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PS4 Vs Xbox One: the state of play

Edge:Yesterday, Microsoft confirmed that Xbox One will launch in 13 key territories on November 22. Now we can look to November’s face off with a far more detailed view of the contenders, their strengths, weaknesses and how each platform holder sees the next generation. (Culture, PS4, Xbox One)

Maddens Raiders  +   729d ago
“Xbox One has a better line-up, especially with TitanFall to come as an Xbox exclusive,” says analyst Woo, and while Games Investor’s Gibson agrees that Xbox One has the bigger blockbuster titles, the differences between the two will shrink over time.

“Microsoft clearly wins on exclusive triple-A releases, Sony clearly wins on exclusive indie titles,” he tells us.

This is why analysts analyze and gamers game. These guys have no clue what they're on about. Guess they haven't seen the pre-order numbers yet. With a simultaneous launch in the month of November this generation I see no way that MS will keep up with Sony this time.

No more year head start and $600 PS3 means MS can't slack off at all this time and something like rrod would completely dismember their ship. This time they're racing Hussein Bolt from the blocks with a $100 weight on their backs.... and it won't be pretty.
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Ohlmay  +   729d ago
Xbox One dominates in triple A releases, PS4 has unveiled 16 exclusives and only 5 or 6 are triple A games and a lot of them are looking like nothing special.
Silly gameAr  +   729d ago
Have you learned nothing from this generation? It's a marathon, not a sprint.
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Ohlmay  +   729d ago
Of course, that doesn't mean MS has nothing for 2015. I'm still getting a PS4, but Sony has only shown me 2 games that I want to purchase for the PS4 so far (The Order and Infamous)
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Elimin8  +   729d ago
Damn it. I ACCIDENTALLY agreed with Ohlmay.. Curse my trigger fingers.. What the fk you smoked? I am not gonna try and degrade you and/or your system of choice but I will say this..... PS4 does have the advantage... And what are you talking about the games don't look special? I disagree whole heartedly.. Too bad I can't take my accidental agree back.. Repeat..... ACCIDENTAL !!!!!!
Campy da Camper  +   729d ago
Anyone who thinks the Ps4 will have a lack of games couldn't pour water out of a boot with the instructions on the heel.

Sony has already shown in the latter part of this gen that awesome games is the main focus. Their 1st and 2nd party studios are amazing. There are going to be ps2 era AAA releases in 2014 and forward. Believing anything else is moronic.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   729d ago
Elimina8, how old are you?
adventureghost124  +   729d ago

Because you know Microsoft has totally been supporting the 360 with tons of exclusives like Sony for the past 3 years right? RIGHT?!
Maddens Raiders  +   729d ago
Ohlmay put down the Kool-Aid. Microsoft has never dominated anyone in triple A exclusives.... ever. Why do you think that has and will suddenly change this generation? I understand rooting for your favourite console whatever ok, but how are you going to fly in the face of historical fact? This is simply not going to happen.
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Ohlmay  +   729d ago
Where did I say Sony doesn't have more games? Of course they do, Santa Monica's and Naughty Dog's I'm very excited for, but the 16 exclusives they have shown, there's not much to be excited for compared to what the Xbox One is offering.
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neocores  +   729d ago
FYI titanFall is a timed Exclusive just letting you know
thrust  +   729d ago
Xbox live and 300000 dedicated servers #win
gaelic_laoch  +   729d ago
PS4 is standing over the xbone like Muhammad Ali over Gerorge Foreman after the rumble in the jungle!

YNWA96  +   729d ago
How old are you guys?
gaelic_laoch  +   729d ago
Can't remember! I remember playing Pac Man on an Atari though as a kid! It's been a blur ever since!
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Campy da Camper  +   729d ago
@gaelic. I remember going hungry at junior high so I had money to convert to quarters and line up along the top of super Mario bros at 7-11 after school. I also remember burger time on Intellivision.
Regis  +   729d ago
Yeah didn't Muhammad Ali die?
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axerated  +   729d ago
I Wonder how much difference those 7 days will make? Be interesting to see how this turns out (figures-wise) when the end of year numbers come in.
Maddens Raiders  +   729d ago
7 days is insignificant. The fact that they are launching in the same month in the same year is of great import.

Case in point: MS is losing the current gen console war with a year head start and a $600PS3 launch console. How do you think it's going to pan out for them this time with a more powerful PS4 at $100 less? This is the question you should be asking.
from the beach  +   729d ago
It was bizarre to see Edge throw their weight behind PS4 the way they did a few months back, good to see they've returned to the neutral stance we expect of the press.
Xsilver  +   729d ago
for this whole generation Sony exclusives were the ones to push the limit and bring something new its not gonna change with the PS4.
kungfuian  +   729d ago
Make no mistake; Microsoft's x-box is not in a good place. They are in fact in a really shitty place, but have to pretend not to be. They have a huge PR mess to clean up/recover from, and are being forced to rethink/rebrand a system which was clearly made for an entirely different purpose.

Microsoft's goals of transforming (finally realizing) the x-box brand as an all in one cable subsidized data gathering advertising spy box has not gone well for them.

Gamers said no to always online and DRM BS, they said no to always on kinect and it's blatant privacy violations, and they are and will continue to question it's forced inclusion and the corresponding $100 price increase for a device with little gaming value.

And the cable companies backed out of the deal and made their own versions (think their calling it X-1 ironically or something, look it up) so no cheap subsidized system either.

And that's not even considering those of us with memories of RROD or the possible, very real, spin off of the x-box brand.

And they have to do this while fighting a battle against a cheaper, better designed, and more powerful system from a refreshingly gamer/developer-centric and razor sharp Sony. No amount of 180s and bias western press can fix that. The PS4 is going to stomp the hell out of them sales wise this holiday and the dude-bros and x-mas mom will follow Sony's path of $100 least resistance.

Good luck with that Microsoft, LOL

“I would of gotten away with it if it wasn't for those darn kids”
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