World Of Warcraft movie starts filming in January

World Of Warcraft's movie adaptation gets underway and starts filming in January according to conversations held on Twitter. Legendary, Blizzard and Activision who are all collaborating together to make the film have relocated to Vancouver in order to make preparations.

There are no details on the plot, but there have been rumours that Johnny Depp may star in the film in an un named role.

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Snookies121694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Johnny should play Kael'thas lol. I wonder what kind of plot it'll have, or which villains they'll feature.

3-4-51694d ago

If they were smart they would cast NO famous people.

This is the kind of movie future stars could shine in, and doing so, keep the movie more like the game.

when you bring in famous people for stuff like this it usually ends up cheesy.

GentlemenRUs1694d ago

I'd kinda watch it... When its out on Blu-ray ;)

Sarobi1694d ago

I hope this turns out for the better. This movie has been up and down for awhile now, so to hear it's finally in the filming stages is great.

ChrisW1694d ago


The first half the movie will be, "Go collect 10 bunny tails and I'll make a bunny fluff for you." And the other half will be, "Go collect 10 bunny fluffs and I'll give you a [mediocre] potion that makes bunnies drop more tails for 5 seconds."

Roccetarius1694d ago

A lot of things can happen before January, just like the last time. :)

Rumours are that this may be about Arthas.