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Sixteen-Year-Old Boy Gets Stuck Between Two Walls While Attempting to Retrieve Dropped PSP

The gap between the buildings was only twenty-five centimeters, but that didn't stop Zhang. Perhaps in an effort to show that he is, in fact, the hardcore-est of gamers, Zhang attempted to reach into the gap, and ultimately got stuck for nearly two hours. (PSP)

Credit url: hardcoregamer.com
PSNintyGamer  +   360d ago
It it worth it to get stuck like that for two hours for a PSP? Seriously, you can find a new one for about $60 or less.
mafiahajeri  +   360d ago
But what a doubt all his saves? :(
PSNintyGamer  +   360d ago
Can PSN transfer saves? I not very familiar with it.
slimeybrainboy  +   359d ago
But what about a stick?
Fergusonxplainsall  +   359d ago
Now that's dedication. I hope his family buys him a PS Vita and PS4 for his courage.
Elimin8  +   359d ago
you're an ass/mess for making me lol.. Haha. But I agree.
andrewer  +   359d ago
But PSP>PS Vita. I have both and I play more PSP than PS Vita lol
pandehz  +   359d ago
I love the psp.

Crisis Core, Dissida, MGS:Peacewalker.
I mean that device had some good stuff on it.

I still play on it sometimes.
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rainslacker  +   359d ago
lol, I love how kids are considered courageous when they do something stupid and other pity them because of circumstance.
B-radical  +   359d ago
Obvs xbox fanboys threw it
Elimin8  +   359d ago
lol.. Wow.. Just, WOW!
B-radical  +   359d ago
Lol i was kidding :p im getting x1 at launch and i would never do such a thing then again im not a fanboy
Etseix  +   359d ago
Aztec_MC  +   359d ago
He's my hero.
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skydragoonity  +   359d ago
Poor kid.. I'd probably do the same if i was him
goldwyncq  +   359d ago
The ultimate Sony fanboy :p
Hicken  +   359d ago
What makes him a fanboy? Because he wanted his damn handheld?
goldwyncq  +   359d ago
It's a joke, calm down.
SilentNegotiator  +   359d ago
Try a good joke, then.
shadowwizard  +   359d ago
Poor kid. But I just had to add this video.

Related video
knifefight  +   359d ago
Wouldn't have happened if he had been any good at Lumines.

Clearly he hadn't been putting his PSP to very good use.
shadowmist13  +   359d ago
Shame,If thats his hobby he will go after his psp,I woupd have also done it...
sourav93  +   359d ago
deep_fried_bum_cake  +   359d ago
Where will you be when diarrhoea strikes?

It sounds like he made the right choice.
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dredgewalker  +   359d ago
I wish my vita would fall down between 2 well endowed women and be stuck between them for 2 hours.
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dcj0524  +   359d ago
But the vita will get....... damaged.
dredgewalker  +   359d ago
Don't worry there's gonna be a lot of padding between there :P
CloudyAero  +   359d ago
He was stuck between 25 centimeters walls, I would of DIED. I hate not being able to move :/

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