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Polygon - Against all odds and despite the need for some serious suspension of disbelief, Mercenary's plot managed to hold my attention. Not much time is devoted to the story, but the few cutscenes and scattered moments of dialogue are used wisely to build a plot that's recognizable but still entertaining. The characters are recognizable archetypes — the grizzled veteran; the general who's gone too far; the innocent young boy — but they're well-drawn and keep the game moving.

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FlameHawk1781d ago

Same guy who gave TLOU a 7.5, boy am i surprised.
I don't understand why Sony keeps sending them games to review...

Thisisjuju1781d ago

Just don't give them the hits.

IcyEyes1781d ago


Anyway, Polygons again prove how bad their reviewer are.

Genuine-User1781d ago

Official Playstation Magazine UK:

Killzone Mercenary - 70

Resistance Burning Skies - 80

Polygon: Killzone Mercenary - 6

Resistance Burning Skies - 6.5

EGM: Killzone Mercenary - 6.5

Resistance Burning Skies - 6.5

Video Gamer: Killzone Mercenary - 6

Resistance Burning Skies - 6

I don't get it.

Blastoise1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Crazy. All you have to do is play the Killzone beta for 2 minutes and you realise it's better than the FPS' before it.

Bit of a shame really KZ is being judged the way it is. Still, it's getting mostly positive reviews and Polygon aren't exactly trust worthy. 6 for Dragons crown, 6.5 for Ni no kuni, 6 for Soul sacrifice and 7.5 for the last of us...

kwiksilver991781d ago

nobody can get it . that's the beauty of these so called 'review's'
they dont follow the streamlined paths of logic as you have just shown with the comparism above.

H4all1781d ago

wow.. that's make sense...
thanks for the info...

i'm enjoying killzone mercenary..
like SONY SAYS..
'' Console Quality on the go ''
well i don't believe their review..
believe in my self.. cause i know it's great..

Ult iMate1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

The overall review score system is inconsistent, corrupted and broken on the global level, obviously.

dredgewalker1780d ago

Polygon is absolutely the worst site for reading any Sony related gaming review. The Dragon's Crown review I read and watched was nothing short of disgusting. Why they let a retarded feminist review a game that feminists hate is beyond my comprehension. I have a copy of the game and I actually pay no attention to the bouncing boobs cause that will definitely get my character killed. If I want to see boobs I'd rather watch hentai or real porn.

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Ult iMate1780d ago

I hope, they get paid from some platformholder for their review, otherwise they make fools of themselves for free.

b-dash1781d ago

Resistance Burning Skies 6.5 by polygon.
According to them, nihilistic is the winner

LOGICWINS1781d ago

Mercenary and Burning Skies were reviewed by different people with different opinions.

abc12331781d ago

That's not how their scoring system works, it's not just determined by the reviewer. So yeah, apparently Burning Skies > Mercenary

LOGICWINS1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )


Ummm okay sure.

@Porkchop- Yes, they meet with senior editors to determine what score the game should receive based on the tone of the review..but we will never know what score the game would have received if the person who wrote the review assigned the score himself.

Despite everyone at Polygon grouping up to come to a score, they could have been very divided in their opinions. Some could have scored the game an 8 and others could have scored it a 5, thus resulting in them meeting somewhere in the middle. Personally, thats a bad way to review games IMO.

The more people you involve in a score decision, the more bias comes into play.

porkChop1781d ago

The final score is decided on by the entire staff, not just the reviewer. So whether the 2 games were reviewed by 2 different people is completely irrelevant.

-Foxtrot1781d ago

People can review games differently with their own opinions on them but I still think the site they work for in general effects their opinion a little.

I mean as the guy above said it's the same guy who gave the Last of Us a 7.5...with terrible reasons to back his review up with

LOGICWINS1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Btw abc no disrespect. I just didnt understand what you were saying. Polygon as a whole does indeed decide the final score. Would have made more sense to omit the score entirely since their system is so weird. One guy does the written review, but the score is decided others??? LOL

Theres nothing wrong with Mercenary getting a 6 if the written review backs it up, but it doesnt.

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BeAGamer1781d ago

I don't care, I'm still buying it

LOGICWINS1781d ago

Obviously you care. U wouldnt have clicked this link if you didnt. I already have my copy paid off, but Im ALWAYS curious to hear about what others think of the game to give me a good idea of what to expect.

HammadTheBeast1781d ago

It's more than worth it from what I've played at a friends.

porkChop1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Always going out of their way to go against the general consensus, just like the 7.5 this same guy gave The Last of Us. And just like with The Last of Us the final score doesn't even come close to matching up with the overall tone of the review itself.

And as b-dash above has said, Polygon is actually rating KZ:M below Resistance from Nihilistic. What a joke of a site. They started off really good and they just went downhill very fast. They're just like Kotaku these days.

abc12331781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Tbh I don't think the reviewer is at fault. The review is generally positive to say the least but the overall score is determined by the entire staff, so this appears to be a problem with the entire site rather than just the reviewer himself, though admittedly some of the negative points he raised felt quite silly. Could explain the whole review not matching up to the score.

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