TimeSplitters Rewind: “We don’t want to half-ass anything.”

Earlier this week our colleagues at Gaming Blend broke the news that the long awaited TimeSplitters Rewind is currently in development for PlayStation 3. However, a great deal of the gaming audience were enquiring about the possibility of the videogame coming to other formats, most notably the Wii U. Sadly, it doesn’t look as if this is on the cards at present.

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RedSoakedSponge1719d ago

as long as they keep that feel of the original timesplitters games and dont do what happened with perfect dark zero, this will be an incredible nostalgia trip :D

Perjoss1719d ago

“We don’t want to half-ass anything.”

OK, in that case I suggest you get your full-ass trousers on and make a fantastic game. Good luck!

Vip3r1719d ago

Activision take note.

mastershredder1719d ago

Oh hells yes! It's been too long!

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