PALGN: Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity Review - Defy gravity with Sonic and friends

PALGN writes: "When Sonic Riders was released back in 2006, it was met with fairly mediocre reviews. While the game was praised for keeping a consistent frame rate and having an interesting take on the Sonic franchise, it also had an awkward control scheme that would often cause you to crash into walls. Two years later, Sonic Team have decided to take another crack at it, this time introducing several new features such as the gear-change system and the ability to manipulate gravity. Unfortunately, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity still suffers from the same flaws which plagued the first game.

Zero Gravity takes place after the events of the first game. One night, several meteorites fall from the sky and cause Dr. Eggman's robots to go on a rampage through the city. As it turns out, the meteorites were actually parts of a special machine that could manipulate time and space, and now the robots are after the remaining pieces. Sonic some how manages to obtain a piece, which sets in motion the events for another high speed adventure."

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