics"

Not sure if trolling or... Nope, definitely trolling.
xHeavYx  +   886d ago
They forgot to add the pic of the nuclear submarine
ShinMaster  +   886d ago
All of the territories in Green should also be Blue, since Sony is releasing the PS4 in pretty much all those territories as well.
friedricr  +   886d ago
i was just jking...........
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   886d ago
@Shin Master

Sony is releasing in every market MS will be on top of other markets, you can't use Sony's color (blue) primarily or it would be impossible to represent where MS is releasing (all green would be covered).

I agree that if they want to represent Sony as blue and MS as Green, the best they could do is use some pattern (checker, stripes, etc) in both green and blue in countries where both companies are releasing, but considering there's no territory where MS is the only one releasing that's not really necessary either if you state that green means both (which they do on the article).
UltimateMaster  +   885d ago
Who the hell disagrees?
GamersRulz  +   885d ago
are you telling me that PS4 won't launch in US,Canada,Australia..etc?
AngelicIceDiamond  +   886d ago
No, Sony and MS haven't launched plans in those areas yet.

"Let’s have a look at that on a map. Xbox One is launching in the countries coloured green; PlayStation 4 is launching in all of those, plus the blue countries:"

Thanks I didn't know that, I was so confused. I couldn't figure out which colors represented what console.
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TotalHitman  +   886d ago
Misleading header :/
Mystogan  +   886d ago
It really isn't that big of a difference when you look at it on a map. Russia makes it look like a huge difference.
JAT2304  +   886d ago
Ok, then take Russia out of it.

Xbox = 13 countries
PS$ = 31 countries

PS4 is still launching in twice as many as MS.
Regis  +   886d ago
But only half the population of Russia lives near the west side otherwise due to how cold it is there people don't get a lot of electricity let alone be able to buy the console.
ShinMaster  +   886d ago
It is a huge difference.

All the areas in Green are also areas where the PS4 is launching.
clearelite  +   885d ago
This map is not an accurate representation of reality in that sense, hence the large portions of mostly uninhabited land(here in NA as well), other inconsistencies, etc....

Also, because of what ShinMaster said. ^
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PickAShoe  +   885d ago
Everybody's Russian
StoutBEER  +   886d ago
PickAShoe  +   886d ago
It's in Narnia
colonel179  +   886d ago
I hope Sony can manage a successful launch in all 32 countries. One thing is to say it will launch, another entirely is there is going to be availability after the first shipment. However, I am impressed that the PS4 is even smaller in size that the PS3 Slim (2009), and I don't think they are making hard-to-get-components this time, like it was when the PS3 came out with the Cell chip and Blue Ray Drive. That makes me believe that they have locked down the production process and they are able to do them fast, and therefore have more in time. Also, if that is the case, they might have started production way earlier than anticipated and have them stored until they can ship them to retailers' warehouses, which should be about now.
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WorldGamer  +   886d ago
It does matter, but some folks on N4G and generally in the gaming media tend to look at the US as the "end all, be all".

Having your product available in more countries ensures the potential for more sales. For a company, that is nothing but good news. GREAT news for Sony, giving them a strong head start in Worldwide sales.
NatureOfLogic  +   886d ago
PS4 will dominate the competition. Availability, price, superior hardware, more games and features. What's not to like? And you don't have to support MS future of screwing gaming and taking away your rights as a consumer.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   886d ago
Do you have a poster of Kaz Hirai and Mark Cerny plastered all over your room? And Greatness awaits bed sheets?

Good for you, simply buy the console you like and get on with your life already.
torchic  +   886d ago
you're a prominent Xbox fanboy/girl so I wouldn't speak if I were you.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   886d ago

Care to explain how?

Lol you can't so move along.

I want both but first console is X1. OMG hes a Xbox fanboy!!

Unlike nature I don't list features that are supposedly better then the other (other than price) in a insecure fanboyatic fashion to make myself feel better about his choice.

I'm buying one because I simply like what MS is offering.

"OMG he likes Xbox he must be a fanboy!!" Its ok because we're going with PS4, so that makes us none fanboy and none bias but not him because he likes Xbox."

Is the mentality here.
AceBlazer13  +   886d ago
Why don't you preach that to the xbots that do nothing but praise the all mighty Microsoft and offer their money in bucket loads to appease to them.
jessupj  +   886d ago
You think that just because you're getting a PS4 later that automatically means you're not a fanboy?


You are constantly defending MS in every single negative X1 article I come to. I have never seen you acknowledge a single legitimate criticism against MS or accept a single positive fact of the PS4 or Sony.

That makes you a fanboy. You can deny it all you want, but unless you start giving credit where credit is due that is what you are.

And while I'm at it, please stop complaining about all the "Sony fanboys" giving legitimate criticism. It's getting really old. How bout actually having a logical, rational counter point instead of just playing the victim.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   885d ago
@Blazer Thanks for proving my point

@Jess "You are constantly defending MS in every single negative X1 article I come to."

And there's the common the misconception about me. Yeah I do I defend the most attacked console on this site and expose the hypocrisy's all the time.

The negative articles are all the same and usually get copied and pasted "Xbox had DRM it was doomed." is an example yeah we get it how many times will that get submitted?

I rarely have to defend PlayStation because for whatever reason when its get attacked god forbid there's 5 to 6 or more doing what you guys are doing to me.

"I have never seen you acknowledge a single legitimate criticism against MS."

I yelled at MS when they were forcing DRM on people.

I yelled at MS when they revealed the console as a TV changer and not a game console.

"or accept a single positive fact of the PS4 or Sony."

Very, very untrue

I get the fanboy misconception allot. Yeah you will find me defending Xbox. The arguments aren't very balanced here so that's why I do what I do.
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ZBlacktt  +   886d ago
Look at the history here:

PS1: Second best selling console of all time

PS2: The best selling console of all time

PS3: Passed the XBox 360 in sells without a worldwide launch. With a full year later launch date as well.

PS4: A $100 less, more powerful, strong internal first parties and strong 3rd party support from the start. With a massive worldwide launch and the most pre-orders for a console in company history.

All signs point to domination.
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Regis  +   886d ago
But history tells people not to look at sales but the overall experience of how people like the console.
ZBlacktt  +   886d ago
Well, I guess they really like the Playstations then right? I mean they've come out on top every single time vs MS.
Hicken  +   886d ago
History says the overall experience tends to result in overall sales.

Folks were very satisfied with PlayStation products in the past, so they sold extremely well. Not just for a brief period of time, but throughout the generation. The PS4 looks to continue that trend, especially if Sony follows its own history.
Regis  +   886d ago
You got me there bro I agree with you "Not Sarcasm"
ZBlacktt  +   886d ago
lol, sorry bro.... I guess I'm so used to N4G people, lol.... :(
Destrania  +   886d ago
3 words... Sony world domination!
medman  +   886d ago
I have a feeling that North America will be a much tighter battle between the PS4 and Xbone next gen. I still think the Playstation will dominate Europe.
MaverickStar7  +   886d ago
While the PS4 will launch 2.5 times as many countries as the Xbox, that does not necessarily mean they will have 2.5 times the sales. Many of the additional countries the PS4 is launching in are much smaller markets. The ps4 should still come out ahead on sales this holiday season, but I wouldn't bet on it being a massive landslide.
Chrono  +   886d ago
Actually Sony confirmed PS4 for the other regions, they'll just have a later release date, maybe December or January. Note that even Japan isn't highlighted.
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kneon  +   886d ago
I'm sure they will announce dates for Japan and other asian countries at TGS
quenomamen   886d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
Gamer666  +   886d ago
The key is more about the market potential... What ability does the market have to buy the console and how many will probably be sold in that market.

Sony will get more sales in the "fringe" markets, but outside of Europe that probably won't amount to anything significant.

Sales of PS4 and X1 may actually be closer than 360 and PS3 sales today because neither are launching (currently) in Japan. As we all know 360 is routed on a weekly basis by Sony in Japan.
Kydawg  +   886d ago
If this was a game of Risk, Sony would win at this point.
Max-Zorin  +   886d ago
These comments are proof that Sony and MS fanboys are the worst of the worst. I'm glad the release dates are different. Otherwise these lunatics would have shot up every midnight launch event.
jessupj  +   886d ago
Difference is xbox fanboys are defending a company that tried to destroy gaming.
MuhammadJA  +   885d ago
It's funny how they go ALL THE WAY to Australia and leaving all the other countries on their way.

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