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Microsoft: "Xbox One To Be A Box That Makes Xbox 360 Immediately Outdated"

Adam Sessler & Albert Penello on the Xbox One (Interview)


*"We want to make an awesome next-gen box that will make the Xbox 360 immediately outdated."

*Xbox One Instant switching experience -- a way to modernize gaming; All games are loaded to hard drive; faster. Can play game before it's fully installed and/or do other things with the Xbox One's system features (like watch a video).

*"Loading screens will probably be up to the developer." -- But they overall want to see it reduced and/or gone.

*"(Sony's) doing things in their hardware to make it best that they can. We're doing things to our hardware to make it the best that we can. I don't believe the difference between these systems will be as significant as comparing individual components. How is it that a 400 HP Porsche can be faster than a 700 HP Corvette?" -- Overall it's balance and trade offs and it'll come down to the games.

*Putting something in/on the box = adoption. Developers ask questions inv... (Xbox One)

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GarrusVakarian  +   812d ago
Well yeah...that's kinda the point of Next Gen consoles.
YNWA96  +   812d ago
Yeah really, same for every console ever... why is this article here???

Thats ok, gave me time to buy every good game on PS3, preowned of course and catch up... Were did resistance go wrong??? 1 and 2 were good....
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cleft5  +   811d ago
Well it's not really the same for the PS3 because Sony is still releasing top quality 1st party games for it.
vigilante_man  +   811d ago
Don't say that! I have played Resistance 1 & 2 over and over and am just about to play 3. Some say it is the best one for single player...
ZodTheRipper  +   811d ago
... and when asked about the always-online stuff Microsoft's response was to just get a X360 ...funny how strategies change when sales drop.
rainslacker  +   811d ago

outdated and irrelevant are two different things. I think this guy meant to say irrelevant since they aren't producing any major titles on it anymore. I'll let others decide on when they feel the 360 became irrelevant to them, it's fairly subjective.
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badz149  +   811d ago
hey, Microsoft? what about "just buy the 360" thing? oh yeah... Don left and you guys just want to make like like it never happened!

and it's kinda easy for them to just ditch the 360 altogether considering they didn't even bother making games for it and let it ride on multiplats these last couple of years!
JhawkFootball06  +   812d ago
Interesting quote.

"(Sony's) doing things in their hardware to make it best that they can. We're doing things to our hardware to make it the best that we can. I don't believe the difference between these systems will be as significant as comparing individual components. How is it that a 400 HP Porsche can be faster than a 700 HP Corvette?" -- Overall it's balance and trade offs and it'll come down to the games."
Pixel_Enemy  +   811d ago
Interesting way of dodging the question. Sessler was asking all the tough questions. The guy did a decent job of answering them all though. I give him props.
pedrof93  +   811d ago
Since when does more HP gives more speed ?

It give more strength to the car not speed. Every man should know that.
AznGaara  +   811d ago
Well of course a LIGHTER car with less horsepower is going to be as fast or a little faster than a heavier car with more horsepower lol. Ironic cause not only is the xBone bigger than the PS4 its also less power... I kid... not really lol.
Darrius Cole  +   811d ago

Indeed, horsepower does NOT equal speed. There is A LOT more to it than that.

Every man should know that....

...And so should every person that plays, Gran Turismo, Forza or even Need 4 Speed.
torchic  +   811d ago
Corvette ZR1 clocked the Nordschleife faster than any other Porsche...

CGI-Quality  +   812d ago
My thought immediately after finishing this article.
Irishguy95  +   812d ago
"Xbox One To Be A Box That Makes Xbox 360 Immediately Outdated"

Just like the Ps3 was.
Mystogan  +   811d ago
Except the the 360 still had better looking games then the PS3.
HammadTheBeast  +   811d ago

One example please.

Don't mention overall quality of multiplatforms, we know it's due to laziness.

First Party vs First Party.

starchild  +   811d ago
Laziness? *rolls eyes*

As a PC gamer I find your stupid little squabbles pathetic. There are only marginal differences between games on the PS3 and 360. The difference between either console and the PC is significant.

Yes, the PS3 had slightly better looking exclusives and the 360 had slightly better looking multiplatform games. But does it really matter when both consoles aren't anywhere close to having the best graphics? Surely if you care so much about graphics you would be gaming on PC.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   811d ago
Lol this Albert guys aggressive. And its about time MS is getting aggressive with people.

I'll keep an open mind believe what MS is doing is real. I don't see any reason to believe everything is doing is fake.


All this remains to be seen. And that's why the console is releasing in November 22nd so they can see if its real or not.
3-4-5  +   811d ago
News Flash:

September 5th automatically makes September 4th, outdated.
pc did that a long time ago lol
Kayant  +   812d ago
That's understandable and great because that's what any company should do with a evolution with their product but at what cost to the support of the X360 because it's going to be very relevant for a number of years because of it's install base but hasn't really been support for some years now. I mean it been almost absent from conferences/announcements expect from it's very small highlight at E3.

XB1 should of course make X360 feel outdated but it shouldn't make it any least relevant that it is.
mewhy32  +   812d ago
Lets just hope that micro$oft doesn't abandon the 360 the way they did with the first xbox. I have two 360's and don't want to have them abandoned like my original xbox was. Of course the box to make the bone immediately outdated is the PS4. Already preordered baby.
IcicleTrepan  +   812d ago
The reason they ditched the first Xbox so quickly was because NVIDIA stopped producing the graphics chips. So they couldn't manufacture new Xboxes, forcing them to start on Xbox 360 early.
xHeavYx  +   812d ago
MS already abandoned the 360 (hardcore) gamers 4 years ago.
Please tell me, what amazing hardcore MS has brought to the 360 in the past 4 years other than Halo/Forza/Gears, oh wait... you only have 1 bubble
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negative  +   812d ago

I consider myself a hardcore gamer and I have no idea what you're talking about.

So keep spewing your garbage. It's expected now.
ziggurcat  +   812d ago
@ negative:

probably referring to MS's shift of focus towards kinect, and MS's lack of 1st party exclusives (in comparison to sony).
ABeastNamedTariq  +   811d ago
Honestly, it already is abandoned. :/

Gears and State of Decay were the only notable releases this year, at least, to me. And that Fable game that is coming out. Besides that? Nothing, really.
Ripsta7th  +   811d ago
@Heavy-the reason he has one bubble is because u guys dont like it when we talk good about the X1 so you bring your army(or fake accounts) and bubble us down, Simple as that.
xHeavYx  +   811d ago
Really? Because all I see from him are bully comments, never seen a fact other than "I like Xbox better, therefore everything Xbox wins"
ThanatosDMC  +   811d ago
^Y'all still didnt answer xHeavYx's question "Please tell me, what amazing hardcore MS has brought to the 360 in the past 4 years other than Halo/Forza/Gears?"
ABeastNamedTariq  +   812d ago
That's expected, lol.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   812d ago
As long as this isn’t hinting at a drop of support for the 360.
Godmars290  +   812d ago
They're saying they'll support the 360 for three years post XB1 launch, but then they said something similar about the first Xbox.

Then again, the first Xbox was nothing but an under delivering money sink.
iMixMasTer872   811d ago | Spam
Scatpants  +   811d ago
What support are you referring to? 360 has had like 1 good exclusive per year for the last 2 years.
Axonometri  +   812d ago
Is this how MS plans on supporting the 360 for 3 more years?
daggertoes83  +   812d ago
Outdated and irrelevant are two different things.
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Axonometri  +   812d ago
Well If I was wanting to continue selling a product I would not go around telling everyone it is outdated. Especially after just saying I was going to support the older one for 3 years. But it is outdated... so...
MizTv  +   812d ago
2007 was the best year for 360
Kingthrash360  +   812d ago
im starting to see that cocky over confidence again....smh they are talking too much. they need to deliver....actions speak louder than words... eeffff the lip service its time to show me. show me bf4 running on a xbox show me 1:1 on the kinect show me something. not pallets of ready to ship xboxes.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   812d ago
Xbox 360 will be immediately out dated, come Nov.22.
Insomnia_84  +   812d ago
Xbox One will be immediately outdated one week before it releases.
ThanatosDMC  +   811d ago
My friend will go ape $h!t if they suddenly pull the plug on his beloved 360.
BlaqMagiq24  +   811d ago
From the lack of support the 360 is getting this I'd say it already is.
Kalebninja  +   812d ago
xbox one to be a box?! lol
-Gespenst-  +   812d ago
Burning dem bridges. Phase 1 in their totalitarian DRM solution. Alienate all 360 owners, coerce them with the threat of obsolescence and false, tendentious notions of technological progress.
STARS  +   812d ago
That explains the deplorable 360-exclusive lineup for 2013. Seriously, in all my years of gaming I've never seen an exclusive lineup of games this terrible. Certainly the Xbox One has some games worth getting excited over at launch, but what about the people who won't upgrade for two or three more years? They're completely left out in the cold.
ThanatosDMC  +   811d ago
Makes you wonder why some of these people even want an Xbone when MS would just ditch them or under deliver. The lack of hardcore exclusive games after Kinect was introduced is just ridiculous.
Gamer666  +   811d ago
I have not been disappointed in 360's games lineup. You also have to remember 360 is a year older than PS3... So, as I see it right now, I don't see anything impressive for PS3 exclusivity next year...

I think there is still a lot of support for 360... And next year Titanfall is coming to 360 as well. So, you can't really say MS is walking away from 360 by bringing the hottest exclusive to it in 2014... Along with securing 3rd party support for Destiny, Dragon's Age, Battlefield, and the continuing support of CoD... Looks like there will be lots to do on 360.

Also, I am really looking forward to world of tanks and fable anniversary this year!
BlaqMagiq24  +   811d ago
Umm Titanfall is NOT exclusive. It's coming to PC.

And every game you just mentioned will also be available on next gen consoles which more people will be looking forward.

So the only exclusive coming to the 360 alone later this year is an HD remaster of an original Xbox game.

Sorry but that is NOT support.
WeaseL  +   812d ago
I thought the PS3 did that.

(Sorry but I had too)
ape007  +   812d ago
gotta love those boxes LOL
kewlkat007  +   812d ago
When you look at the investment in the:

The custom architecture,
Xbl server upgrades,
Billion on new studios,
Dlc agreements,
Agreements with content providers,
Xbl apps,
Kinect hardware

You really start to understand what you are paying for just $100 more than the x360 8 years ago.

I still can't fathom some think it's too expensive..I paid $33 for 5 years of per year on a new egg sale like 2 years ago.. I'm ready.
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Mystogan  +   811d ago
I think Microsoft has done a better job investing in the X1 then Sony has. Almost every component in the X1 is highly customized.

while Sony has done a more off the shelf approach. To be honest the PS4 just doesn't seem like a nextgen console to me. Its really just a good gaming PC that comes with a controller.
Campy da Camper  +   811d ago
I want my gaming console to do the following:

1) turn on
2)play games
3)turn off

Anything above that is resource stealing IMO. I have a computer for nextflix and hulu. Skype from my phone and a cable box for TV.

I want games games games.
Narutone66  +   811d ago
A lot of MS paid corporate shills/reputation managers are being too obvious right now since the reveal of the XB1 release date.
strigoi814  +   812d ago
So it xbox360 vs xb1...
Vip3r  +   811d ago
Submarines crews take note.
thebudgetgamer  +   811d ago
Does it really mater if they've pretty much abandoned the thing anyways. Seems like your lack of games is what makes it outdated.
Erudito87  +   811d ago
Didn't the ps3 do that already lol
thetruthx1  +   811d ago
Out with the old and in with the new. This generation lasted too long in my opinion. I don't even want to buy any 360 games. I stopped a year ago because I want new technology. For all of the late adopters or people that aren't ready for the One MS said they still have plenty of games for it

I want to see all of the focus shift to new gameplay experiences

It's been 8 freaking years

And idk how great any new game is on old hardware. I'm skipping out on Gta hopefully they make it for next gen sooner than later
Dlacy13g  +   811d ago
A solid interview from Sessler.
Jamaicangmr  +   811d ago
Adam is one of our few actually good journalist, his interviews really reflect the users.

Him getting fired from that crappy network was a blessing. Adam really got his mojo back. Good interview Adam.
cell989  +   811d ago
"outdated" so in other words, we are not giving you S**t for 360 anymore, you want new games? buy an xbone
ivnheim  +   811d ago
Xbox 360 is outdated since 2007 at least
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ThatOneGuyThere  +   811d ago
"How is it that a 400 HP Porsche can be faster than a 700 HP Corvette?" It isn't. That's how.

ZR1 at 638hp:
3.4 Seconds to 60.
ring lap time: 7:19

Carerra S at 400hp: 4.3 seconds to 60.
ring lap time: 7:40
Scatpants  +   811d ago
I was just about to post that I don't think that's true. Thanks for finding the stats.
wannabe gamer  +   811d ago
umm cause the ZR1 has flat tires at the time of the race. derrr
jay2  +   811d ago
Xbox One To Be A Box That Makes Xbox 360 Immediately Outdated Good, I really thought £430 would give me something worse than my 360 that gets played once in a blue moon.
KontryBoy706  +   811d ago
ummmm ain't that the point?
Clarence  +   811d ago
This is the most honest statement M$ has made all summer.
wannabe gamer  +   811d ago
thats like saying. "with the color blue your going to see a completely different color than red" how unexpected

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