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Submitted by Rashid Sayed 815d ago | news

RESOGUN Uses Only 50 Percent of PS4 CPU, "8 GB GDDR5 RAM And Unified Architecture Necessary"

GB: "RESOGUN was one of the biggest surprises of Gamescom. Featuring rich visuals and engaging gameplay mechanics, Housemarque is set to cement their legacy when it launches on the PlayStation 4. We recently got in touch with various individuals over at Housemarque - with answers compiled by Harry Krueger, Lead Programmer of RESOGUN." (PS4, Resogun)

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user7402931  +   815d ago
thrust  +   815d ago
thechosenone  +   815d ago
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pedrof93  +   815d ago
50 % CPU ?

CPU which hasn't been announced ? Sony keep it classy don't be a desperate Microsoft trying to get more attention to their product.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   815d ago
This is great news but I dunno about a "Megaton." If you wanna see Megaton just wait until Ready at Dawn's first official trailer of The order: 1886.
blackbeld  +   815d ago
Exactly and it is F2P game.

Amazing huh?

It will be my first prio download when I got my PS4.
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WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   815d ago
Lol, why does that game use so much?
G20WLY  +   815d ago
^Pedro, it's a quote from the Lead Programmer, rather than Sony.

^Wraith, read the article.

^thrust, "what?" doesn't really work when you write it, does it? Read it again ffs! lol

Can't argue with this game. Looks great. Would pay. Don't need to. Bring it! :)
devwan  +   815d ago
This game looks pretty impressive. Then you see it in 1080P and you realise all those particle effects are actually cubes, not particles. Then your head goes B O O M

Write this off as free indie junk if it makes you sleep better in your lime green duvet set tonight - this game is one of the few that actually screams next gen when you see it running first hand.
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JunioRS101  +   815d ago
@ thechosenone

Woahhh I didn't think they were using THAT many particle effects.

That's going to look crazyyy on a big screen.

Sign me up! It's coming out launch day too.
thechosenone  +   815d ago

the game is an absolute beast. will definitely pick it up when it drops.
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Eonjay  +   815d ago
People wont really grasp the concept of this till they see the physics work in action. It is truly overwhelming to see all the particles reacting with their own physics in real time. This is why parrellel processing is going to trump CPU's. The real power of PS4 is not its GDDR5 RAM, its the ALU attached to the GPU allowing it to do operations usually associated with CPUs such as physics. As powerful as the CPU is, it has nothing on the GPU.
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specialguest  +   815d ago
I am not concern about whether the game uses 50% or 90%. Let the devs worry about hardware limits. What matters is as long as it meets the developers full potential and vision, that's good enough for me. The game looks beautiful for what it is.
MidnytRain  +   814d ago

I see what you did there...
Autodidactdystopia  +   814d ago
Dude Im a PC guy all the way, but that engine is FUCKING IMPRESSIVE!.

I love dynamic simulations like that, holy cow.

only 50% ill make the stretch and believe.

boy does that look nice.
NewMonday  +   814d ago
“.. all of the geometry generation (for the cubes and levels), the physics and collisions for the cubes, the particle mayhem you unleash with your Overdrive or Bomb; all of that is being done in compute shaders. There is still plenty of CPU power left over (currently we’re cruising at around 50% CPU usage during gameplay), but with the GPU and compute shaders doing all the fireworks, we do not really even need it,”

this proves the PS4 has the best compute power in consoles.
thrust  +   814d ago
How does it prove it?
vigilante_man  +   815d ago | Well said
Great to see developers getting to grips with next gen tech. This is what it is all about people.

The real beauty of XB1 and PS4 will come from system-only games. So for all you XB1 fans knocking this, just look forward to greatness from the MS new studios. We all win with these types of games.

I played Super Stardust on the PS3 and it is my favourite small game. I just love it. Can not wait to play this on day one.

The hardware is out - let the developers create!
ajax17  +   815d ago
Well said.
Godz Kastro  +   815d ago
Uh oh, its the return of how much percentage a console is using. We were seeing articles like this until 5 years into last gen... New generation means new percentages...smh
insomnium2  +   815d ago
And after certain events occur one side of the war will consentrate only on sales numbers once again.
joeorc  +   815d ago
@Godz Kastro

"Uh oh, its the return of how much percentage a console is using. We were seeing articles like this until 5 years into last gen... New generation means new percentages...smh "

"devwan -Then you see it in 1080P and you realise all those particle effects are actually cubes, not particles. Then your head goes B O O M "


“For example, all of the geometry generation (for the cubes and levels), the physics and collisions for the cubes, the particle mayhem you unleash with your Overdrive or Bomb; all of that is being done in compute shaders. There is still plenty of CPU power left over (currently we’re cruising at around 50% CPU usage during gameplay), but with the GPU and compute shaders doing all the fireworks, we do not really even need it,” he added.

"We are using more memory than PS3 has in total just for the flying cubes! The GPU and compute shaders are also being heavily utilized for a lot of things."

Do you not get this?
this is more than just a little, freaking talking point this is showing day one what the PS4 is able to do right off the bat with dynamic physic's with not just a particle effect, they are actually cubes!

this is really impressive for a game console.
JunioRS101  +   815d ago
neogeo  +   814d ago
showtimefolks  +   815d ago
the true power of ps4 will be seen in future years, more than now

launch games have never been able top stand next to games that come later in a generation, but since we are going from HD to HD maybe this time around launch titles will be great playing/looking wise
gapecanpie  +   814d ago
I dont see how is this is good? 50% already in its first year and this thing is supposed to last about 9 to 10 years O_o glad im switching over to pc.
ElementX  +   815d ago
Sorry but a side scroller requiring 8Gb of ram seems suspicious and makes me believe it isn't very optimised
Rashid Sayed  +   815d ago
It is not only a side scroller. This game is using millions of individual building blocks that break up in real time. And rendering each of them requires a lot of computing power.
ElementX  +   815d ago
Looks like a shooting scroller to me from the videos I've seen
MasterCornholio  +   815d ago
The engine supports up to 500,000 cubes with physics calculated through compute for each one. But in most cases you will only see 200,000 of them.

Credit: Jack V....

P.S They have been working on this game for over two years plus its running at 1080P 60FPS and they are using advanced functions of the GPU like Compute for example. I believe the game is pretty well optimized.

P.S.S All this information was obtained from an interview with the devs.
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KnaveX  +   815d ago
Its ignorant to judge what goes into a game only on its format.
Godz Kastro  +   815d ago
Is it scrolling to the side?
DigitallyAfflicted  +   815d ago
Sorry but I'm disappointed with 50% for game like that 20% would sound more promising.
joeorc  +   815d ago
@Rashid Sayed

"It is not only a side scroller. This game is using millions of individual building blocks that break up in real time. And rendering each of them requires a lot of computing power. "

100% exactly, i do not think many are getting that point! this is showing that the PS4 is quite a robust system, for a game console. Mark and the Team over @ Sony are really showing thing's just with a free to play game that would just frankly choke the PS3's system chip, and they are doing it day one, and its a free to play game at that.

this is showing very Good thing's are heading for the PS4.
GamersRulz  +   815d ago
they didn't say the used 8gb of ram, they said we are using more than PS3 total ram in cube physics and geometry.
Ripsta7th  +   815d ago
Isnt ps3 total ram 512mb?
MasterCornholio  +   815d ago

256 MB DDR2 ram for the GPU and 256 MB XDR ram at 3.2 GHz for the CPU. The GPU can access the XDR ram but the CPU cant access the VRAM.

P.S If im wrong please correct me.
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Bathyj  +   815d ago
People forget not only was the PS3 VRam alot quicker than any other RAM used this gen (quicker than Xbones actually, correct ME if Im wrong there) but it could still borrow RAM from the CPU. Many believe PS3 only had 256 of VRAM but it could in fact borrow whatever was available, its just the CPU couldnt, but never seemed to be a problem as the SPU's had their own cache memory and it was the graphics that needed the lions share of RAM.
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JackVagina  +   815d ago
Resogun gif

the game runs at 1080p locked 60fps

uncompressed 720p 60fps digital foundry video

Kayant  +   815d ago
^That gif gets me all the time :) Simply amazing.
6DEAD6END6  +   815d ago
Thats freaking nuts, day one for me.
stuff  +   815d ago
Day one for all PS+ subscribers.
90Supra  +   815d ago

vid was awesome...

and this is gonna be free with PS+?

IcicleTrepan  +   815d ago
Part of me thinks the game looks awesome, part of me thinks it's a Defender clone.
MRMagoo123  +   815d ago
how in the hell do they get that to work and lock the frames at 60, after seeing the building turn into blocks i was thinking here comes the slide show but it was smooth as butter.
moparful99  +   815d ago
Thanks Jack that video left a perma grin on my face.. That Boss battle brought back so many 8 and 16 bit side scroller memories.. So happy that Housmarque is in Sony's stable..
iamnsuperman  +   815d ago
There is more to it than that with Resogun which is why it sets itself apart from the other side scrolling games of its type. Check out JackVagina (seriously why) gif and you will see why this game uses a lot of power.
Mystogan  +   815d ago
Yeah this is BS. no matter how you look at it. With a little bit of work this could be done just as well on Xbox One.

Don't get me wrong even if it was going to be on X1 I wouldn't have played this game anyway. I'm not a fan of sidescrollers.
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iamnsuperman  +   815d ago
It probably could be done on the Xbox One but that doesn't mean this is a technically inferior game. Check out the videos. This game isn't your usual side scrollers
Utalkin2me  +   815d ago
You don't care about the game? But you cared enough to post about you saying you don't care about the game.....ouch makes my head hurt.
Cernunnos  +   815d ago
They are not saying its using 8gb of RAM, they are saying they are taking advantage of the unified memory architechture, and the speed of the GDDR5 RAM. Besides, this game is using an insane amount of geometry physics and calculations, because all these tiny objects on screen are not made as low res texture meshes, but actual points with physics. This is kinda the same that the demo-scene has been doing for years and years, and it can really bring your hardware to its knees.

An example is this demo:

I downloaded and ran the .exe for this a year back, and it brought my SLI 580's to their knees, got around 18-25fps average, and this demo is amazingly optimized.
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GmIsOnPt360  +   815d ago
I think it says it uses 50 percent of 8gb ram, BUT i still agree with you its like a glorified geomtry wars and if thats pushing the PS4 limits or half of thats a bit underwhelming
DigitalAnalog  +   815d ago
@ElementX: So what exactly is the standard for using the RAM might I ask?

I'm pretty sure this is a big problem with ignorant armchair developers believing a game must be like Crysis/Uncharted/GTA in order properly utilize RAM. I admit I know next to nothing about game development but I'm pretty damn sure that you can do a lot of "background" things with the RAM even if it isn't so apparently obvious - if not - confused by "optimization" process pronounced by big budget titles.

Let's assume a game like pong would need a 8 GB of RAM to render a quadrillion balls on screen, where as the PS3/360 would only render 1/16th of that. To the naked eye it seems like they're practically no difference seeing that many ball-pixels on screen but that doesn't mean the 8GB usage is automatically nullified. I'm guessing the same principle is being applied here.
Hicken  +   815d ago
Are you sure you're not a troll?
Sevir  +   815d ago
So looking at it at face value and undermining the complexity of development because it a side scrolled is pretty silly. If you think designing games is a simple thing then maybe you should get a degree in game design.

You should just read the article instead of simply dismissing the technicalities that bring the gameplay youre so ready to pass off as a simple side scrolling shooter. It's pretty informative ElementX
Cuzzo63  +   815d ago
Mus didn't read the article. Title is misleading tho. They didnt say it uses all 8.
Sorry saw ur other post below
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wenaldy  +   815d ago
"Looks like a shooting scroller to me from the videos I've seen"

Weak-ass counter argument.
devwan  +   815d ago
@ElementX "makes me believe it isn't very optimised"

A ton of housemarque's staff are demosceners - don't come with that kind of nonsense, these kids know how to put hardware through its paces and they know how to write tight code.

As for the game - this really rectifies the issue I always had with Defender and its clones - you never got to see much of anything unless you were right on top of it and ended up having to rely so much on the minimap. Here, with the wrap-around, you get a great view into the distance. Love it!
#2.13 (Edited 815d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
tarbis  +   815d ago
Obviously, you never read the article.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   815d ago
Wow! That's a good sign.
pyramidshead  +   815d ago
Awesome :)
EXVirtual  +   815d ago
Good sign. Especially since the building blocks break up in real time. Seriously! PS4 is awesome. I can't believe they only needed 4GB!
#5 (Edited 815d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
EXVirtual  +   815d ago
Read it through again and it just said 50% of the CPU. My mistake. But still this is very impressive! I can't wait to see the results the PS4 will give us in 3 years :D Especially with Cel-shaded games. Those will look AMAZING.
See, this is what I call good optimization. You get more out of the hardware the more time you spend with it the more you get out of it. This game has been developed for what? 2 years now?
One more thing, has Sony actually confirmed how many GB of RAM the PS4 uses for games? I'm just wondering.
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JuniorCE  +   815d ago
The PS4 is going to be better to developers thanks to the 8gs GDDR5 and plus with the GPU...
Xsilver  +   815d ago
There is still plenty of CPU power left over (currently we’re cruising at around 50% CPU usage during gameplay), but with the GPU and compute shaders doing all the fireworks, we do not really even need it,” he added.PS4 FTW
#7 (Edited 815d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Mystogan  +   815d ago
Bullshit...its a 2.5D sidescroller.
Utalkin2me  +   815d ago
Wow now you have replied twice in the same article basically saying the same thing twice. It's ok guy, just take a deep breath.
FITgamer  +   815d ago
The porn he was watching was buffering, just killing some time.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   814d ago
And you just took the time to notice that?
devwan  +   815d ago
@Mystogan Big naughty words - how very impressively you add to the conversation.

Enjoy the "Bad language" bubbles, you earned them.
Mystogan  +   811d ago
Try harder. I still have the same amount of bubbles.
1nsomniac  +   815d ago
Yes but its a crap 3D Side scroller, it was hardly ever going to test the system. Just watch some videos on youtube.

Bigging this up has just as much merit as bigging up Super Stardust on the PS3, it looks alright but it by no means will stress the system in the slightest as the figures show!

If you strip back the particle effects there's no reason why this couldnt be a Vita game.
AdmiralSnake  +   815d ago
fsfsxii  +   815d ago
Nykamari  +   815d ago
I did exactly what your avatar is doing after reading his comment! @admiral snake
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vigilante_man  +   815d ago
Did you ever play Super Stardust on PS3. I have over and over and over again. It is a great blast and looks amazing.

You may think it is crap I think it looks like a great game. Do not worry friend, there will be games for everyone this next gen, regardless of the platform..
TheRacingX  +   815d ago
Have you played Stardust on PS3 in 3D? 1080P @ 120fps, 60 each eye...its freakin stunning....
dragon82  +   815d ago
I have and I agree it is amazing. :)
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   814d ago
how may I ask did you do that? Is super stardust in 3D now?
TheRacingX  +   813d ago
@dagr8gibralter...has been for was a free update patch.....
Deadpoolio  +   814d ago
Yeah you probably should watch some youtube videos. Cause it's not completely a side scroller and obviously you don't have the slightest clue what your talking about because there is ALOT going on in the game play
kewlkat007  +   815d ago
Lol.. Side scroller merits 8gb plus 50% power..

we are screwed if that is the case.
#10 (Edited 815d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(43) | Report | Reply
How about actually reading the damn article. It doesnt say anywhere that it uses 8gb of ram and it says 50% of the CPU not total power. The GPU is the PS4's bread and butter not the CPU so this is even more impressive.
Deividas  +   815d ago
I wish we could ban people for not reading articles and then commenting. READ THE DAMN ARTICLE! This is what happens when you dont and you take things out of context, you make yourself look pretty dumb
GentlemenRUs  +   815d ago
Not bad at all :)

I'd thought all those real-time effects, lighting and particles would use a little more but nice!

I can't wait to see what the future holds in store :D

EDIT: To everyone going (LUL Itz oanly a sreed scrollper lulz), Did you not take any notice of the effects being rendered? Honestly with all those real-time effects and such you would think it would be more!

EDIT2: Also its the CPU, Not the GPU and RAM ;)
#11 (Edited 815d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Tei777  +   815d ago
I thinks its easy to miss why this would be hardware intensive, the most impressive stuff is actually on going at the button with the
crumbling platform. The weapon effects and explosion are nice but aren't that special IMO, thats probably what most people are looking at.
devwan  +   815d ago
Yep, and you only really see just how impressive that is when you see the 1080P raw footage or play it first hand. Wish I could find the link to the GamesCom press pack mp4, it is *stunning*.

EDIT: got it! Absolutely stunning 160mb video in there
insomnium2  +   815d ago
Bring Dead Nation 2 to PS4 next guys!!!
insomnium2  +   814d ago
Holy sh*t DR! Thanks for that link. It's like they heard me.....LOL spooky!
Whitey2k  +   815d ago
its funny how much physics and lighting there is on this game and running 1080p and 60fps and lems are laughing? I think they should look at killer instinct that cant even reach 1080p!!
aaron5829  +   815d ago
Deadpoolio  +   814d ago
Is killer instinct even 60fps....I could swear I read that it was 720p 30fps.....But then again it is double helix and they are a garbage developer....I could be wrong and it might be 60fps but I'm pretty sure it's 30fps
#12.2 (Edited 814d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   814d ago
don't push the little kids around on the playgound,it's not nice Whitey2K!
#12.3 (Edited 814d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
lildudexst   815d ago | Bad language | show
UnHoly_One  +   815d ago
So a little indie game with some flashy particle effects uses HALF the power of the PS4???

That's not very encouraging.
Whitey2k   815d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Destrania  +   815d ago
One word... Awesome!
DeltaCanuckian  +   815d ago
Everyone crapping on this as a "little indie game" clearly hasn't played it yet. The game is fucking GORGEOUS in action and was extremely addicting. Can't wait for it to come out.
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   815d ago
I just hope future multiplatforms to use more than 3 cores, so we on PC can enjoy as well.
kenmid  +   815d ago
So I guess this game in not possible on the Xbox One.
ssj27  +   815d ago
It's! Xbone is %50 weaker than the ps4 and if this game uses %50 of the PS4 it means it pushes the xbone to it limits but it can run it!
I'm just doing maths ;)
#18.1 (Edited 815d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Deadpoolio  +   814d ago
And then it would melt the system after it got the RROD
davez82  +   815d ago
i dont get it, whats so special about this game. the levels look pretty small, the ps3 could probably run this at lower res.
devwan  +   815d ago
Take a look at some 1080P footage and look at the detail - those aren't simple particle effects - that's all tiny solid objects. I posted a link to the gamescom press pack above, check it out.
Holeran  +   815d ago
That link you posted makes all the difference. It looks fantastic running in 1080p.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   815d ago
What is available to developers is 4.5 GB.
Deadpoolio  +   814d ago
You keep hanging on to that rumor that was already debunked like 10 times....I guess if you like to yourself and the other xbots enough maybe you'll all believe it
CuddlyREDRUM  +   814d ago
Debunked by who?

I have a PS4 preordered and paid for.

Please link the Sony response.
GoldPunch-TR  +   815d ago
This game's graphics better than Crysis. Really.
Holeran  +   815d ago
Have they said whether this will support 3-d play? For the most part games aren't better in 3-d but some games are fantastic in 3-d. This would be epic in 3-d.
MRMagoo123  +   815d ago
The fact they can keep the FPS locked at 60 with all the particles going on is crazy, it actually shocked me.
meday354  +   815d ago
I like this article very nice.
Sadist3  +   815d ago
Seeing as how it looks like an ipad game, I'm not surprised.
DigitalRaptor  +   814d ago
Keep telling yourself that an iPad can render games with this much fluidity, particle effects, let alone running it all in 1080p/60fps. You might begin to believe it. And I don't even have to mention controls.

As we've seen you're the kind of person that judges a book by its cover, and that's not a very promising trait now is it?
annus  +   814d ago
Holy shit people are dumb. A camera angle doesn't mean anything. Killzone could have a side-on camera if it wanted, it doesn't mean it magically uses less resources.

Not to mention particle systems are an absolute bitch when it comes to resources, and this games has a heap.
Zhipp  +   814d ago
"Killzone could have a side-on camera if it wanted, it doesn't mean it magically uses less resources."

Actually, it would, wouldn't it? Since the draw distance would be lower and the GPU wouldn't have to render as much stuff at once?
annus  +   814d ago
Depends entirely on the level. If it's in a corridor it probably would use less, since you are just looking at a wall, but out in the open the draw distance would be the same, and I would assume it would have a greater field of view being a 3rd person side scroller, which could result in more things being visible, increasing the amount of things being required to render.
883  +   814d ago
Looks outstanding to me.
#27 (Edited 814d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
cunnilumpkin  +   814d ago
it looks like a cell phone game

so what

bf4 runs sub-1080p at MEDIUM settings

glad the indystation4 can run "resogun" so well, but freaking what!
Tooly  +   814d ago
You mad lol
AwesomeMan   814d ago | Spam
fsfsxii  +   814d ago
The PC gamer:
The most arrogant, idiot, worst kind of a gamer.

Go kickstart a game.
Zoomer76  +   814d ago
I beg to differ, I say the playstation "fanboy" is the worst, always boasting about how their console is a beast and so powerful but get really defensive when pc is mentioned very similer characteristics to a bully :-)

On topic this game does look very nice with stunning effects, cant wait
#28.3.1 (Edited 814d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report
AwesomeMan   814d ago | Spam
Mkai28  +   814d ago
I see no problem with that, why not make the game the best it can possibly be:)
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