Even more evidence of the GTA IV bundle

EBGames in Denmark has listed the GTA IV bundle on their site. The price is 3799 DKK (€509)

Cost of the GTA IV bundle in the other Scandinavian and Nordic countries:

Sweden: 4790 SEK (€508)
Norway: 4.199 NOK (€527)
Finland: €499

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LightningPS33899d ago

Apparently, they don't know have enough GTA IV supply in Europe anyway.

flambeau3899d ago

Sony is hoping that this will move some more ps3's like prologue did for about 2 weeks.

LightningPS33899d ago

Having a Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle, having a GTA IV bundle.

Choose your poison.

eagle213899d ago

Best Buy will sit them right in the front of the store and the highlight of the HDTV section. I love what that store is doing for PS3. MEGATON! :)

Sackdude3898d ago

WTF, this bundle is stupid 509 euros? WTF, well in europe the PS3 is 399 euros + GTA4 game 60euro = 460 Euros , if i buy a ps3 and a separate GTA4 game it will cost me less... this bundle is too expensive...

moveteam3898d ago

Yes but you have to look carefully.
EBGames in Scandinavia is very expensive, and when the retail price is £299 in the UK, I think it'll be €399 in Europe.