Destiny: Bungie on Customization, Class Types, and Multiplayer

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During Gamescom, I was very pleased to meet with Bungie’s David “DeeJ” Dague, who was kind enough to answer questions about Destiny — the studio’s keenly anticipated project. We covered a number of topics, including item customization, class types, weapons, and details on how multiplayer will work.

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NatureOfLogic1720d ago

This is the most interesting new fps for next gen, but It's not exclusive, so no IGN hype.

Fireseed1719d ago

Looking so good! Now if Bungie does there usual business and throws in cameos and hints of Marathon I'll be a more than happy camper! :D

corvusmd1719d ago

For the latest tips and strategies go to

ZBlacktt1719d ago

Boy these open world games are just getting better and better come next Gen.

Scatpants1719d ago

Hey thanks for the remix of the same 10 minutes of footage you've been showing since E3. I'm starting to think this is the only part of the game they've made.

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