The PlayStation 4's Dualshock 4 Will (Reportedly) Work on Computers

A rumor is suggesting that the PlayStation 4's Dualshock 4's will work as simple plug-and-play controllers on all PC's. This rumor comes after a Redditor at PAX Prime spoke with the developers of the PlayStation 4 game, Galak-Z, who confirmed this to him.

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JakemanPS319941053d ago

That would be nice if its true! I use a 360 controller now when i play on my pc but i would rather use the dualshock because im more attuned to using it.

shoddy1053d ago

Yay now I play something beside just fps and rts games

Eonjay1053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )

Man that thing looks so sweet. You can tell that they really went to town trying to improve it. I haven't heard one criticism from the people who have used it and I am excited to see what features will be added to the touchpad. IGN says its used to control the map in AC: Black Flag letting you "pinch to zoom", dragging and setting waypoints.

Also, I love the look of the material on the backside of the grips. Looks comfortable and sturdy. All while maintaining a slender profile.

pedrof931053d ago

That's cool I use the DS3 to play Ps1 emulator games on Pc. Really awesome.

thechosenone1053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )

PS4 dev posted this vid last night, it does work with win7 but I hope Sony decides to release official drivers.

ThanatosDMC1053d ago

Hopefully there wont be a need to use MotionJoy anymore. It get annoying if you accidentally unplug your cord or need it it charge something else.

I hope we can change the icons on the PC to Playstation icons instead of the forced Xbox icons. Really annoying.

Xristo1052d ago

I used to use MotionJoy but didn't like how it would take me to a Chinese website upon closing the program. So I just found a video on youtube on how to configure your computer to recognize a PS3 controller upon plugin WITHOUT software.

Read this for more about MotionJoy:

RumbleFish1052d ago

It would be nice. Motioninjoy serves good as a workaround, but it's not perfect.

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USMC_POLICE1053d ago

yea dude download motion joy on your pc you can set it up and use your ps3 controller in like 5 mins or less. there is also a youtube video on how to install it.

ThanatosDMC1053d ago

Yup, but make sure you change the shoulder buttons so that the fire is on R1 and sights on L1.

norkee1052d ago

ive been tempted to try the ps move navigation controller with a mouse instead of a keyboard. might make battlefield 3 for pc playable from the couch....

FamilyGuy1053d ago

This would be awesome!
*crosses fingers*

Crazyglues1053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )

Oh hell yeah, this would be super awesome, It would also justify why I need a second controller - Because I was already getting a second one at launch....

I have long had the 360 PC controller for my PC but to now not have to worry about batteries and be able to use the new PS4 would be awesome -fingers Crossed-

Would be really cool - This time around Sony you are firing on all 12 cylinders...

||.........___||............ ||

Ryto1053d ago

I use a 360 controller too, but it's getting kinda worn now aha! Hope this is true!

AzureskyZ1053d ago

With shooters i normally prefer the 360 controllers, but with rpgs and fighting games i prefer dualshock-- however if the reports are correct dualshock 4 is catered to both crowds, so this might become my pc choice controller as well.

HammadTheBeast1053d ago

There have been multiple confirmed reports of people saying that a lot of the indie PC games were played with DS4 on PC's.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1053d ago

yes!!!!!!!! bye bye 360 controller!! I hope this is true! DS4 on pc wont hurt ps4 just more money for sony and more options for me!

cleft51053d ago

Yes, I really hope this is true.

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Thatguy-3101053d ago

If true then I'll be able to play Titanfall with it on my pc when it's released :)

Sarobi1053d ago

Oh man this would be cool. I hate using Motionjoy just to use the PS3 controller on games.

_FantasmA_1053d ago

Try DS3tool also. I don't mind using those programs. As long I gets to use my DS3, I'm happy.

Hassassin1052d ago

they're the same thing or not?
anyway, it works fine, and has the plus side that I can use my ps3 controller for any emu out there (think, Smash bros @1440p/60Hz)

dboyman1053d ago

I agree. Tried it one time, and it messed up my Logitech wireless USB keyboard to point it was unusable. I find Motionjoy messes with USB drivers on my PC, so stopped using it.

JuniorCE1053d ago

Nice! The best controller to play on PC!! Now I can pre order Titanfall on PC :-D

annus1053d ago

For a match until you get utterly smashed.

I'm good with m&k, as well as a controller. Controllers are just to inaccurate compared to m&k in high speed situations.

InTheLab1053d ago

with controller support comes aim assist. It's not as cut and dry as you believe.

Feocart1053d ago

This isn't far-fetched at all, most likely true.

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