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Killzone Mercenary Review | IGN

IGN: "Killzone: Mercenary delivers on Vita's long-held promise of console-quality gaming on the go." (Killzone Mercenary, PS Vita) 8/10

aftrdark21  +   724d ago
Nice review. Might be worth picking up at some point.
PSjesus  +   724d ago
that's why Colin wasn't at IGN Beyond yesterday he was busy with his review
bunfighterii  +   724d ago
I bought it on the PSN this morning, itching to get home from work to play it! Loved the beta, really looking forward to online mode.
rulparra  +   723d ago
@bunfighterii, how many gbs is the digital copy?
lobenski  +   723d ago
Its 3.3 gbs, but they released a patch that takes it up to 4.6 which improves stability greatly
eferreira  +   724d ago
buying this day one
Divine  +   724d ago
My people . . .Sons and daughters of Helghan . .
NukaCola  +   724d ago
This is going to be awesome. I wish people would give the Vita a chance. Can't wait to get in and kill some ISA scum!
IMightBeRetarded  +   723d ago
I agree. A lot of reviewers giving it, and many other vita games, lower scores, they seem to be under the impression that it's a console game that can be over 4gb and are comparing it to console shooters (it's great that a comparison can even be made).
psDrake  +   724d ago
A fair interview. Can't wait to receive my pre-order !
Starbucks_Fan  +   724d ago
Can't wait to pick this up and Shadow Fall.
capjacksparrow  +   724d ago
I already paid off my preorder. The beta was awesome. I'm a huge Killzone fan and am 100% positive that this game won't disappoint.
Donnieboi  +   724d ago
Is there a pre-order bonus?
sincitysir1  +   724d ago
I believe it's a gun and some xp weekend thing. Nothing great but it's better than nothong
xxPillsxx  +   724d ago
Finally a site that doesn't compare this to PS3 and give it crappy score cause it isn't the SAME as PS3 on a HANDHELD.
SonyStyled  +   724d ago
ign generally gives fair unbiased reviews. the same couldnt be said about then a few years back though. they where brutal. i trust ign now though. but i trust another gamer/friends opinion over anything. ign is a big name sites that doesnt need to give crappy biased reviews to snag some hits like a lot of the other smaller sites. sometimes though ign still effs up. for instance look at Wni0's comment below. makes no sense. but like i said thats why i trust another gamer or friends opinion of a game over anything
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sincitysir1  +   724d ago
Yeah it's hard to trust
Ign sometimes because there are times when u know the reviewer is just a biased asshole. Word of mouth is definitely the strongest type of review IMO
Wni0   724d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(3)
GdaTyler  +   724d ago
I guess it's a solid score. I can't wait to get it as I've been hyped and been following it for years. I loved the beta and I can't wait to get more.

It's #19 on UK Amazon's and #44 on US Amazon's Video-Game bestsellers! I hope it sells well.
irishyort  +   724d ago
I love the comment in the review "woefully short campaign"

What did he expect... it's a handheld.

If this is the bar set maybe they better rethink the Uncharted 3 review 10/10 because that was only a woefully short 9 hours. I mean for a modern game 13 hours seems the norm.

Woefully short... what a silly statement!
cpayne93  +   723d ago
Being on a handheld doesn't mean it has to be short. Look at syphon filter or fireteam bravo 2 on psp. Just mentioning the shooters, but there are also really massive games on handhelds.
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H4all  +   724d ago
nice review..

Console Quality on the go = YES
Great online multiplayer = YES
Fluid Graphic = YES
Money Money Money in the game = YES
Black Jack is a good dealer = YES
Great Weapon = YES
Poisonous Multiplayer = YES
Great Texture = YES
Final Verdict is = YES YES YES YES !!!!
irishyort  +   724d ago
@H4all so you are only rating that a 50% then (8 yes' but only 4 yes' in the final verdict) - Haha ;)
H4all  +   724d ago
i'm typing so fast cause,
i'm too excited for this game..
and enjoying it's a pleasure..
what a greatness game on handheld device..
love it so much..
i give 10/10...
SKULLFACE  +   724d ago
I can't wait to buy this game and experience killzones multiplayer on the vita
Qrphe  +   724d ago
I've pre-ordered two, no joke
sincitysir1  +   724d ago
I will jizz all over my vita!
vigilante_man  +   724d ago
I was worried IGN were losing their Microsoft bias these past few months. I need not have worried.

Great this, great that, few tech issues lets mark them down! Shame it was not on a MS platform. It could of got 9.5 out of 10.

Great to have you back, IGN - just in time for more bias crap this next gen.

Ha, ha!
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SKULLFACE  +   723d ago
Gna be playing multiplayer at my free time at work.........:)))))))))))))))) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))).
cell989  +   723d ago
Im getting this game day one, end of story

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