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Why The Binding of Isaac Can't Come to Nintendo's eShop

IGN:Nintendo's Dan Adelman says "it kills me" that Binding of Isaac can't come to his platforms, and that Nintendo's experiencing "growing pains." (Dan Adelman, The Binding of Isaac, Wii U)

NYC_Gamer  +   628d ago
I doubt any game that touches on religion like Isaac does will ever hit Nintendo hardware
PopRocks359  +   627d ago
Having read the article, I feel there is hope. A representative of Nintendo talks about how they feel inclined to loosen up and apply exceptions to certain guidelines.

They're thinking about it. I just wish they'd get serious about it. And soon. I would really like to play TBoI on my Wii U.
imXify  +   628d ago
We knew that months ago.....

But who cares, getting this on Vita day one C:
Misaka_x_Touma  +   627d ago
you mean like years ago
Gigaguy777  +   628d ago
Why would we want it? Unless the controls tighten up, then I'm not the least bit interested. The 3DS is pretty much an RPG Player, and there's nothing wrong with that except trying to put games on it that don't fit.
Baka-akaB  +   627d ago
They deserve some facepalm when the first Bayonetta was basically about sexy "milf" fighting against angels and god ...

And i dont see Platinum compromising the sequel and removing those parts
Nevers0ft  +   627d ago
You've pretty much hit the nail on the head. Nintendo doesn't seem to strike any sort of consistency with their censorship of games and hasn't since the early 90s. For example they allowed Cho Aninki on the SNES and Conker on the N64 - both games of dubious content... It seems strange they'll allow homoerotic content or swearing and p*ssing on enemies but run a mile over some vague religious references.

As the article pointed out though, Nintendo seem to be becoming slightly more self-aware and hopefully they'll realise they can release games with "adult" themes, slap an age restriction on them and wait for the money to come rolling in without the sky falling in.
SAYGUH  +   627d ago
They need to loosen the hell up, this is so disgraceful...

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