Running same COD: Ghosts tech on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 was "tough", admits Infinity Ward

Speaking to Aoife at a Call of Duty: Ghosts event, Infinity Ward's Mark Rubin has shared a bit more about how the current and next generation versions differ. Bringing the game's new locational audio systems to Xbox 360 was "tough", he said - at one point, Rubin and his team feared they wouldn't be able to manage it.

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GarrusVakarian1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

No, it wasn't. You guys have the easiest jobs in the industry. You would know that if you weren't so arrogant all the time and actually stopped and looked at other games in the industry and how hard some devs work.

Copy and paste is so hard....

Axonometri1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

Look, I am kind of tired of COD also. Your comment is childish and a giant load of horse crap. Have you visited their offices? Have you any idea how hard they work?

Being a games developer isn't as easy as you perceive it to be.

GarrusVakarian1718d ago

I don't need to visit their offices to see that they make the same game every single year, the games do that fine themselves.

Midgus1718d ago

lol you say this as if there's massive change in each title, i bet they work on the next one for like 3 months and prepare for the dopes who enjoy paying £45 a year for a rehash.

Baka-akaB1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

I can respect their work , even if i strongly dislike it and thus avoid it . But it's another matter when they insult everyone's intelligence with forced PR statements about innovation and how hard it was .

Of course no one should expect them to say anything negative , no one would , even if hypothetically promoting a turd . But it's unbecoming now , the marketing via ads and the likes are more then enough ...

Screw the public perception and feelings of us haters , they wont convince us and dont need to .

Even EA eats more humble pie when they promote their annual fifa release .

KwietStorm1717d ago

I'm the first to call out someone labeling developers as lazy or taking the easy road, but you can't sit here and give THESE guys a pass. COD is like a sports game at this point, and people just keep lining their pockets, in record numbers. If you're going to argue that hard work takes place in their studios, then how do you explain a successor coming out every.single.year this whole generation, when they are all essentially the same game?

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MrReeves1718d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

I have so much respect for infinity ward they did all that hard work to get ghosts working on 360 and one. they have so much innovation. i will always support them by buying there great priced games and season passes

p.s get a new engine you sauses

Midgus - A rehash get playing your call of splinter cell
oh and also change your one bitch profile pic its full of eels up bums

BX811717d ago

I imagine its hard to redesign old maps and pretend they're new. Making large map ideas into small hamster wheel of death maps is hard too. Listening to fans asking for no quick scoping and dedicated servers , and ignoring them is hard too.

ichdich1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

LOL! yeah right, because its not the same Engine...

The Xbox one version is just 1080p thats all..

Axonometri1718d ago

How many game engines do you think are written from scratch every game or even every generation?

Scatpants1717d ago

At least once in 8 years would be nice when your games make over a billion dollars a year.

PrimeGrime1718d ago

OHHHH YEAAAAA! (In a very sarcastic manner.) That is all I have to say to that.

IcicleTrepan1718d ago

it would be so disappointing lol taking this great game you've made and then start stripping stuff out because the 360 can't handle it.

danny8181718d ago

Because of the fish AI?

Ripsta7th1718d ago

Yeah heard that alone uses 50% of its power

BG115791718d ago

The dog must be hogging the rest of the ressources.

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