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Reality In 8 Bits: Killzone Shadow Fall Impressions

Max Level: "Many people are still contemplating what games they’re going to be picking up upon the PlayStation 4′s launch on November 15. I’m here to tell you that there’s one game you need to include in your pick ups. Killzone Shadow Fall is looking quite stellar and there’s a pretty good chance not many people will see it’s greatness coming. Listen to my spat about how this Killzone has come about from the PS3 generation Killzone games." (Guerilla Games, Killzone: Shadow Fall, PlayStation, PS4)

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danny818  +   599d ago
Picking it up at launch! No questions asked. And knack
twinspectre  +   599d ago
same Here , Knack and KZSF DAY 1
Divine  +   599d ago
My People. . . Sons and daughters of Helghan . . v_v
Hatsune-Miku  +   599d ago
HeavenlySnipes  +   599d ago
The history of these days will be written in blood
wenaldy  +   599d ago
Helghan.. Shall always be the Helghast...
GribbleGrunger  +   599d ago
If that video doesn't get people excited for KZS, nothing will.
JoGam  +   599d ago
Who's that guy? Love the video. Refreshing!
staticdash22  +   599d ago
thetruthMVP. He's a great guy, and loves playstation to death !
SonyStyled  +   599d ago
his names malik forte, like posted above hes thatruth. i used to play video games for his team competitively back in the day. good old 26* days
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Divine  +   599d ago
I thought i was the only one that was in love with the "bleep" sound after a kill.
SonyStyled  +   599d ago
i beleive when KZ2 came out GG called it the "chirp"
Silly gameAr  +   599d ago

Yeah I met him on that old site PSN Friends and we added each other. He's a good dude.Used to play a few games Like Resistance 2 and Uncharted 2 MP together but I haven't heard from him in a bit.
SonyStyled  +   599d ago
yea hes a great guy. ive lost touch with him myself but still got him on facebook
Maddens Raiders  +   599d ago
Agreed. This game is going to be fantastic.
Sevir  +   599d ago
I cant wait. Seriously
ShadowL9  +   599d ago
A mixture of the feeling of Killzone 2 and Halo 2? I want it now.
scott182  +   599d ago
I hope this gets a bundle in the US...
itBourne  +   599d ago
I cant make a decision until I know what the clan system will be like
MeatheadMilitia  +   599d ago
As a PC gamer, I am leaning more and more towards a PS4 and this is one of the reasons why.
yamelmegames  +   599d ago
Great video, Malik. I'm now definitely going to check it out the first chance I get.
BriTyBriT  +   599d ago
I can't wait for this game!
fpshooter2  +   599d ago
Absolutely cant wait for this game. I know it will awesome. PS4 preordered. KZ & driveclub day one
Sunnyknight  +   599d ago
So Killzone Shadowfall is basically going to be a great launch title, which also means that PS4 will be reproducing the great memories of the PS2 era where most of their exclusives were some of the best games played during that era. I likes that.
TheFallenAngel  +   599d ago
Great video.
mxrider2199  +   599d ago
if i heard correctly he just said this game is like kz2 and halo 2 on steroids.... those were the best 2 fps of the past 2 gens IMO and i will never ever sell this game or put it down if he is telling the truth...
Rimeskeem  +   599d ago
Day one buy, day one play, and day one beat
sandman224  +   599d ago
Best ps4 game ever
Darrevilen  +   599d ago
WHOA! Killzone 2 + Halo 2 feeling!? OMG... Those are the two greatest FPSs of all time man! KZSF is going to be a masterpiece!
robotgargoyle  +   599d ago
He's right about Killzone being a looker, but gameplay lacking. Was just playing single player Killzone 2 and the graphics still stand up (the game was released in 2008) but still can't finish it.

KZ:SF looks really good though. If I was getting a PS4 on launch, it'd be the game to get.
strickers  +   599d ago
I got stuck on the last boss battle of KZ2. Gave up in the end. KZ 3 single player just annoyed me. Quit at the stabbing guys you couldn't shoot.
Multiplayer of both was bloody great.
I hope for a more KZ2 single player but will probably focus on multiplayer. I don't do that ( outside of co op) with many games.

Played KZ3 recently online. Still great and still plenty of games
ufo8mycat  +   599d ago
And that is the reason why I am not that excited about Killzone SF.

It seems to be just graphics.
KZ2 and KZ3 gameplay was average.
So I am looking at the possible gameplay quality of KZ:SF based on KZ2/3.

Shall wait and see though
mayberry  +   599d ago
Killlzone is definitely BOSS! Day 1

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