Much "Wishful Thinking" Around In-Game Ads

The ad-supported, free-to-play business model is "overhyped," and traditional in-game ad paradigms are holding the market back, Exent Technologies' Yoav Tzurya has told Next-Gen.

"Today what we're seeing is a lot of buzz in the [in-game ad] market, and there's a lot of wishful thinking more than anything else on the side of game developers and publishers to a certain extent, as they try to launch completely free, ad-supported offerings," Yoav said in a phone interview last week.

"I don't think the market can sustain such a large number of completely free, ad-supported games at this point."

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znu3814d ago

i like ad supported game, like in game adds

your crusing in gta4 and then u c a mountain dew billboard, all the sudden, you want mountain dew(i never really liked it but thats just me)

If implemented properly then in game ads are goods but they have to be at a medium