Intel's Bay Trail Tablet SOC On Par With AMD Jaguar APU in Raw Performance

The chip was tested in CineBench R11.5 which is a common benchmark tool to evaluate CPU performance. Intel’s Atom Z3770 which was clocked at a surprisingly low speed of 1.47 GHz scored 1.47 Points. Compared to the AMD Jaguar based A4-5000 APU, the score is almost on par. Compared to Intel’s last generation Clover Trail Atom SOCs At just 7.5W, this is amazing for a mobility processor since the A4-5000 has a TDP of 15W.

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Pain_Killer1719d ago

Its surprising that a 7.5 Intel SOC matches the performance of a quad core Jaguar APU.

Do note that the SOC (Z3770) was running at 1.47 GHz so that's a 1:1 benchmark score. It boosts upto 2.4 GHz so expect a better score in the final variants.