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Activision wants to 'increase the appeal' of Wii U

A successful Nintendo is good for the whole industry, says publishing boss Hirshberg (Activision, Eric Hirshberg, Wii U)

marloc_x  +   377d ago
Already a success in my home, looking forward to the future!
Abdou023  +   377d ago
I like this, I also like what Ubisoft has been doing for the system.
Shame on Bethesda...
mcstorm  +   377d ago
I agree I am loving my WiiU and even though I am getting a xbox one day one im only interested in Forza and KI where I have Zelda HD, DK, Mario 3D on pre order as well as already have wonderful101 and Pikmin 3 and also have Pokémon X on pre order. Great time to be a Nintendo owner.
dredgewalker  +   377d ago
Nintendo don't need Activision to be successful. They've been successful with the Wii and 3ds without the need for activision games.
Nevers0ft  +   377d ago
It depends. Although few of their games appeal to me, multiplats from 3rd parties certainly won't do the console any harm.
2EHO  +   377d ago
How about releasing a game like destiny for Wii U instead of spongebob and wipeout... Those are shovelware at its best.
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LOL_WUT  +   377d ago
Wasn't Activision upset over the low Wii U CoD sales? How would Destiny be any different? Besides it's an online driven game I don't think Nintendo's hardware would be able to pull it off IMO. ;)
just-joe  +   377d ago
"Wasn't Activision upset over the low Wii U CoD sales?"

Wow, a game that got none of the DLC that the other versions got sold worse, oh I'm shocked.
AbortMission  +   376d ago
inb4 the fanboy comments that claim Wii u can handle PS4/One games Lol
imXify  +   377d ago
Stop talking crap and start with Free Fall and DLC on CoD Ghosts please... >:[
Gemmol  +   377d ago
Activision and Ubisoft need Nintendo, because after call of duty, and a couple of other high profile games, they will need Nintendo to sell their lesser games.....for example Skylanders sell most on Nintendo and Just Dance sell the most on Nintendo.....these games do not use resource like the other high profile games, so they end up receiving bigger profits, but if there is a time when these lesser games sell more on xbox and playstation....then activision and ubisoft will go towards the EA route and make excuses about putting their games on Nintendo....despite two new systems with zero install base get new games, but still say Nintendo do not have a install base.....which I think they forget when 360 and ps3 drop.....the ps2 sold more madden then 360 and ps3 but they still made games for those system with the smaller base
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Neonridr  +   377d ago
Nintendo will be fine, the Wii U will be fine, it will have its place in the next gen wars, and will get plenty of support from 3rd party once the install base is at a more respectable number.
gaelic_laoch  +   377d ago
Maybe getting Miley Cyrus to rub herself with a WiiU might make it more appealing?
dredgewalker  +   377d ago
Would you want Miley Cyrus to rub herself on you? No I don't think so and neither would I want her rubbed on my worst enemies!.....maybe on some of my worst enemies since I think they deserve it.....
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AJBACK2FRAG  +   377d ago

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