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Killzone: Mercenary is the Vita’s third chance at a first person shooter worthy of being the killer app its two stick control system requires. Does it stand tall aside the franchise that spawned it, or are the skies burning yet again?

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cell9891233d ago

people expect this game to be in the same caliber as BF3 on Ps3 or Halo on 360, but they forget this is a portable system, take that into consideration before writing it off as another "generic" FPS.

LOGICWINS1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

Killzone has never been "original" except for the weighty feel of your character. I don't understand why thats suddenly a problem for critics of Mercenary. Im all for hearing everyones opinions, but as a reviewer, you need to understand what the devs intended to do with the game before giving an opinion on it. Killzone is meant to be fun, well designed, and good looking. No more no less.

As long as the story and characters are engaging enough to make the three elements I stated above shine, it doesnt matter to me how original the story is.

porkChop1233d ago

That's the problem with all reviews. They judge the game/movie based on what *they* think it should be, rather than what it's actually *meant* to be.

showtimefolks1233d ago


very well said. i agree 100%

francknara61233d ago

"yeah it's a portable game so it can be generic shit!"

Hell no. That's exactly why you don't make console-typed games on portables when you're smart and have talent.

I didn't buy a psvita to play low versions of generic fucking shooters. I loved Gravity Rush, i loved Soul Sacrifice, and i think i'll love Tearaway. Give me more things like that.

Hatsune-Miku1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

"I didn't buy a psvita to play low versions of generic fucking shooters. I loved Gravity Rush, i loved Soul Sacrifice, and i think i'll love Tearaway. Give me more things like that."

@ Franknara

I bought a vita because of one of the reasons you didnt buy it for. This game is the best shooter ever on a portable gaming console. Story telling is subjective but this game shines on a technological level.

I didnt like soul sacrifice but some people do. Basically people are individuals and like different things so I dont expect everything to be tailored for everyone in the world's liking. I cant wait for kz mercenary. I love the beta.

joe901233d ago

10/10 by a playstation site.....I would of never seen that coming.

Genuine-User1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

Can't wait for my copy to arrive this Friday :)

_FantasmA_1233d ago

Yeah thats what I said yesterday too man. They review this game like its on PS3. Do they know its only available on Vita? Why don't they trash IOS games? A Vita game should be reviewed as such. Just going by the beta, I can already tell this is the best Vita game.

Smokingunz1233d ago

Good to be hearing great things about this game! Im actually looking forward to playing it.

specialguest1233d ago

A 10/10 seems unbelievable just like a 6/10. This game has flaws based on what I've read and seen. The score for this game seems to be all over the scale.

Hicken1233d ago

A 10/10 doesn't mean a flawless game.

Tired of hearing that...

Donnieboi1233d ago

The reviews are based on the game pre-patch. The patch came out only hours before the embargo lifted, so the issues are mostly fixed. Too bad that Guerilla Cambridge took too long to release patch. It was too late for reviews. I'm only trusting post-patch reviews atm.

Mrgolden791232d ago

I wouldn't trust any of the reviews for that matter. There seems to be a huge anti vita crusade going on and many sites are giving low scores for hits.