Study: Publishers Shouldn't Release Demos, Just Trailers

Demos may be the best way to find out if you like a game, but releasing one might not be in a publisher's best financial interest, according to a study discussed at last week's MI6 video game marketing conference.

While demos may be effective at producing word-of-mouth, the EEDAR found that the highest selling games on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 produced buzz via Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network with trailers alone.

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Marceles3687d ago

"Demos may be the best way to find out if you like a game, but releasing one might not be in a publisher’s best financial interest"

Makes sense...if a game demo sucks, more people will think the whole game sucks and won't buy it. It almost seems like a trick from some devs, a game that looks amazing on a trailer, but then when asked for a demo they don't release it until a month after it's released. It reminds me of when Twilight Princess was coming out a few weeks after it was released on the Wii only to find out the Gamecube version was just a mirror of the Wii version, but Nintendo never said anything until it was released.

Ghoul3687d ago

You also have to spent alot of development time to make a demo. That manpower is better placed in the actual game then put into a demo. Trailers instead are mostly produced by outsourcers like blurstudios for example wich off course costs also alot of money but the team can continue on the game wich will save hellalot of money at the end.

And most demos Good/Bad dont really produce more hype then a good trailer.

fenderputty3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Sigma, HS and The Darkness because of their demo's. I was probably going to buy Drakes Fortune without a demo as well but, playing it only solidified my purchase.

I can see how releasing a crappy demo might not be beneficial to a game but, how many crappy demo's have you played for great games? I highly doubt a demo has ever hurt a quality title.

I know I've not bought a game because of a demo too though. I've been turned off by almost every sports game demo out. That might be because most of the sports games have been utter trash so far though.

Demo's have the potential to harm sales but, if it's a quality product in the first place, I don't see how they're bad at all. Demo'ing garbage is not a good idea though. Those games are better off with just teasers.

Still it helps us gamers make good choices.

Bring on the DEMOS!

Ghoul3687d ago


like i said

produceing a demo costs MUCH money, and most games get sold no matter if there is a demo or not. So in the end a bad demo does more damage then a good demo will benefit in sales.

i love demos myself but financially they aren't very effective

sonarus3687d ago

Well not all games need a demo to produce their buzz however some do. I bought NCAA a day after playing the demo and i wouldn't have without the demo. IT may not be in the best interest of the publisher, but it is in my best interest. A game with hype doesn't need a demo because that ultimately takes out those individuals who fall into the hype trap. But games without hype definitely need demos

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still the worst3687d ago

i think EA needs demo's
because i refused to buy any EA games without a demo
burnout was a good demo
so i picked up the game
im not buying army of two until i try it out first

Surfman3687d ago

same for me, and not only EA's games, but every games. When you play a demo, that's how you know if you'll like the game or not.

crazy250003687d ago

If EA does not release demos, I will not buy their games anymore.