Microsoft's Xbox Live Rewards program returns

Stevivor -- "Microsoft sent Xbox Live Rewards program members an email this morning advising that the popular loyalty system is back up and running.

"'We've rethought what it means to be rewarded. We've listened to your feedback and added new rewards into the mix. And now we couldn't be more excited to share it with you – our most dedicated Xbox fans,' said Microsoft, who'd put the program on hiatus while removing Microsoft Points as a means of currency from their systems."

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dmeador1329d ago

Nice. As long as there are some good incentives, this is a pretty awesome way to get MS back on peoples good graces

Gigaguy7771329d ago

This has always existed.

dmeador1324d ago

"returns" is the key word, so no it hasn't

XboxFun1329d ago

Awesome, a very good idea.
Get rewarded to play games.

YNWA961329d ago

Nothing wrong with this...

Funantic11329d ago

Yes this will add up very quickly.

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