Killzone: Shadow Fall Hands-On Multiplayer Footage from PAX Prime

Barry: "Finally got to play one of my most anticipated games for the ps4, Killzone: Shadow fall, at Pax Prime. The game looks amazing and feels like a mixture of the 2 previous killzone games. Here is a hands-on video of the game."

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mewhy321506d ago

OMG!!! This is amazing!!!! Easily drawfs all the other fps being released. Awesome!!!!!! Can't wait to get my hands on this one.

pedrof931506d ago

One thing I like about this game is that in multi-player you don't hear billions of bullets being shot at the same time, there is a lot of space between players, or maybe that's because he was playing with bots maybe ?

Anyway the game looks fantastic.

UltimateMaster1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Best Game of the Year.
1000x times

starchild1505d ago

It doesn't look as hectic as I remember Killzone 2 being, but it looks great nonetheless. This and Infamous Second Son are the games I am most looking forward to on the PS4.

ZodTheRipper1505d ago

You might hear nothing because there is no sound at all.
The direct-feed footage had some great sound fx though.

Maddens Raiders1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Was that a Petrucite grenade at 3:05??

Finally... loved to see all that blood on the wall at 5:08. Love the music effect at 5:38. So stoked...I need this in my life..literally it is hard to wait lol.

BOVICE471505d ago

the grenade looked to be a healing grenade. Blood splatter for days XD. and Thanks I didnt want that annoying background noise so i used some tracks from kz3

malokevi1506d ago

Game looks really really good. Definitely my first game purchase for the PS4.

thetruthx11505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

I can't wait till Halo 5 comes and smashes this game in every way of the spectrum so I never have to hear about it again lol

I hate the sound when you get a kill

Looks boring

Graphics are severely overrated

Always been a C-class shooter and always will :D

pedrof931505d ago

Well I could say the exact same thing about GT and Forza.

Clover9041505d ago

And I can say the same thing about Playstation and the c-class Xbox brand :D

scott1821505d ago

I guess the truth hurts sometimes. Killzone is looking out of this world great, and it is upsetting to some people...

WeedyOne1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Halo 4 was a huge disappointment for the multiplayer....

They destroyed the flow of the game. If they get rid of the "ordinance system", bring back the weapon spawn system from older Halo's which in turn brings back the "map control" aspect of the game it may be worth picking up, otherwise meh.

Master-H1505d ago

" Graphics are severely overrated "
100% fanboy/troll lol

HammadTheBeast1505d ago

Halo 5 made by C-class devs 343 Ind. Bungie, the true masters have moved on, let it go, you'll feel better.

There's a reason why 80% of the Halo 4 population moved on within a month.

I'll get the link out if you need.

djwille881505d ago

HALO? really? One of the most overrated games ever.

dale_denton1505d ago

halo has never looked better than killzone.. ever. keep dreaming.

windblowsagain1505d ago

Halo 1 was the only decent one.

The rest were poor.

I hate master chief. I get sick of hearing that stupid name and people waffling on about it's baby story, among the baby enemies and shiny crappy look Armour, because the 360 can't handle graphics, it's just plain and boring buildings.

No game is perfect, but HALO along with GTA are the most overrated games ever made.

Don't agree, Don't care.

I feel the same way about FORZA, Overrated arcade crap with replacement textures for damage, poor physics and a bearded idiot making it. Not to mention the awful lighting, XBONE does not even compute the tree shadows onto the cars, rofl. no day/night cycle. Last gen gaming coming to xbox one/ day 1.

Ryse is up next.

Boring gameplay sp and mp, Engine is good, but everyone has caught up now. Crap animations.

Which brings me to TITANFALL.

Using an old engine because the XBOXONE has 13.1 gigapixels of rofl power. And they need the cheapest engine to try and run it at 60fps. They might as well used the Quake

And listen, it won't matter how much you argue back. Those are facts.

CGI-Quality1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

You never change. Will be interesting to see how long it takes your two bubbles to reduce to one. You're like an internet disease, except there's easily a cure, on this site. ;)

OT: Looks stellar! One of those early games that show you what a new gen can offer!

GarrusVakarian1504d ago

But i bet if it was on Xbox, you would be praising it to the heavens, right?

Tsk tsk tsk

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3-4-51505d ago

Good to see them embracing colors that aren't Yellow, Brown & grey.

Shane Kim1505d ago

I don't understand why people bash the colours. It's called a SETTING. You can't have palm trees and St Tropez beaches when you're in an INDUSTRIAL SETTING! The characters, the universe, everything would be out of place!

Damn, people really can't think for themselves, always hating couse someone else is doing it.

Docknoss1505d ago

I don't understand the nerdgasm some people are having for this game. Not impressed but hey I can always play BF4

Shane Kim1505d ago

Exactly, you're not impressed because you can't play it on xbox. But somehow, you're impressed with BF4 wich is BF3 but with a collapsing skyscraper.

Docknoss1505d ago

And your impressed with bc it looks like a cross between halo and Crysis. I'm honestly giving my opinion as unbiased as possible. I play KZ2 and beat it in iraq. The only ps3 game I've ever played and I hated it. The last fight was extremely lame against the hellgast general.

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user74029311506d ago

i enjoy killzone 3 mp when i use the shotgun, but why dont they make atleast a mode where you can kill someone without shooting them 8 times with a regular gun?

elhebbo161505d ago

Im sure in warzone you are able to customize your own game to how you want it. if you want to make it so you die quickly because nobody is wearing armor im sure you could do that.

user74029311505d ago

if you could do that it would be great

mxrider21991505d ago

i heard they fixed the sponge problem and it will be the perfect amount of dmg for people to die

MeatheadMilitia1506d ago

Finally looks like a shooter that isn't a shooter, if that makes any sense.

iamnsuperman1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

i.e. has moved into the realm of colour. I like shooters but too many are going for the same art style (trying to look artistically realistic war) which is weird as the world, and its wars, are fairly colourful

sAVAge_bEaST1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

"Killed myself with a grenade, naw,what.i.mean?"

DayOne Digital. -free DLC.

BOVICE471506d ago

The game looks amazing. I Love that the weight is back for the weapons and there is no lag between the game and the controller. Nov 15th cant come any sooner

Maddens Raiders1506d ago

Man you're so lucky lol! Thanks for the vid!

BOVICE471506d ago

man I can't wait till everyone can play. I recently heard that over 300,000 people per-ordered the game. That kind of competition is going to be exciting!

Maddens Raiders1506d ago

Send me a message on PSN. Maddens_Raiders. Day one.

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