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Submitted by cyguration 817d ago | news

Steam Survey: Most PC Gamers Have Weaker PCs Than PS4, Xbox One

Gaming Blend "Valve released a new survey for August detailing who is using what and how much. While a lot of the numbers aren't very surprising, the majority of the 50 million or so users of Steam seem to be slightly underpowered compared to what the next-gen consoles will be packing. " (PC, PS4, Steam, Xbox One)

GDDR6_2014  +   817d ago
In other news, most console gamers also have weaker consoles than ps4, Xbox one

And that won't change in 5 to 7 years
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HammadTheBeast  +   817d ago
40% of PC gamers are also primarily League or DoTA players as well.

League runs on bad computers as well.
360ICE  +   817d ago
No, 40% of PC gamers play Candy Crush and Farmville. Steam gamers are a different story. Different from City Story anyway.
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JhawkFootball06  +   817d ago

Your comment makes no sense.

"Most console gamers also have weaker consoles than ps4, Xbox one"

- Well... yeah they are not released yet?

And what won't change in 5 to 7 years?
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GDDR6_2014  +   817d ago

I meant most console gamers will still have weaker consoles than ps4/xb1 in the next 5-7 years, ps4/xb1 is not going to outnumber ps3/360/wii anytime soon
Aggesan  +   817d ago
@GDDR6_2014 With that logic PS2 is still the most played console today. Doesn't make sense, does it?
minimur12  +   817d ago
My mum has a steam acount..... she uses it to play peggle.
blackmagic  +   817d ago
It makes sense to me, all the multiplatform pc titles for the last 6-7 years have been designed to run on ps3/360 too so the min requirements have been pretty low. With the new consoles, we're going to suddenly see some pretty horsepower intensive games coming to market which will inspire many to upgrade imho.
Rifkens  +   816d ago
Exactly, when competitive play is concerned, max fps is all that matters
slayorofgods  +   816d ago
Its a monthly survey and better to just look up yourself here

The article skews the information a bit.
They left out graphics cards for some reason on this last survey but the last I checked the average power is something comparable to a ati 5770. I don't even know how you can write an entire article without that information.

There is also a good reason why the average pc specs are what they are. It's because people don't upgrade their computers if their pc's can handle current games.

Personally I've eyed new upgrades. But with current games and the fact they still play well on my current build I've had little reason for the extra power. The PC upgrades will likely happen fast once the PS4 and XBone launch because games will also advance at a faster pace.
Murad  +   816d ago
Dude, Dota 2 will rape your GPU, trust me. Just because LoL is easy to play doesn't mean Dota 2 is, or even Dota.
CheexInk  +   816d ago

Actually it makes perfect sense. The thing is they're lumping all PC gamers together. It's the same thing as lumping all console gamers together. What's the difference if I only play old PC games and haven't upgraded in 10 years vs only playing PS2 and having not bought a new console?

The point is that the statistics and the article don't really give you any valuable information on what the average hardware is for a PC gamer that is actually interested in modern releases.
starchild  +   816d ago
A lot of people that use Steam are a little more casual and they aren't going to upgrade their PCs unless they just can't play games.

That said, most of the kind of PC gamers that frequent game sites and waste time talking about games generally are the kind of gamers that have a good-to-amazing gaming PC.

Most of us hardcore PC gamers have much more powerful rigs.

In any case, I don't see why it matters. People have the choice on PC to get whatever power and performance that they want. That's one of the beautiful things about PC gaming: we're not stuck with a one-size-fits-all approach.
joe90  +   817d ago
32 million League of Legends players

25 million Counter Strike sold

7 million Dota 2 sold

8 million World of Warcraft players

4 million Football Manager 2013 sold

All these games can be played on a laptop from your local PC store and are the most popular games played on PC. Also Steam is not locked on our computers like consoles to make sure we only buy there products, PC is open sourced, we can buy our games from anywhere and don't have to have steam rammed down our throat like XB/PS firmware.

Also i checked the stats, all that hardware is full hardware NOT mobile chips what the consoles are using.
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stuff  +   817d ago
Somebody is in hate mode. Calm down buddy. PC gamers are cool too.
joe90   817d ago | Personal attack | show
wsoutlaw87  +   817d ago
on the majority of big titles now a days steam is forced on you with its drm. That or Origin. I wouldn't really call psn/xbl "rammed down our throat", its os so enjoy that windows thats rammed down your throat. You came up with a stupid argument that seems to be trying to defend what the article is stating. Why get mad at what others have in there pc. If you dropped more money to have better hardware than you then congrats, but not everyone wants to do that.
joe90  +   817d ago
LOL wsoutlaw87

You think Windows is the only PC OS. Good luck changing your console OS.
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T2  +   817d ago
Ya except Joe ive seen you use "Sony piss stinking peasant " before ... So why not admit its how u feel
Deltaguy  +   817d ago
can't you have multiple accounts on LOL
stuff  +   817d ago

PC fanboys are by far the funniest of us all. You're like the kid that gets mad because nobody wants to fight you. So you go rage in a corner all on your own.

If you're going call me out for having nothing to say, please take the high road. I was merely trying to say that there is no reason for having such an angry tone.

People are going to game on PC and people are going to game on consoles. Those are some good points you made, although a bit skewed. The bottom line is this, there is another generation of console gaming on the way and nothing anyone can do will stop it. Consoles, thanks to many of those same reasons you listed, are safer for developers and they are more convenient for most users.
ZBlacktt  +   817d ago
In a nutshell. Trying to justify spending so much to game. Yet, can't do it for $399 TOTAL.
H0RSE  +   816d ago
Ummm, PC gamers enjoy all the extra things you can do with a PC besides gaming, as well as the versatility that comes with being able to swap and upgrade hardware. They also enjoy the extra features the games and/or community offer, like mods and other user-made content. In a nutshell, when comparing PC to console, you get what you pay for.
andrewsqual  +   817d ago
Noooooo, no this is false. Has to be false, nawwwwwwww.
awi5951  +   817d ago
Not me i have 2 PS4 gpu's and a cpu with twice the speed.
kingPoS  +   816d ago
I've got nothing against gaming on pc's. But for a guy like me on budget, I just can't justify spending over $800 to piece together a gaming pc.

To be honest I'm still using Vista on my 09' laptop with 2gb of ram. Why... Because it's still in good condition and plays my MKV's well enough... that and it somehow grew on me.

Why do some people like old outdated cars?

By maintenance, I meant the rigs with overclocked liquid cooled chips. If you run them that hard they're bound to break. Flip side - Most average pc's only need dusting & defragmentation.

guess i was too dramatic earlier huh lol
Persistantthug  +   817d ago

kingPoS  +   817d ago
Ahh yes! The illustrious ultra gaming PC. I've heard tales of annual maintenance costs averaging around $299. (I hear that liquid cooled goodness doesn't last forever)

I suppose for the time being I'll have to rely upon my apparently weak console. What ever will I do when the next generation consoles arrive in November?
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awi5951  +   816d ago

Are console guys really this petty? You can't match PC give up already. Used PC parts on ebay that go for dirt cheap will out perform consoles its just too easy to upgrade off ebay and amazon for you guys to keep deluding yourself. I bought graphics cards off ebay that were brand new that equal the new console GPU's off ebay for $150.

I just bought 7850's for 150 dollars dirt cheap off there 2GB versions brand new. Now my sister has a dual 7850 2GB with a 3.6 hex core cpu for less than 400 dollars because i build Pc's all the time and i have motherboards,cases, and power sources everywhere, leftovers from old builds. Let's take bets on which will have the higher FPS at 1080P on ultra settings i bet it still wins.
Maintenance costs???? I dont know what the crap you are talking about lol. You may have a part crap out but they fix that crap for free lol.

Old PC parts are like currency you can easily trade them for money on ebay. Its like a old Car the parts individually is worth more that the whole car. I sell my old parts for a major profit more than enough to buy all the upgrades i want. I always make money when i part out my Pc on ebay then build a new one from the cash i earn and i still have a little profit left over.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   817d ago
Lol my X1 and PS4 will be stronger than allot of peoples PC's.
Lisica  +   816d ago
Doubt it. PS4 is not out yet.
When you buy a PS4, most people will have stronger PC.
gazgriff2k12  +   816d ago
NOW PC elites please shut th e f**k up and enjoy your superior P.C's
awi5951  +   816d ago
How about you shut up! Console people are the ones that keep comparing yourself to the master race.

And @ NatureOfLogic

Who the crap answers surveys, no one does i certainly didnt get one and my pc runs everything on ultra and i have a steam account. Since there are 4 million people on steam on the weekends im guessing most didnt get the survey i know i didnt .
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NatureOfLogic  +   817d ago
*grabs popcorn* But I thought every PC gamer have beast rigs. I guess not.
JsonHenry  +   817d ago
Not everyone who has steam installed uses it solely on their gaming rigs. When I did my steam survey I did it from a work laptop. I have it installed on there so when I am out and about I can still chat with my friends on Steam and play some of the indie games that are not resource hogs.

Also- not everyone has a gaming rig period. I know a lot of people that have old PCs that only have steam to play older Counter Strike games and free games like Dota2 which do not need a beefy machine to play.
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360ICE  +   817d ago
*also grabs popcorn*
That's so weird, because I actually did my Steam survey from an incredibly powerful super computer we have in a research lab near my house. So I guess that evens that out.
The Great Melon  +   817d ago
Steam always likes to ask me to do the surveys on may secondary computers rather than my main gaming machine. That always annoys me to no end. Is there anyway to initiate the survey yourself?
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Murad  +   816d ago
Dude, try playing an indie title called Miner Wars, and my God, that game is probably the biggest hog ever.
JsonHenry  +   816d ago
@ The great Melon- I have the same problem. It always asks me to test on my Laptop or a work PC I happen to be using. I never care enough to bother looking and seeing if I can initiate it from my gaming rig but I am sure there is probably a way to do so.

@ Murad, yes. I've read that game is not very optimized. But I was talking more like Anodyne, UnEpic, or Deadlight.
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sonarus  +   817d ago
Considering that those heavy gaming rigs are in the 2000-4000 dollar range, i think not
Foxgod  +   817d ago
1500 Us dollars, or 1200 Euro will get you a high end rig.

For 2000 ~ 4000 is overkill, systems for people who like to have a big e penis, but adds nothing to the game but a higher fps, which is already 50+ on highest settings on a 1200 rig.
FlameBaitGod  +   817d ago
4 thousand dollars on a gaming rig...... are you talking about the 1 made out of gold ? cus If not then you are way off.
OrangePowerz  +   817d ago

If you want to play high end games (BF, Metro, Crysis and a small amount of other games) on ultra with high resolution (far above 1080) 1 500 wouldn't cut it as GPUs (SLI or crossfire) would roughly cost you 800-1000 alone.
T2  +   817d ago
Check prices in Canada, a beast rig wilk run you a good 1500 ... Im actually in debt to Sony and ms for price equality in Canada for first time ever ... Its a big deal ...the dollar has been parity forever and we get fd on electronics , cars, books, everything
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Feralkitsune  +   817d ago
@OOrange a 660ti alone can ultra those games at 1080p. You're crazy. I have a 660ti, at stock clock, since I don't bother with overclocking and the games all run fine for me at 1920x1200.

Hell, even ARMA 3 at ultra settings at that res.

Proof:video from my TTV stream:
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awi5951  +   817d ago
NO PC that can run all games on ultra should cost 1500 lol. IF i built my dream PC with dual graphics cards it wouldnt cost anywhere that much. Let me put it this way i built my sister a pc and me a pc and it didnt cost that much. My pc has dual 7950's my sister has dual 7850's.
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awi5951  +   817d ago

Dual 7850 2GB runs metro last light on ultra at 1080P at 45 to 30 fps but thats with a weak cpu in my sisters pc. My dual 7950's run it fine. Also guys i have another set of 7850's i was going to use for a build for a friend i think i will put them up on Ebay for 300(since hes broke now and cant pay) if you want to look out for them im going to put them up on sale.
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Lisica  +   816d ago
What the hell do I do with $4000 PC?
I play everything on maximum with my $800 PC.
(BF3 works like a charm)
Murad  +   816d ago
Dude, you're insane. My system can run every game, including Battlfield 3 on ultra settings, and it barely costed me a total of 1,200. If you think 2,000 is a high end machine, you must be one of those that buys AMD 5.0 ghz branded items.
vulcanproject  +   817d ago | Intelligent
At this stage in the console lifecycles part of the point is you don't even need a beast rig to smash the current consoles silly.

At the transition of the new consoles, you are only talking maybe 15-25 million new generation consoles sales in the first year, and probably as many people upgrading their PCs every year to make sure they stay ahead of the game. So by the time next gen consoles have serious market share after a couple years, PC technology is out of sight again.

But this year there isn't much need to have a beast PC to run games over and above anyone with a console.

Typically the consoles have one year where they can get near a decent PC (the year they cost the most to buy themselves...) and then afterwards they slide further and further behind rather quickly.

The difference in this transition however is that clearly, these new consoles are actually slower relative to good PC hardware than any generation before.

Its never been easier and cheaper to build a gaming PC that can outmatch a next gen console that isn't even in the shelf yet....
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cyguration  +   817d ago
Dang, and this is why you have so many bubbles. Well said, sir. Have a bubble for an intelligent comment.
OrangePowerz  +   817d ago
I think the consoles now are closer to the PC in power now compared to last gen. In 2004 I was playing on PC Far Cry and when the current consoles came out the games where miles away to compete with that. If you look at Forza 5, Killzone Shadow Fall or inFamous Second Son, they are much closer in graphics to whay you get on PC now. Consoles profit from PC hardware having now smaller improvements every year compared to 7-10 years ago when the improvements in hardware have been bigger.

The time consoles are closest to the PC is in the middle when the devs get more out of the hardware. The early years they get used to the hardware and in the late years the hardware difference is too big because by then consoles have 7-8 year old hardware.
vulcanproject  +   817d ago
OrangePowerz- well you're wrong.

Also you haven't actually played any of those finished games yet on finished hardware.

I can't honestly say hand on heart that I have seen anything that looks any better than what PC was capable of doing a couple years back e.g 2011 games- Battlefield 3 on ultra, The Witcher 2, Crysis 2 etc fogive me if I'm wrong, but isn't Battlefield 4 on PS4, the most powerful next gen console, unlikely to even be in native 1080p?? WTFF???.

The gap is bigger than it has ever been, these new consoles are the slowest new consoles relative to current existing PC hardware than any generation before, easily.

The consoles are closest performance wise the second they launch, that much is obvious. Beyond this period, they fall further and further behind. The constant march of technology my friend.

You can ALREADY get much faster PC components to what is inside the new consoles particularly the GPU, This was never possible when 360 launched (at the end of 2005. Far cry PC pre dated X360 by over 18 months so your comparison is somewhat flawed). This phenomenon is a direct result of the manufacturers no longer trying to build the fastest consoles and take the loss like in the past.

I agree its about a year before a developer really gets to grips with new console hardware, but by then typically PC hardware has already moved the goalposts which was my point.

By the time Xbone and PS4 are a year old, mainstream PC stuff will be pretty much as fast as a Geforce Titan is now. All this stuff now thats already way faster than the consoles like a GTX770, 7970ghz etc will be relegated to merely midrange in the pecking order (and price hierarchy).

Less than a year from the day these machines launch in November. I guarantee that.
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OrangePowerz  +   816d ago
DICE isn`t a console dev as we can see in BF3 because the console version of BF3 is not the best looking game on either console.

I don`t know why people keep comparing hardware always directly between console and PC. You get way more out of the same hardware on consoles compared to a PC. On a PC you cannot run anything with the specs from the current gen consoles because it wouldn`t even boot up the OS with a lousy 512MB RAM and a GPU that was already at launch very bad in the case of the PS3 or a bad CPU in the case of the 360.
vulcanproject  +   816d ago
DICE actually started out on the Amiga, then became better known for their PC titles. But I don't believe you can claim they aren't a multiplatform and thus console dev, they have been building games across all those platforms for ages now.

Really I only talked about relative performance to a PC, the key word was relative. Relatively, next gen consoles are much further behind performance wise to higher end hardware than Xbox 360 ever was when it launched.

Consoles might be more efficient and PC might use brute force to beat them, but then thats connected to my point about how PC hardware really is that much faster than new consoles before they are even out.

By the time anyone has got a good grip on these new consoles after a year PC gamers will be buying graphics card that cost less than $200 that comprehensively beat them.

It'll just not matter that the average PC is slower now, because that is always evolving as newer console user bases slowly build up.

When 360 launched everybody had single core pentiums/athlons and 7600GTs. 2 years after everybody had some sort of dual core and 8800 class card which battered 360. Yet this was all the while 360 was a machine with a cutting edge GPU. I wouldn't precisely call any of these consoles cutting edge....
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Cuzzo63  +   817d ago
Yea I thought so too. @jsonHenry so alot of pc guys use laptops or multiple rigs but only use the weaker for steam? Ooookay...

why not sell the old rig for a new gfx card
aquamala  +   817d ago

because that old rig or laptop is perfectly fine for some indie games and older games.
Sci0n  +   817d ago
Yea every single PC gamer has the ultimate gaming rig. The PC elitist present the stats in almost every debate they have.
BLow  +   817d ago
Shh, obviously this can't be true. Reading the comments on here you would think that though right? All fanboys are all the same no matter what platform they cling too. People just need to enjoy games shit and not worry about what system or (apparently beast PC because this is not the truth story) someone else is playing on. It seems like this crap will get old after awhile but some of you need to feed your egos I guess to make yourself feel better. Meanwhile, how about we play some games.......
Foxgod  +   817d ago
Why wasnt i part of that survey?
Because my I7 is a lot more powerful.
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Smoovekid  +   817d ago
PC elitists blame consoles for holding PC gaming back but not everyone has a $1,000 PC to game on.
Foxgod  +   817d ago
I think its bull, consoles dont hold anything back, consoles simply get a watered down version of what has been developed for pc.

Thats how its always been.
BitbyDeath  +   817d ago
If that were the case then PC would already be getting nextgen games with graphics like the division or infamous second son. PC gets slightly better looking console games, generally modders have to do the work to bring in much better graphics.
#4.1.1 (Edited 817d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(7) | Report
Foxgod  +   817d ago
Games like Crysis 3 and Metro Last light already looked next gen on pc.
#4.1.2 (Edited 817d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(5) | Report
cyguration  +   817d ago

Yeah, just look at games like Black Desert Online and Star Citizen, or even TERA before them. Many of the non-console ports already look like stuff coming to PS4 and XB1.
BitbyDeath  +   817d ago
@cyguration, two of those games aren't released yet, so of course they would look next-gen. TERA is not on the same level as the other two. I'm not saying PC won't get next-gen games, obviously they will. But PC has been waiting for next-gen consoles before upping the quality.
cyguration  +   817d ago

Oh yeah, I also forgot about Rigs of Rod, Project CARS, the Outerra Engine, BeamNG's racing game and the Brigade Engine prototypes.
NioRide  +   816d ago
Don't forget about modding on games like skyrim, with a few texture mods, a nice ENB, and some added forests and details the game looks better than anything advertised on the ps4 and xbone anyways.
MysticStrummer  +   817d ago
I've been saying this for a long time.

People with gaming PCs won't admit they are a small percentage of the total PCs in the world. Most PC games are being played on stock machines that are at least a year or two old, and if they're upgraded at all they have some extra memory or some other relatively minor upgrade.
Foxgod  +   817d ago
Oh, il admit, because hey, even console owners are a small % in the world (300 million out of 7+ billion people), so game pc owners are an even smaller %.
#5.1 (Edited 817d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Rainstorm81  +   817d ago
Nice way to be a condesending asshole
MysticStrummer  +   817d ago
lol What the hell does that have to do with anything? I'm talking about PC gamers blaming consoles for holding PC gaming back, when the reality is that most PCs can't handle pushing the envelope like hardcore PC gamers want.
Persistantthug  +   817d ago

I agree with you
PC gamers are always claiming that "Consoles hold PC gaming back" nonsense.

But the most anticipated and talked about AAA budget PC exclusive for 2012 was DIABLO 3.
For 2013 it was SIM CITY.

The truth is PCs themselves hold PC gaming back.....Low end "Walmart'ish" PCs and laptops.
#5.1.3 (Edited 817d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report
Not sure how the survey was asked but for the VRAM portion people probably just listed their dedicated VRAM instead of their total VRAM.
Letros  +   817d ago
I've had my GTX 580 for 3 years now, I wonder if I'll even need to upgrade it considering the consoles can only run BF4 at 720p. I guess it may be nice to have GDDR6 next year though.
#7 (Edited 817d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Pain_Killer  +   816d ago
Your GTX 580 is going to run Battlefield 4 fine at 1080P.
Letros  +   816d ago
Don't recall saying I would be able to run it well at 1080p...720p? Most certainly at 60fps.
OrangePowerz  +   817d ago
Isn't it obvious? The most popular PC games don't require a powerful PC while the hardcore PC games with up to date graphics sell usually rather bad. PC best selling games recently have been games like Diablo 3 or StarCraft 2 HotS that scale well to lower rigs and plenty of people play LoL.

Disclaimer: My gaming rig is quite decent and I usually play the more core games like BF, Tomb Raider, Bioshock, Far Cry and so on on it and I will also get next gen consoles because both have their advantages and disadvantages and specific games you can only get on consoles or PC.
stuff  +   817d ago
You're right. Imo, one reason why console gaming is much more popular than pc gaming: We, being as competitive as we are, we know that all console gamers are playing on the same hardware. None of us will have a competitive edge over another simply because one may have spent $1500 more on his rig allowing him greater view distance or reaction time due to a much higher frame rate, etc.

I spent over $2k on my rig and gamed on it for the past two years, but Tbh I'd rather play on my console. The gameplay is just as good as PC and the selection is much better.
PotatoClock  +   817d ago
PS3 for the exclusives, PC for the eye candy.

I struggle to go back to a console. 1080 and anti-aliasing is hard to give up.
NioRide  +   816d ago
Stuff, internet is a edge, internet speeds will always be a edge in gaming. Especially so in consoles.
ninjahunter  +   817d ago
Lol, that was an... interesting... article. I dont think its accurate with its assumptions, but heres what the article said, without the butthurt.

65% of steam users have GPUs That are competitive with next gen consoles, an additional 29% are questionably comparable in the graphics department.

It didnt give a number but it said that a large majority of PC gamers are sporting 8gb of ram with an additional 1gb of Vram.

And the Part that it claims to be the PC killer is the CPU power portions, where 47% of PC gamers are using Dual cores, a majority of which are i3's and Core 2 Duos, and the other 44% of PC gamers have quad cores such as i5's and i7's.

The argument was that the Dual core CPU's are massively outmatched by the Jaguar based CPU's in the next gen consoles. (it compared the PC as a .22 compared to a console .45 magnum)

Which isn't particularly true, Since an i3 at the average of 2.6ghz actually matches the performance of four bobcat(which are 15% weaker than jaguar, aka PS4) CPUs clocked at 2.4ghz combined. Which, is a bit overkill, but loosely compares to the PS4. But Core 2 Duo people in this range would be outgunned by about 20%.

This google search was brought to you by Cinebench R10, Notebookcheck and the windows 7 calculator program.
Rainstorm81  +   817d ago
The thing is PCs of comparable power do get the same out put as their Console counterparts.

Thats like trying to run Crysis 3 on a PC with 360 or PS3 specs.
spartanlemur  +   817d ago
I thought this was obvious...
#10 (Edited 817d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ajax17  +   817d ago
Console peasant 4 life, lol.
Spoons  +   817d ago
Well, obviously. Most people can't afford 1500 to 3000 dollars for a high end gaming rig. A rig which you will end up needing to upgrade in 2 years. My PS3 hasn't been upgraded in 5 years and only cost me 500 dollars, and it is still able to play the latest games.
Corpser  +   817d ago
A 5 year old PC is perfectly fine if you're happy with ps3 quality graphics, games like saints row 4 on ps3 are not even native 720p, good god
sovietsoldier  +   817d ago
well with the xbox and ps4 having custom built parts and software its not hard to believe pc's are weaker. if i could make custom parts for my pc i would have a a beefy pc better than anything.
Triggytrolls  +   817d ago
I only have a gtx 670 i5 cpu, nnt sure how that compares to ps4 ect. Still, i'm getting a ps4 on launch.
Pain_Killer  +   816d ago
You do know that your PC is more powerful than a PS4?
cunnilumpkin  +   817d ago
a $250 GPU craps on the ps4/xbox1

the ps4 and xbox1 play bf4 in MEDIUM settings at sub-1080p

a 660 ti will play it in high settings at 1080p

that's a mid spec card that's over 2 years old

ps4 and xbox1 are nothing to write home about power wise

their promise is the new games and exclusives they will bring to the market, nothing about their power is impressive to anyone with even a 2 year old mid spec pc
Persistantthug  +   817d ago

I challenge you to build me a COMPLETE and out of the door $400 PC that will match the PS4.

Make sure you don't forget the Windows, the case, BluRay AND the Keyboard & Mouse.
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cunnilumpkin  +   817d ago
I challenge YOU to find me a console I can buy that I can do my college homework on, send in reports to my boss, book a flight on, make a movie on, edit a music video for my band on, video conference with 5 family members from all over the world on

that allows me to emulate nearly every ps2 game

that allows me to play 1000's of hours worth of free mods for my favorite games

that has backwards compatibility going back to the 1980's

that I can create art with, that I can make money on selling stocks, playing poker

that I could pick up women on, (if I was

show me a console that has the type of sales steam and greenmangaming, amazon downloads, gamersgate, gamestop downloads, origin, humble bundle all competing for my money desperately

show me a console I can do my banking on, show me a console I can buy my groceries on

I can keep going or is the OWNAGE I have been feeding you enough

a $250 gpu is going to KILL the ps4, #dealwithit

your grandma probably has a quad core pc with 8gb ddr3, mine does, so do my parents, every neighbor on my block has a modern pc with a quad core cpu and 8 gb ram

add a $50 psu and a 2 year old, $250 gpu and it will do everything I said and CRAP all over the ps4

enjoy bf4 in sub-1080p and MEDIUM settings for your "next gen" gaming pleasure


and ps4 is $400
psn plus for 8 years is $400
games cost at LEAST $15 more
100 games x $15 = $1500

your "$400" console will cost you over $2300

and it will probably break once or twice in 8 years

so plan on spending over $2700 for your inferior gaming, literally MAXED day one and cannot even run bf4 properly

I challenge you to not spew out anymore garbage, there is nothing you can say that makes you not look like a drone

do you buy all your TV's at Rent-A-Center and pay by the week>...."its cheaper bro!!!"
ssj27  +   816d ago
PS4 can play PS1,2,3 games or will eventually pretty soon!
Once the PS4 is hacked it will play snes games and any other emulator!

We don't know if mods are going to be part of the ps4 that up to the devs, only few games will have mods. Pc does have a advantage there!

What you mean create art and make money pkay pocker? What a stupid point. LOL

You can pick up womens too on the PSN or using the web browser on the PS4, you can and will actually also make friends that you will eventually meet! Nothing gay or weird but just good friends thanks to great community.

You talk about sales like we can't get PlayStation games at $20 $10?
We can also sale our games back if we want to recover some money, trade games.. I have trade many games in Craigslist without a problem! That is a great value and if I want to buy a game new or old for cheaper price I can use Craigslist! Brand new games for $50 and sometimes even a week before they release.

Talk about specs and the 7 years old Xbox360 can play crysis or farcry 3 lol you can't run thos games at 1fps on equivalent pcs haha take that.

I will actually be enjoying Killzone Shadoe Fall at 1080p 60fps a game that makes BF4 look like a PS3 "HD" game .

True I don't like the idea of them forcing plus on us, but is a amazing deal at I will have over 1.000 games in those 8 years, some cheap whatever games and many free amazing games that I can enjoy! Making fun of plus is stupid since is a amazing value! Made for the gamers.

Your stats on game prices are very irrelevant, I already explain you I can get cheap games no need to spend $60 on ever game.

True my PS4 can be broken but repairs usually cost $150 under Sony Costumer service if such a thibg happen.

The other advantage pc has is the resolution, if you spend good $ you can be gaming on 4k but that will take lots of $ .

What bothers me is and reason I will not get a high end pc is that devs will always make their games run on low end PCs and all I can get by having more raw power is just higher res and fps.. and is just no fair. I will feel like I'm been rip off, not fair.
Then I will feel insecure and brag about just having more pixels on the same game that a 8 years old tech can also play and become retarded.
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stuff  +   817d ago
Consoles get the same games plus many that you never see on PC. If you want to be a power/graphics whore, play on with your PC. Most of us play our games to enjoy them. As long as the power/graphics are reasonable, most of us don't care.

I would like to thank you and people like you, legitimately. The power hungry status of hardcore PC gamers is what has driven companies like AMD and nVidia into the war that continues to push gaming graphics to the levels where they are today.
starchild  +   816d ago
So in other words.. you have low standards. Ok, that's your prerogative. I don't.

I play my games to enjoy them as well. I just think that games deserve to be presented and played with the highest fidelity and performance possible.

It's like the difference between home theater enthusiasts who have high quality audio and video equipment and people that watch movies on $40 DVD players from walmart.
Persistantthug  +   817d ago
So basically, YOU CANT build a complete PC for $400....OK.

And Yeah....
Some of that stuff you mentioned, you will be able to do on the PS4.
You can use a web based word processor, for example.

Anyways....thanks for the long-answered sidestep.
Take care, cunnilumpkin. :)
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Pain_Killer  +   816d ago
One can buy a GeForce GTX 760 for $249 which is faster than the GeForce GTX 870.

And yes, games would run at max settings on 1080P. The high-end cards can easily handle 2K (2560x1600) which is something console gamers would miss out, even 4K on-wards.
assdan  +   817d ago
First off, the newest os? 14% isn't that bad for an os that's a decent amount for coming out less than a year ago, when a lot of people will keep the same set up for 4 or 5 years.
Umm, you do realize that the wiiu is 2gb TOTAL minus the os. Those gamers with one gb ram have 5gb-9gb ram total. So you're right, that they should feel bad about having a card they spent less than $150 on, that's weaker than an entire computer that someone will spend more than double that amount.
This guy clearly thinks he knows a lot about GPUs when he really doesn't. Just because a gpu can run DX11, doesn't mean it's the same level. My card ONLY runs DX11 (only is sarcastic because DX11 is the highest there is). But anyways, there are cards out there that run DX11 and are more than 3 or 4 times that of an xbox one's gpu.
A lot of those Dual cores you are dissing are likely stronger or equal strength to a ps4's CPU. I'm betting that literally 90% of those quad cores are stronger than the PS4's/xbox one. A lowly i5 3570k quad core will beat the living shit out of either cpu.
So it's not like you're argument even proves or disproves everything. Based on what I remember from the most used GPU's, a sizable amount them are stronger than the PS4. maybe not all, but it's a very doable option. So I don't think anyone in the PC master race will be crying today.
urwifeminder  +   817d ago
My rig laughs at the new consoles but still getting xb1.
redaxis  +   817d ago
using an i5 3570k + radeon 7950 + 16gb 1866mhz ram PC, but hey I still play TLOU MP everyday on the antique PS3.
isarai  +   817d ago
Time for insecurity and damage control galore!
DoctorJones  +   817d ago
That doesn't stop the people who have pcs that are more powerful than next gen consoles having pcs that are more powerful than next gen consoles though does it? How does this information affect them in any way?

'Haha, you pc gamers don't have a pc more powerful than next gen consoles! Lolzz'

'I do though'

'Yeah but he doesn't haha, suck on that!!'
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deerain  +   816d ago
I have a laptop and it barely runs Planetside 2 so I looked into making a PC to run it. So I could make a PC that would run it for $400 but it would need upgrading within 2 years.

So this is the reason I am getting a PS4 I would live to make a PC but I unfortunately I am not fortunate to have large amount of disposable cash and I am gonna have to wait a little to save enough for the PS4. I am also a steam account holder but I just can't run the games I want to play
Iltapalanyymi  +   816d ago
TOP LEL & KEK in yo face "mustard race"
NateCole  +   816d ago
As a PC,PS gamer it is very disappointing the attitudes display by PC and console gamers to each other. Mostly because they are completely different machines.

I just glad i am not associated with any of you lot.
SITH  +   816d ago
Looks at i7-3960x, 8GB 2133mhz ram, and GTX690 gaming PC. Moves along.
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Saryk  +   816d ago
I really don’t see the point of this article besides trolling for hits. However most amateurs PC users can upgrade their computers less than 5 minutes.
soultecc  +   816d ago
my 2 GTX 780s will do just fine
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cunnilumpkin  +   816d ago
my brother has a laptop that destroys the ps4 and xbox1, he works on the road so it is his home office, his entertainment center, AND it runs every game out there on ultra in 1080p

way more than ps4 xbox1 will ever do
oIITSBIIo  +   816d ago
My PC is better than the next gen console though I bought it almost year ago .
Murad  +   816d ago
It's probably not going to be better optimized for games that are coming out on the consoles.
RAYMEISTER  +   816d ago
I know I'm a little late to the party but BF4 won't even be able to run at 1080p on

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