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Inside PS4's new VR headset

Games Industry: "Sony's next big peripheral expected for fall 2014 launch, said to be more accurate than Oculus Rift." (PS4)

jaelegend  +   605d ago
hmmmm games may go to a scary place one day
sonarus  +   605d ago
Never used the Oculus Rift but i will say this. If this is less precise or more of a hassle than playing games with regular controller and regular tv then i am not interested.

That being said i have said it before that i would rather see virtual reality gaming in this gen than some more lame as motion tech that wii started 7 yrs ago. I was however hoping for real virtual gaming like in the movies and i seriously doubt this peripheral will be able to do that or any peripheral for that matter at least not for a couple yrs.

I really don't want to have to wear this big ass device on my head.
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darthv72  +   605d ago
An HMD and a mo-cap camera could be what is needed to really put you in the game.

On a side note, I hope you can have multiple HMD's work with the system. Having to share one is a bit of an inconvenience. Nothing deal breaking but you just got to sit there and wait your turn.
kingmushroom  +   605d ago
i did at E3 its some crazy tech and this will put you in the game, i can't wait to get my hands on these for pS4
Omegasyde  +   605d ago
Its all about immersion. The mini screens which simulate watching a movie in a giant theater combine with the move would be great.

I was actually going to pick the sony 3d personal viewer a year ago, but held off due to price tag.

I got to try it at a Sony store in Las Vegas and it was cool, but I can see it becoming heavy after a while. I think it was also only 720p. I looked other personal viewers and the one below 500 USD don't really show HD and some even have the screendoor effect most common with LCD screens.
grumpc  +   605d ago
All I can say is I'm looking forward to when virtual gaming is perfected and I can look back and say to my kids, ''when I was your age we had to play games on a TV''
Viper7  +   605d ago
Wait till the Japanese get their hands on it.
Oh wait!
PositiveEmotions  +   605d ago
Wow i hope it happens
ForgottenProphecy  +   605d ago
Better than Oculus Rift? Hmm. Let me play this thing with PS Move and Killzone, and I'm sold
inmusicutrust  +   605d ago
That would make my ps sharp shooter for the move that much better. I dream of the day.
pyramidshead  +   605d ago
Sony are aiming for a better specced system than OR apparently. So it should be a bit of a beast when it comes out. Price is gonna be a bitch though I bet.
ForgottenProphecy  +   604d ago
I'll pay $200 for a device like this no questions asked. $300 I'll probably strongly consider buying it, maybe after trading some games at Gamestop, and anything over $300 I'll wait for a pricedrop. I'm sure many gamers have a similar take on this.
Gamingcapacity  +   605d ago
If they can get the price right it could be huge.
kneon  +   605d ago
I expect it to launch along side the first version of GT for the PS4. These would be ideal for driving games.
LordDhampire  +   605d ago
i hope it doesn't seems gimmicky, They hsould of waited til next gen when the technology is matured
GreenRanger  +   605d ago
It'll probably cost €600-€800.
dcj0524  +   605d ago
Price is the winner. The oculus rift is targeting $200-$300. Sony NEEDS to match that price point. More than $300 and no one will buy it. Sweet spot is $199-$249. If they can get the price right AND have a spew of content ready day one with more on the horizion then this could be huge. HMD will never replace TVs though.
Bathyj  +   605d ago
I had a spew of content once. It mostly contained carrots.
WeAreLegion  +   605d ago
Throw a $549.99 price point at us for a bundle and I'm sure people will be game. ;)
Regis  +   605d ago
That's the problem for me as cool as VR sounds people are not used to it. Look at the Occ Rift trials you will see people getting sick as they try it out I hope Sony can fix this so it doesn't become a letdown to VR. Let alone that big of a price tag will leave a lot of gamers who can't afford it in the dust as well.
dcj0524  +   605d ago
There is nothing they can do. If you're prone to motion sickness then running inhuman speeds and unrealstic turn speeds will make you puke. If you're afraid of heights and you're on skyscraper in battlefield 5 you will feel vertigo and be scared. It's realstic. And that's the downfall and the appeal to it. Gamers will get used to it if they really want it though. Remember when everyone got dizzy and puked from First Person Shooters? Another problem it is completley visual. No audio cues to give you're body a sense of balance and you're painfully aware that you're still sitting down. It may be able to trick your eyes but your body is smarter than that.It realizes that the Visuals and the other senses ( other than the 5 main ones) aren't matching up and it reacts. A nervegear type device or a full body tracking motion room is the only way to fix this. That said just like FPS your brain can and will grow used to it and you can game in VR for 8-12 hours like Palmer Lucky.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   605d ago
The price is going to mean a lot to me. If they can get it at $199.00 I will buy it. I'm always looking to have more immersion in my gaming.
Jamaicangmr  +   605d ago
I don't know i'm not sold on or excited about this type of gaming.

I hope Sony doesn't force it upon us and allow us to choose if we want it.
telekineticmantis  +   605d ago
If its not AR/VR
I'm not getting it, it doesn't separate itself enough, it's just like the 3d TV vs 3DS technology, the glassesless technology won because it was different and separated itself, the internet will be making fun of this and calling it the Virtual Boy, I guarantee it. Implimenting the AR gameplay I described before would make it something unrivaled, and corner the market.
Reborn  +   605d ago
Just waiting for the day SAO, becomes a thing.

Minus the no logout button...
AceBlazer13  +   605d ago
That'd be awesome.
AceBlazer13  +   605d ago
It'll happen just like superman and batman happened and i am legend predicted it.
Regis  +   604d ago
I rather not be stuck in the game though that would suck
harrisk954  +   605d ago
One of the biggest issues right now with the Rift is motion sickness. Sony and Oculus need to deal with that issue, which could be a major obstacle to mass adoption of VR technology.
gobluesamg  +   605d ago
This and GTAV and I would be a hermit.
Nik_P757  +   605d ago
This sounds like something that would be amazing with racing games. combined with the wheel it would be like looking around a track while driving.
AceBlazer13  +   605d ago
Can you imagine this with an ace combat game? I'd probably puke my guts out, but the experience would be worth it.
Nik_P757  +   605d ago
haha Yeah it would offer a whole new level to that experience
Kujii  +   605d ago
- Sony VR headset
- Full Steering wheel sim set up
- Decent headset
- NFS Shift 3 or GT7

I would never leave my man cave
redaxis  +   605d ago
Tried my friend's the oculus rift demo, works pretty well and it gives great experience. It would kick ass for games driven by the atmosphere like survival horror etc. The only thing is the resolution, I think even at 1080p for consumer version you will still see the pixels.
EazyDuz22  +   605d ago
I was going to buy a 3dtv for the PS4, but this seems like the better option, so ill just buy a larger, 1080p set
T2  +   604d ago
i saw bigger tv and immediately agreed, damn testosterone.
troylazlow  +   604d ago
Assuming this VR device is $200.00...

Let me introduce to you the $600.00 PS4 Bundle... unless you want a Move and Playstation Camera, then it will run you $700.00
medman  +   604d ago
Sony has really impressed me with everything they are doing heading into this next gen (including the stellar first party exclusives that keep coming for the PS3) and this is another step toward the future of gaming, not that crock of s#%$ future Microsoft tried to sell the sheep by restricting consumer freedoms and calling it progress.

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